The Hindu Editorial (Territorial battle) – Mar 31, 2021

The Hindu Editorial (Territorial battle) – Mar 31, 2021

A month after the Congress government in Puducherry was brought down through engineered resignations of its legislators, the Union Territory is preparing for an Assembly election that could transform its political landscape.For further reading, visit “The Hindu”. Below is today’s word list-2 for The Hindu Editorial (Territorial battle) – Mar 31, 2021.

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The Hindu Editorial (Territorial battle) – Mar 31, 2021:

  1. territorial (adjective) – local; relating to a particular territory (area/region).
  2. leverage (verb) – use, make use of, utilize (to maximum gain).
  3. bring down (phrasal verb) – overthrow, depose, oust, unseat, overturn, topple.
  4. engineer (verb) – bring about, cause, mastermind, orchestrate, manipulate.
  5. legislator (noun) – a member of a legislature (parliament/legislative assembly); lawmaker, representative.
  6. wounded (adjective) – damaged.
  7. landscape (noun) – the distinctive features of a field of activity.
  8. woo (verb) – seek the support of, try to win, try to attract, pursue, persuade, coax.
  9. electorate (noun) – all the people who entitled to vote in an election.
  10. play the — card (phrase) – to make use of something to gain advantage/sympathy.
  11. on the ground (phrase) – in a situation/place where things are happening really/practically.
  12. non-entity (noun) – lightweight, unimportant person/thing.
  13. token (adjective) – nominal, symbolic, emblematic, indicative.
  14. forfeit (verb) – lose, give up, renounce, be stripped of, be deprived of.
  15. alliance (noun) – association, union, partnership.
  16. cede (verb) – lose, give up, concede, surrender, relinquish (power/authority).
  17. cede/lose ground (phrase) – lose one’s advantage.
  18. ally (noun) – partner, confederate, supporter (in a political alliance).
  19. perception (noun) – impression, feeling, observation, picture, notion, thought, belief.
  20. influence (verb) – affect, have an effect on.
  21. reception (noun) – response, reaction.
  22. go to town (phrase) -to do something with great energy and in an enthusiastic way.
  23. insatiable (adjective) – unappeasable, uncontrollable, never satisfied/impossible to satisfy.
  24. appetite (noun) – longing, yearning, strong desire/liking.
  25. merely (adverb) – only, simply, just.
  26. fancy someone’s chances (phrase) – to have faith in someone’s talent and believe that he/she is likely to be successful.
  27. irrespective of (adjective) – notwithstanding, without regard for, regardless of.
  28. outcome (noun) – end result.
  29. mission mode (noun) – it means that the projects/targets have clearly defined objectives, scopes, implementation timelines and milestones, measurable outcomes and service levels.
  30. make inroads (into) (phrase) – progress/advance into (a new area/territory).
  31. electoral (adjective) – relating to electors/voters.
  32. parachute (verb) – appoint, assign (from another place).
  33. wean away (from) (phrasal verb) – to detach, disconnect, separate someone from depending on something.
  34. page in-charge/pramukh (noun) – The ‘panna pramukh’ or page in-charge is the first point of contact for most voters in the BJP’s election management machinery (system).
  35. point to (verb) – indicate, suggest, denote.
  36. determination (noun) – will power, resolve, strength of will, strength of character, single-mindedness.
  37. allegedly (adverb) – reportedly, supposedly, purportedly, ostensibly, apparently.
  38. Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) (noun) – The Unique Identification Authority of India is a government body. UIDAI is created with an objective to issue Unique Identification Numbers UID), which is also known as ‘Aadhaar number’ to all the residents of India.
  39. project (verb) – convey, put across, put over, communicate, present (a specific view/image).
  40. erstwhile (adjective) – old, previous, former, then.
  41. hub (noun) – centre of activity; focal point.
  42. stubborn (adjective) – adamant, uncompromising, inflexible, uncooperative, headstrong, resolute.
  43. given (preposition) – considering, taking into account, bearing in mind.
  44. scream (verb) – cry out, yell, call out, criticize.
  45. hurdle (noun) – obstacle, difficulty, problem, barrier, impediment, obstruction, hindrance.
  46. pose (verb) – constitute, present, create, cause (a problem or danger or risk).
  47. leave behind (phrasal verb) – to leave a trace of something.
  48. bitterness (noun) – resentment, dissatisfaction, discontent.
  49. concede (verb) – yield, give up, relinquish, cede, hand over.
  50. earnestly (adverb) – seriously, sincerely, intently, resolutely, firmly.
  51. tenure (noun) – incumbency, a term of office, a period in office, time in office.
  52. advertisement (noun) – publicity, favourable review.


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The Hindu Editorial (Territorial battle) – Mar 31, 2021:

The Hindu Editorial (Territorial battle) – Mar 31, 2021 The Hindu Editorial (Territorial battle) – Mar 31, 2021 The Hindu Editorial (Territorial battle) – Mar 31, 2021

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