The Hindu Editorial (John Bolton goes) – Sep 13, 2019

The Hindu Editorial (John Bolton goes) – Sep 13, 2019

The departure of U.S. National Security Advisor (NSA) John Bolton from office, after he was forced to leave by President Donald Trump,… For further reading, visit “The Hindu”. Below is today’s word list-1 for The Hindu Editorial (John Bolton goes) – Sep 13, 2019.

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Today’s word list-1 for The Hindu Editorial (John Bolton goes) – Sep 13, 2019:

  1. ties (noun) – relationship, allegiance, association.
  2. dictate (verb) – order, command.
  3. dynamics (noun) – basic/fundamental cause or force which triggers change within a system.
  4. evoke (verb) – suggest, stimulate, bring to mind.
  5. ultra- (prefix) – extremely, exceedingly, excessively,
  6. hawkish (adjective) – aggressive, combative, belligerent.
  7. pursue (verb) – engage in, follow, conduct.
  8. hostility (noun) – fighting, conflict, war.
  9. sanctions (noun) – action taken, or an order given to force a country to obey international laws by limiting or stopping trade with that country, by not allowing economic aid for that country, etc (Courtesy: VOA Learning English).
  10. brinkmanship (noun) – the practice of trying to achieve an advantageous results by engaging in a dangerous issue or event to the edge of safety, especially in politics, by pushing dangerous events.
  11. envoy (noun) – ambassador, diplomat, consul.
  12. inflict (verb) – impose, force, thrust.
  13. multilateral (adjective) – involving many different countries (in which all WTO member countries are party to the agreement).
  14. advocate (verb) – support, champion, uphold.
  15. preside over (phrase) – be in charge of, be responsible for, be accountable for.
  16. pull out (phrasal verb) – withdraw, leave, abandon.
  17. back (verb) – support, endorse, uphold.
  18. scuttle (verb) – (intentionally) cause something to fail.
  19. helm (noun) – responsible, in authority, in charge.
  20. precondition (noun) – necessary condition, imperative, requirement.
  21. on the sidelines (phrase) – it refers to a meeting/ forum occurs at the same time as the scheduled meeting/forum, but is not itself an item on the agenda.
  22. keep an eye (phrase) – careful monitoring, scrutiny, examination.
  23. folly (noun) – stupidity, foolishness, imprudence.
  24. revolving door (noun) – happening of some actions/events again and again continuously.
  25. retrenchment (noun) – an act of cutting down or reduction, particularly of public expenditure; spending less money.
  26. bilateral (adjective) – involving two groups or countries.
  27. fluid (adjective) – unsteady, fluctuating, changeable.
  28. case in point (phrase) – example, instance, sample.
  29. better off (phrase) – in a more desirable or advantageous position.
  30. accede to (verb) – agree to, consent to, accept.
  31. transactional (adjective) – transferable, negotiable; relating interaction between people.
  32. prevail (verb) – be in existence, be present, be in effect.


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Today’s word list-1 The Hindu Editorial (John Bolton goes) – Sep 13, 2019:

The Hindu Editorial (John Bolton goes) - Sep 13, 2019 The Hindu Editorial (John Bolton goes) - Sep 13, 2019

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