The Hindu Lead Article (Time to resurrect a popular front) – Jan 04, 2021

The Hindu Lead Article (Time to resurrect a popular front) – Jan 04, 2021

“The UPA is dead and it lies buried in a kabristan in Bharuch.” This pithy observation was made by a senior Congressman,… For further reading, visit “The Hindu”. Below is today’s advanced word list-1 for The Hindu Lead Article (Time to resurrect a popular front) – Jan 04, 2021.

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Today’s Advanced Word List 1 for The Hindu Lead Article (Time to resurrect a popular front) – Jan 04, 2021:

  1. resurrect (verb) – relaunch, reinstitute, bring back.
  2. front (noun) – political group.
  3. instrument (noun) – mechanism, apparatus, system, means (to achieve/attain something).
  4. governability (noun) – the overall capacity for governance of any societal entity or system.
  5. lie (verb) – (of a dead person) be buried in a particular place.
  6. cemetery (noun) – graveyard, burial ground; kabristan (in Hindi).
  7. pithy (adjective) – succinct, short, brief, compact, significant, meaningful.
  8. dare (verb) – have the courage or take the risk (to do something).
  9. authorship (noun) – creator, originator.
  10. acknowledge (verb) – admit, accept, realize.
  11. sooner or later (phrase) – eventually, in the end, finally.
  12. polity (noun) – a politically organized society.
  13. put in place (phrase) – establish, set up, create/form.
  14. take on (phrasal verb) – compete againstoppose, challenge, confront.
  15. blunted (adjective) – dulled, unpointed, edgeless.
  16. tender (noun) – a person who looks after someone else.
  17. currency (noun) – the duration in which something is in use/operation.
  18. as much as (phrase) – almost, nearly the same as.
  19. demonetisation (noun) – the act of depriving a currency unit (note/coin) of its status as money.
  20. notional (adjective) – conceptual, supposed, assumed; imaginary.
  21. exalted (adjective) – noble, high-minded, elevated, intellectual, prominent/dignified.
  22. titular (adjective) – nominal, in name/title only, formal, official.
  23. shorthand (noun) – a short and simple way of expressing something.
  24. amorphous (adjective) – unstructured, indeterminate, formless/vague.
  25. array (verb) – arrange, assemble, group, place, position.
  26. loyalty (noun) – allegiance, faithfulness, obedience, adherence.
  27. solidarity (noun) – unity, unanimity, harmony, cooperation.
  28. erstwhile (adjective) – old, previous, former, then.
  29. handy (adjective) – useful, helpful; accessible, available.
  30. object (noun) – purpose, objective, aim/goal.
  31. designated (adjective) – identified, recognized, classified.
  32. dub (verb) – classify, categorize, characterize.
  33. congregation (noun) – gathering, assembly, a mass/group (of people).
  34. purchase (noun) – support, firm contact, attachment.
  35. insistence (noun) – avowal, emphasis, stress.
  36. preen (verb) – congratulate, admire oneself, be pleased, be pride of (oneself).
  37. paltry (adjective) – small, meagre, inadequate, insufficient.
  38. kitty (noun) – a sum of something (money/things) made up of small contributions.
  39. boil down to (phrasal verb) – come down to, amount to, comprise (as the main or central part).
  40. the rub (noun) – problem, difficulty, obstacle.
  41. infirmity (noun) – weakness, feebleness; unsteadiness, instability.
  42. have to do with (phrase) – be connected with someone/something.
  43. concede (verb) – admit, acknowledge, accept.
  44. mock (verb) – make a monkey of, make fun of, treat with contempt, ridicule, laugh.
  45. ridicule (verb) – deride, mock, tease, make fun of.
  46. pretensions (noun) – aspiration, claim, assertion.
  47. nonetheless (adverb) – notwithstanding, nevertheless, in spite of that/however.
  48. pertinent (adjective) – relevant, appropriate, applicable.
  49. bear/keep in mind (phrase) – take into account, consider.
  50. command (verb) – receive, be given, get/gain, obtain.
  51. popular vote (noun) – the preference expressed in an election by the majority of people who vote.
  52. immune (verb) – protected from, safe from, exempt from (the effect of something).
  53. charm (noun) – drawing power, attraction.
  54. credible (adjective) – believable, acceptable, reasonable, convincing.
  55. cohere (verb) – to unite together as a unit.
  56. graft (verb) – combine, integrate, join.
  57. persona (noun) – image, character, identity.
  58. axiomatic (adjective) – self-evident, unquestionable/undeniable; accepted/understood.
  59. inevitably (adverb) – unavoidably, certainly, definitely.
  60. matrix (noun) – template, pattern, frame/form.
  61. resentment (noun) – bitterness, indignation, enmity, hatred/hate.
  62. calculus (noun) – calculation, estimation, reasoning.
  63. triumphalism (noun) – an attitude or a belief that a particular doctrine, religion, culture, social system is superior to and should triumph all over others.
  64. mobilise (verb) – bring (resources) into use for a particular purpose/cause.
  65. discontent (noun) – dissatisfaction, disaffection, disgruntlement, grievances, unhappiness, displeasure.
