Word List-2-Learn English-Improve Vocabulary (No surprises – The Hindu Apr 02 2018)

Today’s Word List-2-Learn English-Improve Vocabulary.

No surprises – The Hindu Apr 02 2018

Egypt’s election last week was democratic only in name. President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, a former general who had ousted the Muslim Brotherhood from power in 2013, was never expected to struggle to secure a second termFor further reading, visit “The Hindu”.

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Today’s Word List-2 To Learn English And To Improve Vocabulary:

  1. curate (verb) – organize.
  2. arab spring (proper noun) – it refers to the democratic protests, uprisings, and demonstrations that arose independently and spread across the Arab countries in 2011.
  3. oust (verb) – remove, expel, dismiss from power/office.
  4. landslide (adjective) – decisive, runaway (victory), overwhelming majority.
  5. all along (phrase) – from the beginning, all the time.
  6. backlash (noun) – a strong negative reaction; adverse response, counteraction.
  7. upsurge (noun) – sudden increase or rise.
  8. ballot (noun) –  public vote, plebiscite, popular vote.
  9. on the cards (phrase) – likely, possible, expected.
  10. entrant (noun) – new member, beginner, newcomer.
  11. thrust forward (verb) – force, urge, push.
  12. embarrassment (noun) – difficulty, predicament, plight/problem.
  13. staunch (adjective) – loyal/faithful, trusty, committed.
  14. charade (noun) – a ridiculous act/show, false display, farce.
  15. deem (verb) – regard as, consider; think/judge.
  16. political will (noun) – political intention/desire (to complete a scheme/project even if it is not admired/welcomed in the beginning).
  17. tumultuous (adjective) – violent, volatile; restless/uncontrolled.
  18. exhortation (noun) – urging, encouragement, insistence.
  19. franchise (noun) – right to vote, voting rights, the vote/ballot.
  20. cynicism (noun) – scepticism, doubtful, distrust.
  21. hardship (noun) – poverty, financial distress, privation/destitution.
  22. repression (noun) – suppression, domination, oppression.
  23. roll-back (noun) – reduction, cut/decrease, trimming.
  24. hefty (adjective) – large, heavy, substantial.
  25. squeeze (noun) – pressure, demand.
  26. inflation (noun) – an increase in the price level of goods & services and vice versa decrease of currency value.
  27. take a toll (phrase) – have an adverse effect.
  28. stranglehold (noun) – complete control, power, influence/domination.
  29. old order (noun) – an old system of doing things; (an old government).
  30. fire-fighting (noun) – an act of dealing problems as they come (instead of avoiding them strategically).

Today’s Word List-2 To Learn English And To Improve Vocabulary:


  1. Click each one of the words above for their definition, more synonyms, pronunciation, example sentences, phrases, derivatives, origin and etc from http://www.oxforddictionaries.com/.
  2. Definitions (elementary level) & Synonyms provided for the words above are my personal work and not that of Oxford University Press. Tentative definitions/meanings are provided for study purpose only and they may vary in different context. Use it with the corresponding article published on the source (website) via the link provided. 
  3. This word list is for personal use only. Reproduction in any format and/or Commercial use of it is/are strictly prohibited.

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