Word of the Day (iniquitous)-29APR21

Word of the Day (iniquitous)-29APR21

Today’s “Word of the Day” is “iniquitous and it is an adjective meaning “wicked, immoral; criminal, heinous; atrocious, egregious; unjust, unfair“.

Example Sentence: In February, the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy received a report on the iniquitous practice of “fire and rehire”, an unscrupulous (unprincipled/unethical) tactic used by employers to unilaterally impose inferior/worse terms and conditions on employees… Some companies have used Covid as cover and an excuse to force through cost-cutting strategies that predated the virus.

Word of the Day (iniquitous)-29APR21

This word is present in The Guardian article The Guardian view on fire-and-rehire business tactics: change the law and click here to read it.

Courtesy: The Guardian

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