The Hindu Lead Article (The drumbeaters of dystopia) – Sep 11, 2019

The Hindu Lead Article (The drumbeaters of dystopia) – Sep 11, 2019

On the last morning of October 1984, Rajiv Gandhi was campaigning in West Bengal when a police jeep intercepted his Mercedes to deliver the message… For further reading, visit “The Hindu”. Below is today’s advanced word list-1 for The Hindu Lead Article (The drumbeaters of dystopia) – Sep 11, 2019.

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Today’s Advanced Word List 1 for The Hindu Lead Article (The drumbeaters of dystopia) – Sep 11, 2019:

  1. drumbeater (noun) – (originally) a supporter of going to war; (generally) an intense supporter of a cause, idea, etc.
  2. dystopia (noun) – an imaginary place where people live in fear under totalitarian/oppressive/undemocratic system; an imaginary community or society that is undesirable or frightening.
  3. narrative (noun) – a representation of a particular situation; portrayal/ account.
  4. pick holes in (phrase) – find fault with, complain about, criticize.
  5. intercept (verb) – obstruct, impede, interrupt.
  6. monopoly (noun) – exclusive/complete control of something by a person/organisation.
  7. mouthpiece (noun) – a person/newspaper that only conveys a particular party/organisation’s opinions; spokesperson, propagandist, voice.
  8. telling (adjective) – revealing, significant, important.
  9. commentary (non) – narration, report, review, analysis.
  10. credibility (noun) – trustworthiness, reliability, integrity.
  11. ecosystem (noun) – living things, living beings.
  12. free market (noun) – an economic system of buying and selling that is not under the control of the government, and where people can buy and sell freely.
  13. stark (adjective) – (unpleasantly) clear, distinct/ evident; harsh, grim.
  14. lockdown (noun) – confinement, restraint, encirclement.
  15. detain (verb) – hold, take into custody, arrest.
  16. detenu (noun) – French Word détenu means a person in custody, detainee.
  17. pellet (noun) – lightweight bullet, shot.
  18. epicentre (noun) – the main point of unpleasant or problematic situation.
  19. resistance (noun) – ability to fight off, ability to counteract/withstand, immunity from.
  20. harassment (noun) – persecution, persistent annoyance, coercion/intimidation.
  21. graveyard (noun) – cemetery, burial ground/place.
  22. plunge into (verb) – fall sharply/steeply, plummet, drop rapidly, slump.
  23. patriotic (adjective) – nationalist, loyalist, loyal to one’s country.
  24. drum up (phrasal verb) – attempt to obtain something by canvassing/appealing.
  25. contentious (adjective) – controversial, disputable, debatable.
  26. privilege (verb) – exempt, except, immune.
  27. rampage (noun) – wild/violent behaviour, running amok, berserk.
  28. suppression (noun) – defeat, subduing, repression.
  29. hatred (noun) – dislike, hostility, resentment/aversion.
  30. fraternity (noun) – group, profession; a group of people with same job, interest and etc.
  31. ground zero (noun) – the center or origin of violent/intense activitya site of violent attack.
  32. therein (adverb) – in that respect.
  33. paradox (noun) – mystery, absurdity; incongruity.
  34. curfew (noun) – a rule which is instructing people to stay at home, typically at night.
  35. harass (verb) – oppress, disturb, trouble.
  36. rely on (phrasal verb) – depend on, resort to, have recourse to.
  37. home-grown (adjective) – belonging to one’s own country.
  38. stand-out (adjective) – very good.
  39. beg the question (phrase) – raise a point; invite question.
  40. duty-bound (adjective) – under an obligation, filled with gratitude, appreciative.
  41. sunshine (noun) – happiness, cheerfulness, joyfulness, gladness.
  42. academic (noun) – scholar, teacher, educator.
  43. craven (adjective) – cowardly, timid/weak, shrinking/cowering.
  44. parrot (noun) – someone who repeats/echos/says again something mechanically.
  45. capitulation (noun) – surrender, submission, yielding/giving in.
  46. isle (noun) – a small island.
  47. valiance  (noun) – great courage, determination.
