The Hindu Editorial (Heavy weight) – Jul 06, 2021

The Hindu Editorial (Heavy weight) – Jul 06, 2021

The crisis in the Congress in Punjab has been smouldering beneath the surface for a long time, before the current eruption. For further reading, visit “The Hindu”. Below is today’s word list-1 for The Hindu Editorial (Heavy weight) – Jul 06, 2021.

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The Hindu Editorial (Heavy weight) – Jul 06, 2021:

  1. heavy weight (noun) – very important person, leader.
  2. born out of (phrase) – has happened due to (something).
  3. smoulder (verb) – fume, burn, simmer, exist unseen.
  4. beneath (preposition) – under.
  5. eruption (noun) – outbreak, outburst, explosion, flare-up, sudden appearance, upsurge.
  6. invincible (adjective) – unconquerable, unbeatable, indomitable.
  7. be poised (verb) – position oneself, ready oneself, prepare oneself, get into position.
  8. consecutive (adjective) – successive, continuous.
  9. due (adjective) – expected, anticipated.
  10. relentless (adjective) – continuing, constant, continuous, non-stop, unabating, unceasing.
  11. cast a long shadow on (phrase) – spoil/diminish (something).
  12. prospects (noun) – possibilities, chances, opportunities, expectations.
  13. hopper (noun) – a person who hops (jumps).
  14. drive (verb) – force, compel, impel, prompt.
  15. by default (phrase) – due to a lack of opposition.
  16. champion (noun) – advocate, proponent, promoter, supporter.
  17. resentment (noun) – bitterness, indignation, irritation, enmity, hatred/hate.
  18. unilateralism (noun) – a method of taking decisions individually without considering others.
  19. sole (adjective) – only, exclusive.
  20. architect (noun) – originator, creator, founder.
  21. march (noun) – progress, progression, passage.
  22. streak (noun) – element, vein, trace (of a particular quality in someone’s character).
  23. arrogance (noun) – hubris, egotism, self-importance, sense of superiority.
  24. probably (adverb) – most likely, in all likelihood, all things considered, perhaps.
  25. head and shoulders above (phrase) – outclass, surpass, be superior to, be better than, outshine, overshadow.
  26. open up (phrasal verb) – become/make available; become/make present.
  27. of one’s own (phrase) – belongs or relates to oneself only.
  28. indispensability (noun) – absolute necessity, vital importance, essential requirement, requisite.
  29. rung (noun) – level, rank, position, grade, echelon (in a hierarchical structure).
  30. humiliation (noun) – embarrassment, disgrace, dishonour, shame, indignity, ignominy, loss of pride, loss of face.
  31. at the hand of (phrase) – caused by, done by.
  32. bureaucrat (noun) – a powerful officer, public/government servant, office-bearer, civil servant, functionary, mandarin.
  33. overshadow (verb) – outdo, outclass, outstrip, outshine; dominate.
  34. giant (adjective) – a very large, mighty, mammoth.
  35. come under (phrasal verb) – be subjected to.
  36. scrutiny (noun) – examination, inspection, investigation.
  37. unchecked (adjective) – uncontrolled, unconstrained, unrestricted.
  38. trafficking (noun) – the activity of buying and selling goods/animal/people illegally; (illegal/illicit) trading, dealing.
  39. expose (verb) – reveal, show, display, exhibit, unveil.
  40. a chink in someone’s armour (phrase) – a weak point/fault in someone’s character, arguments & etc., which can be used to attack/criticize them easily.
  41. face (with) (verb) – beset, worry, distress, trouble, bother, confront, burden.
  42. Pandora (proper noun) – In Greek mythology, the first woman.
  43. Pandora’s box (noun) – (figuratively) a source of something (problems, troubles, difficulties, etc.).
  44. deliberation (noun) – long consideration, thought/thinking, careful discussion, contemplation.
  45. detractor (noun) – critic, fault-finder, censurer.
  46. open season (noun) – a period/length of time in which all restrictions are abandoned (temporarily).
  47. unmistakable (adjective) – noticeable, evident, distinctive, well defined.
  48. oblique (adjective) – indirect, implicit, implied.
  49. endorsement (noun) – support, backing, approval.
  50. entrant (noun) – new member, newcomer.
  51. cushy (adjective) – easy, undemanding, untaxing/untiring, comfortable.
  52. stopover (noun) – stop, stay, visit.
  53. contemplate (verb) – think about, consider, regard.
  54. detour (noun) – indirect/circuitous route.
  55. lifelong (adjective) – persisting, steady, long-term.
  56. careerist (noun) – a person who is concerned with advancement of their career at the expense of other values.
  57. reputation (noun) – name, character, standing, stature, status, position.
  58. short temper (noun) – impatience, moodiness, ill nature/temper.
  59. hardly (adverb) – barely, almost not.
  60. critic (noun) – censurer, attacker, fault-finder.
  61. yearn (verb) – long, wish, crave, desire, want.
  62. churn (noun) – disorder/disorganization, confusion, disruption/chaos.
  63. due to (phrase) – because of, owing to, on account of, as a result of.
  64. agitation (noun) – (public) protest.
  65. ongoing (adjective) – current, existing, continuing.
  66. realignment (noun) – reorganisation, reordering, reshuffle.
  67. alliance (noun) – association, union, partnership.
  68. leave alone (phrase) – abandon, desert.
  69. agitating (adjective) – protesting, distressed, troubled, frustrated, fed up.
  70. at cross purposes (phrase) – conflicting, contrasting, dissimilar.
  71. steer (verb) – guide, conduct, direct/lead.
  72. distraction (noun) – disturbance, intrusion, interference, obstruction, hindrance.


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The Hindu Editorial (Heavy weight) – Jul 06, 2021:

The Hindu Editorial (Heavy weight) – Jul 06, 2021
The Hindu Editorial (Heavy weight) – Jul 06, 2021
The Hindu Editorial (Heavy weight) – Jul 06, 2021

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