Word List-1-Learn English-Improve Vocabulary (High hopes? – The Hindu Apr 02 2018)

Today’s Word List-1-Learn English-Improve Vocabulary.

High hopes? – The Hindu Apr 02 2018

Nine months after the Union Cabinet’s in-principle nod for offloading the government’s stake in Air India, the ball has finally been set rolling to privatise the bleeding airline. For further reading, visit “The Hindu”.

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Today’s Word List-1 To Learn English And To Improve Vocabulary:

  1. privatisation (noun) – transfer of a business, industry, or service from public to private ownership and control.
  2. in principle (phrase) – generally, by and large; theoretically.
  3. nod (noun) – indication, sign; gesture of acknowledgement.
  4. offload (verb) – transfer, shift, jettison/divest.
  5. set the ball rolling (phrase) – make a start, set a activity in motion.
  6. bleeding (adjective) – suffering, rotten, decaying.
  7. unveil (verb) – present, disclose, make public.
  8. debt (noun) – liability, financial obligation, borrowed capital.
  9. cumulative (adjective) – collective, aggregate, total.
  10. offset (verb) – cancel out, equalize, neutralize.
  11. whittle down (phrasal verb) – reduce, cut down, decrease.
  12. lucrative (adjective) – profitable; productive; successful.
  13. enthuse (verb) – motivate, excite, arouse.
  14. bureaucrat (noun) – official, government servant.
  15. bugbear (noun) – a cause of vexation, irritation, torment.
  16. residual (adjective) – remaining, leftover; surplus/extra.
  17. pin one’s hopes on (phrase) – rely on, depend heavily on, have a confidence in.
  18. legacy issues (noun) – the issues/problems that have been there unsolved for several years.
  19. drain (verb) – squander, fritter away, waste/use up.
  20. infuse (verb) – introduce, inject, add.
  21. rationalise (verb) – streamline, make more efficient, hone/simplify.
  22. workforce (noun) – employees, staff, personnel.
  23. foot (verb) – pay, pay the bill, settle up.
  24. bolster (verb) – strengthen, support, boost/reinforce.
  25. credentials (noun) – achievement, aspect, quality.
  26. ascertain (verb) – confirm, verify, discover/find out.

Today’s Word List-1 To Learn English And To Improve Vocabulary:


  1. Click each one of the words above for their definition, more synonyms, pronunciation, example sentences, phrases, derivatives, origin and etc from http://www.oxforddictionaries.com/.
  2. Definitions (elementary level) & Synonyms provided for the words above are my personal work and not that of Oxford University Press. Tentative definitions/meanings are provided for study purpose only and they may vary in different context. Use it with the corresponding article published on the source (website) via the link provided. 
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