Chasing the monsoon – The Hindu Apr 18, 2018 

Chasing the monsoon – The Hindu Apr 18, 2018 

The forecast of a normal monsoon has brought relief all around. For farmers, the India Meteorological Department’s estimate that. For further reading, visit “The Hindu”.

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Today’s Word List-1 

  1. water audit (noun) – a method of quantifying water flows and quality in simple or complex systems, with a view to reducing water usage and often saving money on otherwise unnecessary water use.
  2. bound to (adjective) – certain/sure, very likely, guaranteed.
  3. look forward to (phrasal verb) – anticipate, wait for, expect.
  4. Minimum Support Price (MSP) (noun) – it is a form of market intervention by the Government of India to insure agricultural producers against any sharp fall in farm prices.
  5. procurement (noun) – the action of buying or purchasing something.
  6. skew (noun) – distortion, misrepresentation, change.
  7. unremunerative (adjective) – futile, unprofitable, worthless/valueless.
  8. depress (verb) – sadden, make unhappy, upset/discourage.
  9. arrive at (phrasal verb) – achieve, attain, reach (a conclusion/decision).
  10. constructive (adjective) – positive, useful, helpful.
  11. fine-grained (adjective) – involving great attention to detail.
  12. make the most of (phrase) – Use something to the best advantage.
  13. pursue (verb) – engage in, follow, conduct.
  14. artificial recharge (noun) – also known as aquifer re-injection, planned recharge; it is a process by which excess surface water is directed into the ground—either by spreading on the surface, by using recharge wells, or by altering natural conditions to increase infiltration—to replenish (fill up) an aquifer. (aquifer is an underground layer of water-bearing rock).
  15. water stress (noun) – water scarcity; the lack of sufficient available fresh water resources to meet water demand.
  16. provision (noun) – supply, distribution, giving.
  17. staggering (adjective) – astonishing, shocking, surprising.
  18. inevitable (adjective) – unavoidable, sure to happen, unpreventable.
  19. barring (verb) – excluding, omitting, leaving out.
  20. El Nino (noun) – abnormal warming (of the Equatorial East of the Pacific that lies closer to the Americas). La Niña means abnormal cooling.
  21. drought (noun) – dry spell/period, lack of rain, shortage of water.
  22. harvest (verb) – collect, gather, obtain (resources for future use).
  23. community participation (noun) – the involvement of people in a community in projects to solve their own problems.

Today’s Word List-1  

Chasing the monsoon - The Hindu Apr 18, 2018 - Editorial Words


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