Clamour for death – The Hindu Apr 18, 2018 

Clamour for death – The Hindu Apr 18, 2018

Each time a horrific sexual crime hits the headlines, there is a clamour for prescribing the death penalty for such offences. For further reading, visit “The Hindu”.

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Today’s Word List-2  

  1. clamour (noun) – protest, complaint, outcry/commotion.
  2. evoke (verb) – invoke, raise, suggest/echo.
  3. ought to (modal verb) – must, should.
  4. well-considered (adjective) – examined, thought-out, planned carefully.
  5. outrage (noun) – fury, anger; indignation/shock.
  6. ghastly (adjective) – terrible, frightful, horrible.
  7. outcry (noun) – protest, complaint, commotion.
  8. jurist (noun) – an expert in law.
  9. take into account (phrasal verb) – take into consideration, have regard to, heed.
  10. remission (noun) – reduction in sentence, deduction; forgiveness.
  11. aggravated (adjective) –  inflamed, exacerbated, enraged.
  12. abolition (noun) – stopping, termination, elimination.
  13. in the event of something (phrase) – if something happens.
  14. persistent vegetative state (PVS) (noun) – it is also known as unresponsive wakefulness syndrome”.  A severe damage of consciousness after an acute brain injury, a state in which the patient displays no evidence of psychologically interpretable contact with the outside world and he/she may or may not open his or her eyes even on very vigorous stimulation.
  15. dichotomy (noun) – disunion, difference, disagreement.
  16. enlightened (adjective) – wise, well-informed, learned.
  17. vengeful (adjective) – revengeful, avenging, unforgiving.
  18. brutality (noun) – cruelty, savagery, inhumanity/atrocity.
  19. deterrent (adjective) – relating to something which is aimed/intended to deter (stop/prevent) something else.
  20. empirical (adjective) – factual, verifiable, actual/real.
  21. arbitrariness (noun) – the quality of being “determined by  personal chance, whim (desire), or impulse, and not by necessity, reason, or principle”.
  22. grave (adjective) – serious, terrible, awful.
  23. penitence (noun) – regret, remorse, sorrow/guilt.
  24. meet the ends of justice (phrase) – to render justice to all parties; “the ends of justice” means preservation of proper balance between constitutional/statutory rights of an individual and rights of people at large to have law enforced.

Today’s Word List-2

Clamour for death - The Hindu Apr 18, 2018 - Editorial Words


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