The Hindu Editorial (Managing an upheaval) – Apr 21, 2021

The Hindu Editorial (Managing an upheaval) – Apr 21, 2021

A combination of panic, public pressure and comprehension of the magnitude of the crisis that India is in seems to have prompted the Centre to authorise vaccines to anyone above 18 and give States more control over procurement. For further reading, visit “The Hindu”. Below is today’s word list-1 for The Hindu Editorial (Managing an upheaval) – Apr 21, 2021.

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The Hindu Editorial (Managing an upheaval) – Apr 21, 2021:

  1. upheaval (noun) – disruption, turmoil, disorder, chaos, mayhem.
  2. universal (adjective) – relating to all people; all-inclusive, all-embracing, comprehensive, general/common.
  3. vaccination (noun) – treatment with a vaccine to protect against a particular disease; immunization.
  4. nowhere near (phrase) – not at all.
  5. comprehension (noun) – understanding, apprehension, awareness, perception, discernment.
  6. magnitude (noun) – intensity, importance of something; extent.
  7. prompt (verb) – induce, cause, motivate, persuade, encourage, impel, urge.
  8. authorise (verb) – approve, endorse, permit/allow.
  9. vaccine (noun) – a biological preparation that improves immunity to a particular disease.
  10. procurement (noun) – the action of procuring/purchasing something.
  11. scale up (phrasal verb) – increase, expand, augment; step up. 
  12. amid (preposition) – in the middle of, surrounded by; during.
  13. surge (noun) – sudden increase or rise/jump of something.
  14. for one (phrase) – used for highlighting that someone is thinking in a particular way, even if other people are not.
  15. assumption (noun) – premise, belief, thought, notion.
  16. open up (phrasal verb) – make something available/accessible.
  17. inoculate (verb) – to inject/introduce a vaccine into the body of someone to produce immunity to a particular disease; immunize, vaccinate.
  18. vulnerable (adjective) – relating to a weak/neglected person who is in need of special care/support/protection; ill-protected, easily affected by, prone to, at risk of.
  19. given (preposition) – considering, taking into account, bearing in mind.
  20. dose (noun) – the recommended amount/quantity of something (drug/medicine) to be taken.
  21. administer (verb) – dispense, provide, give, apply (a drug/vaccine).
  22. section (noun) – group.
  23. underlying (adjective) – critical; suppressed, unrevealed, undisclosed, concealed (underlying health conditions include diabetes, heart disease, obesity, cancer, kidney disease & etc.).
  24. intended (adjective) – planned, considered, calculated.
  25. beneficiary (noun) – recipientreceiver.
  26. optimistic (adjective) – reassuring, favourable, encouraging, promising (but, unrealistically high rate).
  27. to the extent that (phrase) – used to emphasize that a situation has reached a difficult stage.
  28. go by (phrase) – observe, conform to, follow, be guided by.
  29. devastating (adjective) – destructive, ruinous, disastrous.
  30. unlikely (adjective) – unexpected, not likely to occur; doubtful, implausible, improbable.
  31. tie up (phrasal verb) – finalize, conclude, complete, settle, secure something (a business deal).
  32. waive (verb) – drop, disregard, ignore, set aside, forgo.
  33. trial (noun) – test, pilot study, experiment (phase 1, 2,3, and or human/clinical trial).
  34. Covaxin (noun) – India’s first indigenous COVID-19 vaccine candidate (COVAXIN) developed by a Hyderabad-based company (Bharat Biotech) in collaboration with the ICMR (The Indian Council of Medical Research).
  35. stringent (adjective) – strict, severe, extreme, rigorous.
  36. hospitalisation (noun) – the act of taking (or) admitting someone to (or) in hospital for treatment.
  37. derail (verb) – obstruct, interrupt, impede/thwart.
  38. lay out (phrasal verb) – outline, frame, draft, draw up, formulate.
  39. laid out (adjective) – outlined, framed, formulated.
  40. sound (verb) – look like, seem, appear.
  41. background (noun) – circumstances, context, conditions, situation.
  42. constraint (noun) – restriction, limitation, restraint.
  43. likelihood (noun) – probability, chance, possibility.
  44. surface (verb) – emerge, appear, come to light, become visible.
  45. acutely (adverb) – extremely, seriously.
  46. vaccinator (noun) – a person/agent who administers vaccines.
  47. candidate vaccine BNT162b2 (noun) – mRNA-based vaccine candidate produced by Pfizer and BioNTech.
  48. candidate vaccine mRNA-1273 (noun) – mRNA-1273 is an mRNA vaccine candidate which was co-developed by Moderna and investigators from NIAID’s Vaccine Research Center.
  49. liberalise (verb) – to make something (regulations/norms) less strict.
  50. procure (verb) – buy, purchase.
  51. moreover (adverb) – besides, furthermore, in addition.
  52. lockdown (noun) – an emergency protocol implemented by the authorities that prevents people from leaving from a place; An extended state of confinement/encirclement/isolation of a person by the authority.
  53. resurface (verb) – reappear, reemerge, return, recur, come out again, arise again.
  54. in sight (phrase) – near at hand, close to being realized; visible, noticeable.
  55. logistics (noun) – the process of planning & executing a complex operation; organization, planning, management, arrangement.
  56. chaos (noun) – disorder, disarray, turmoil, disorganization, disruption.
  57. inevitable (adjective) – unavoidable, unpreventable, certain.
  58. avert (verb) – prevent, stop, avoid.
  59. foresight (noun) – anticipation, planning, forethought, forward planning.
  60. pragmatism (noun) – common sense, realism, matter-of-factness.
  61. preparedness (noun) – readiness.
  62. run on (phrasal verb) – be preoccupied with, be concerned with, dwell on, focus on, revolve around, centre around, be dominated by.
  63. hype (noun) – publicity, advertising, promotion, propaganda.


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The Hindu Editorial (Managing an upheaval) – Apr 21, 2021:

The Hindu Editorial (Managing an upheaval) – Apr 21, 2021 The Hindu Editorial (Managing an upheaval) – Apr 21, 2021 The Hindu Editorial (Managing an upheaval) – Apr 21, 2021

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