  66. disenfranchised (adjective) – (of people) deprived/stripped of the right to vote.
  67. manifest (verb) – indicate, show, display, exhibit.
  68. mutiny (noun) – rebellion, revolt, protest.
  69. mainstream (noun) – something (certain beliefs/ideas/activities) which are accepted or recognized by most people as a normal or typical.
  70. lexicon (noun) – dictionary, word list, vocabulary list.
  71. unjustness (noun) – bias, unfairness, discrimination.
  72. inequity (noun) – bias, prejudice, discrimination.
  73. venture (noun) – (risky) activity.
  74. status quo (noun) – a Latin phrase meaning the existing state of affairs, particularly with respect to social or political issues; the present situation, the current state.
  75. yearning (noun) – desire, longing, need.
  76. pro forma (noun) – a Latin term that means “for the sake of form” or “as a matter of form.”It is most often used to describe a practice or document that is provided as a courtesy or satisfies minimum requirements, conforms to a norm or doctrine, tends to be performed perfunctorily (done quickly) or is considered a formality.
  77. umbrella (modifier) – something (coalition) that has many different parts/elements.
  78. incentivise (verb) – encourage, motivate, galvanize.
  79. remarkably (adverb) – strikingly, exceptionally, incredibly.
  80. expedient (adjective) – tactical/strategic; advantageous, beneficial.
  81. consortium (noun) – association, alliance, union, partnership. Consortia is a plural form of consortium.
  82. enable (verb) – permit, allow, facilitate.
  83. de- (prefix) – denoting removal.
  84. wean from (phrasal verb) – to make somebody gradually stop using something.
  85. a way out (noun) – solution.
  86. accommodate (verb) – adjust, adapt; assist, help, oblige.
  87. tame (verb) – control, curb, master, subdue, mitigate, suppress.
  88. disenchantment (noun) – disappointment, dissatisfaction, discontent.
  89. mulch (verb) – cover with mulch (a layer of material applied to the surface of the soil to improve the quality of the soil or to stop weeds growing).
  90. anchor (verb) – impart/give a firm base/foundation/basis.
  91. forge (verb) – form, create, establish, set up.
  92. imperative (noun) – necessary condition, precondition, essential requirement.
  93. make a mockery of (phrase) – make something to look foolish/absurd.
  94. federal (adjective) – relating to a system of government in which establishments such as states or provinces share power with a national government.
  95. spirit (noun) – real/true meaning, intention, essence.
  96. arrangement (noun) – agreement, compact, deal, pact.
  97. boast (verb) – congratulate oneself, pride oneself on, brag; exaggerate, overstate.
  98. vitality (noun) – energy, strength, power, vigour.
  99. check (noun) – control, restraint, curb, restriction/limitation.
  100. arbitrary (adjective) – whimsical, irrational, casual; autocratic, draconian, anti-democratic.
  101. absolute power (noun) – complete authority.
  102. semblance (noun) – similarity, equivalence, resemblance, likeness.
  103. civility (noun) – politeness, good manners, mannerliness.
  104. endeavour (noun) – activity, pursuit, exercise, undertaking, mission; aim/effort.
  105. predicate (verb) – propose, put forward, submit.
  106. premise (noun) – proposition, assumption, assertion.
  107. feast (noun) – treat, delight, joy, pleasure; festival.
  108. vulture (noun) – a hateful person who exploits others.
  109. congregation (noun) – gathering, assembly, a mass/group (of people).
  110. hold out (phrasal verb) – offer, present (a hope, possibility, opportunity, etc.); have a feeling of (hope).
  111. cognisant (adjective) – aware, well informed about, familiar with.
  112. fault line (noun) – a divisive issue; a difference of opinion.
  113. gnaw (verb) – torment, torture, trouble, distress, worry, oppress.
  114. plug (verb) – stop, block, seal/close.
  115. ensnare (verb) – capture, catch/trap, entangle, get control over someone.
  116. coherence (noun) – clarity, consistency, orderliness, unity.
  117. anarchy (noun) – lawlessness, absence of government, disorder.
  118. rob (verb) – deprive, strip, divest/dispossess.
  119. exuberance (noun) – excitement, elation, enthusiasm, cheerfulness, buoyancy.
  120. dynamism (noun) – strength, powerfulness, potency/efficacy.
  121. come to think of it (phrase) – used for adding something just remembered or thinking of something.
  122. inevitable (adjective) – unavoidable, unpreventable.
  123. extravagantly (adverb) – highly, excessively, elaborately.
  124. flamboyant (adjective) – showy, swashbuckling, extravagant.


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Today’s Advanced Word List 1 for The Hindu Lead Article (Time to resurrect a popular front) – Jan 04, 2021:

The Hindu Lead Article (Time to resurrect a popular front) – Jan 04, 2021 The Hindu Lead Article (Time to resurrect a popular front) – Jan 04, 2021 The Hindu Lead Article (Time to resurrect a popular front) – Jan 04, 2021 The Hindu Lead Article (Time to resurrect a popular front) – Jan 04, 2021 The Hindu Lead Article (Time to resurrect a popular front) – Jan 04, 2021

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