Word of the Day (prise from/prise something out of)-23NOV20

Word of the Day (prise from/prise something out of)-23NOV20

Today’s “Word of the Day” is prise from/prise something out of and it is a phrasal verb meaning “to get something (information) from someone with difficulty; to persuade/force someone to get something (secret information); (prise something off/open/apart/away means to move/open something by pushing it from something else”.

Example Sentence: In America, elections are supposed to be peaceful and defeated presidents are supposed to concede (accept defeat). And convention (tradition/custom)) demands that former presidents spend an unspecified number of years in the political shadows, leaving the succeeding administration to govern free from any back-seat presidential driving or hectoring (bullying) from the wings (sides of a stage out of public sight). It is widely presumed that when Donald Trump is finally prised from the Oval Office, he will disregard (ignore) that convention of US presidential politics, just as he has disregarded most of the others.

This word is present in The Guardian article When I met Obama he voiced his belief in the ‘possibility of America’. But the reality is distressing and click here to read it.

Courtesy: The Guardian

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