The Hindu Editorial (Seeking to secure) – Sep 23, 2019

The Hindu Editorial (Seeking to secure) – Sep 23, 2019

Ever since the Centre and the States passed the landmark legislation in 2016 adopting a single countrywide Goods and Services Tax (GST),… For further reading, visit “The Hindu”. Below is today’s word list-2 for The Hindu Editorial (Seeking to secure)- Sep 23, 2019.

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Today’s word list-2 for The Hindu Editorial (Seeking to secure) – Sep 23, 2019:

  1. seek (verb) – ask for, request, appeal for.
  2. oversee (verb) – supervise, administer, manage.
  3. have one’s hands full (phrase) – occupied in, engaged in, involved in.
  4. onerous (adjective) – arduous, demanding, tough/formidable.
  5. lay out (phrasal verb) – outline, draw up, formulate.
  6. stakeholder (noun) – a person with an interest in something.
  7. legacy tax/duty (noun) – inheritance tax; a tax paid by a person who inherits money or property of a person who has died.
  8. legacy (noun) – footprint, effect/outcome (something received from a predecessor or from the past).
  9. subsume (verb) – include, encompass, incorporate.
  10. teething troubles (plural noun) – teething problems/issues; temporary problems to be faced while starting a new project.
  11. optimal (adjective) – finest, greatest, most favourable.
  12. abiding (adjective) – long-lasting, permanent, stable.
  13. loophole (noun) – an ambiguity in the law; flaw/fault, defect.
  14. unscrupulous (adjective) – unprincipled, unethical, immoral.
  15. exploit (verb) – take advantage of, make use of, misuse/ill-treat.
  16. ought to (modal verb) – must, should.
  17. accrue (verb) – accumulate, collect, gather.
  18. illicit (adjective) – illegal, unlawful, illegitimate.
  19. breathtaking (adjective) – stunning, shocking, staggering, astounding/astonishing.
  20. unearth (verb) – detect, discover, find out.
  21. connive (verb) – disregard, overlook, deliberately ignore.
  22. fraudulent (adjective) – untrustworthy, dishonest, deceitful/untruthful.
  23. tax credit (noun) – an amount of money that taxpayers can subtract from taxes owed to the government.
  24. avail (verb) – use, make use of, take advantage of, utilize.
  25. non-existent (verb) – not present, not existing; non practical/notional.
  26. fictitious (adjective) – false/fake, counterfeit, fabricated.
  27. roll-out (noun) – official launch/introduction.
  28. in principle (phrase) – generally, by and large; theoretically.
  29. appraise (verb) – assess, evaluate, judge.
  30. biometric (adjective) – relating to the metrics with human (physical & behavioural) characteristics used for identification and access control.
  31. composition scheme (noun) – an option available to a registered taxpayer who have a turnover below Rs. 75 lakhs annually.
  32. authenticate (verb) – verify, validate, confirm/certify.
  33. swiftly (adverb) – quickly, rapidly, fast.
  34. becalmed (adjective) – at a standstill, at a halt, unmoving; stranded/stuck.
  35. forego (verb) – alternative spelling of forgo; give up/abandon, relinquish, renounce.
  36. coffers (noun) – funds, reserves/resources, treasury/exchequer.


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2. Definitions (elementary level) & Synonyms provided for the words above are my personal work and not that of Oxford University Press. Tentative definitions/meanings are provided for study purpose only and they may vary in different context. 
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Today’s word list-2 The Hindu Editorial (Seeking to secure) – Sep 23, 2019:

The Hindu Editorial (Seeking to secure) - Sep 23, 2019 The Hindu Editorial (Seeking to secure) - Sep 23, 2019

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