Word of the Day (unscrupulous)-18JAN21

Word of the Day (unscrupulous)-18JAN21

Today’s “Word of the Day” is unscrupulous and it is an adjective meaning “unprincipled, unethical, immoral, dishonest, untrustworthy”.

Example Sentence: US Secretary of State (Foreign Minister) Mike Pompeo has upended (reversed) established policies, adopted ultra-hardline positions, and claimed imaginary successes to advance his personal standing with the Trump rump (remaining part). In fact, he’s trying to out-Trump Trump. Like him, he’s unscrupulous and aggressive, but here’s the difference: he’s not stupid.

Word of the Day (unscrupulous)-18JAN21

This word is present in The Guardian article Unscrupulous and aggressive, Pompeo plans to be the next Trump – but smarter, and click here to read it.

Courtesy: The Guardian

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