The Hindu Editorial (A league of their own) – Apr 21, 2021

The Hindu Editorial (A league of their own) – Apr 21, 2021

The decision by 12 of Europe’s biggest football clubs to unveil a plan to launch The Super League, a multi-billion-dollar tournament to be played largely among a closed group of 20 teams has thrown the European game into turmoil. For further reading, visit “The Hindu”. Below is today’s word list-2 for The Hindu Editorial (A league of their own) – Apr 21, 2021.

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The Hindu Editorial (A league of their own) – Apr 21, 2021:

  1. (in) a league of one’s own (phrase) – It refers to a person who is so good at what he/she does, and so they cannot be compared to others; be much better than the others; be far more superior than others.
  2. accountable (adjective) – responsible, liable, answerable; under the charge of, obeying, bound by.
  3. look for (phrasal verb) – search for, try to find.
  4. unveil (verb) – present, disclose, make public.
  5. turmoil (noun) – disorder, turbulence, confusion, trouble, chaos.
  6. put on (phrasal verb) – organize, stage, present, produce (an event).
  7. sustainable (adjective) – reasonable, sensible, well-founded.
  8. footing (noun) – foundation, support, basis.
  9. upend (verb) – to affect/damage something completely/drastically.
  10. Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) (noun) – the governing body of football in Europe.
  11. coincidence (noun) – co-occurrence, coexistence.
  12. inevitably (adverb) – unavoidably, certainly, definitely.
  13. whereas (conjunction) – in comparison with the fact that.
  14. miss out (phrasal verb) – omit, fail to include someone/something.
  15. stream (noun) – flow.
  16. whopping (adjective) – huge, massive, very large, substantial.
  17. certainly (adverb) – surely, definitely, unquestionably.
  18. appeal (verb) – be attractive to, be of interest to, tempt.
  19. balance the books (phrase) – to regulate the finances.
  20. in the wake of (phrase) – as a result of, in the aftermath of, as a consequence of.
  21. for-profit (adjective) – lucrative, moneymaking, profitable/remunerative.
  22. crux (noun) – essence, most important point, central point.
  23. public-spirited (adjective) – charitable, humanitarian, community-minded.
  24. entity (noun) – organization, institution, establishment.
  25. meritocratic (adjective) – relating to the belief that rulers should be chosen for their superior abilities and not because of their wealth or birth.
  26. awash (with) (adjective) – filled, flooded, overflowing, fraught, swamped, rife.
  27. hedge fund (noun) – a pooled investment fund.
  28. handout (noun) – aid, financial support.
  29. oligarchy (noun) – a small group that controls the country & government.
  30. outfit (noun) – team, squad.
  31. scenario (noun) – situation, background, context.
  32. unpredictability (noun) – changeability.
  33. anathema (noun) – strong curse; someone or something that you strongly dislike/hate/oppose; abhorrence, abomination, detestation, aversion, antipathy.
  34. seek (verb) – try to find, attempt.
  35. displease (verb) – annoy, irritate, infuriate, anger.
  36. keep in the dark (phrase) – unaware of, ignorant of, uninformed about.
  37. desperate (adjective) – urgent, pressing, compelling, crying.
  38. turf (noun) – area/sphere of influence, area of activity, sphere of activity, territory, domain.
  39. bar (verb) – ban, forbid, prevent.
  40. flagship (event) (noun) – the biggest, the best, the most important (event).
  41. bemoan (verb) – express regret/sorrow about, complain about, express discontent.
  42. stop short of (phrase) – balk at, shy away from, recoil from, draw back from. (“balk at” means “be unwilling to, be reluctant to, refuse to (do/accept something, because it is difficult, threatening, unpleasant, etc.”).
  43. sanction (noun) – embargo, ban, prohibition.
  44. expel (verb) – throw out, remove, oust.
  45. stern (adjective) – strict, severe, stringent, tough.
  46. endorsement (noun) – support, backing, approval.
  47. skew (verb) – distort, misrepresent, change, alter.
  48. in favour of (phrase) – in support of, to the advantage of, approve of.
  49. sign up (phrasal verb) – engage in, involve in something officially (by enrolling).
  50. rethink (noun) – reconsideration, re-examination, reassessment, re-evaluation.


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The Hindu Editorial (A league of their own) – Apr 21, 2021:

The Hindu Editorial (A league of their own) – Apr 21, 2021 The Hindu Editorial (A league of their own) – Apr 21, 2021

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