  48. conformity (noun) – compliance with, adherence to, accordance with;  following the crowd, running with the pack.
  49. flurry (noun) – spate, series, succession.
  50. coast (verb) – make progress without making much effort.
  51. swathe (noun) – a wide area (of something).
  52. unvarnished (adjective) – straightforward, plain, simple. 
  53. islamophobic (adjective) – a person’s point of view involving an baseless fear and dislike of Muslims.
  54. propaganda (noun) – information, promotion, publicity/advocacy.
  55. sans (preposition) – devoid, deprived, in need.
  56. scrutiny (noun) – observation, inspection, examination.
  57. sound bite (noun) – sentence, phrase, group of words. 
  58. oblige (verb) – require, bind, compel.
  59. charitable (adjective) – considerate, broad-minded, understanding.
  60. epoch (noun) – era, period, time.
  61. hyper-nationalism (noun) – extreme nationalism, ultra-nationalism.
  62. revert to (verb) – return, go back, change back.
  63. chaos (noun) – disorder, turmoil, confusion/disruption.
  64. underhand (adjective) – deceitful, dishonest, disreputable, unethical.
  65. epoch (noun) – period, time, era.
  66. hyper-nationalism (noun) – excessively, above normal (nationalism).
  67. chaos (noun) – disorder, disarray, disorganization.
  68. kaleidoscope (noun) – it consists of a lot of very different parts, such as different colours, patterns, or shapes.
  69. toady (noun) – puppet, stooge, sycophant.
  70. perception (noun) – insight, understanding, discernment/thoughtfulness.
  71. purchase (noun) – support, firm contact, attachment.
  72. apogee (noun) – the furthest point in the Moon or satellite’s elliptical orbit around Earth.
  73. evisceration (noun) – deprivation (something) of its essential content.
  74. overturn (verb) – reverse, overrule, nullify/cancel.
  75. credo (noun) – attitude; morality, belief/idea.
  76. the afflicted (noun) – people in trouble/distress;  people who are affected adversely.
  77. benchmark (noun) – standard, guideline, basis.
  78. lynching (noun) – an act of punishing/killing someone by hanging for claimed offence by the group of people without legal trail.
  79. surgical strike (noun) – the military attack aimed to cause damage on a particular target with small/no collateral damage to surroundings.
  80. watchdog (noun) – inspector/supervisor, observer, ombudsman.
  81. supine (adjective) – weak, spineless, yielding. 
  82. pliancy (noun) – yielding, compliant, docile nature.
  83. pavlovian (adjective) – relating to a method to cause a reflex (automatic) response or behavior by training with repetitive action; (Classical conditioning) suggested by the Russian physiologist I. P. Pavlov.
  84. sycophancy (noun) – submissive/obedient behaviour towards someone important in order to gain advantage.
  85. hinterland (noun) – remote areas of a country away from the coastal areas/the banks of major rivers.
  86. intimidation (noun) – frightening, threatening, oppression.
  87. curry favour (phrase) – bring oneself into favour with someone by submissive/obedient behaviour.
  88. stratagem (noun) – plan, tactic, manoeuvre; trickery.
  89. subjugate (verb) – conquer, vanquish, defeat.
  90. join hands (phrase) – work together.
  91. intimidatory (adjective) – frightening, menacing, terrifying.
  92. plausible (adjective) – valid, convincing/credible, logical.
  93. deniability (noun) – the ability to deny something.
  94. interrogate (verb) – question, cross-examine, probe.
  95. shortfall (noun) – deficit, inadequacy/deficiency; shortcoming/defect.
  96. fall in line (phrase) – conform with others.
  97. empathy (noun) – compassion, sympathy, pity, feeling.
  98. the equation (noun) – the situation, the problem; a situation in which several factors must be taken into account.
  99. Brexit (noun) – a term used for the (supposed) departure of the United Kingdom from the European Union.
  100. scramble (noun) – struggle, tussle/scuffle, battle.
  101. spark (verb) – give rise to, trigger, activate/initiate.
  102. blackout (noun) – suppression, cut-off, silence.
  103. take hold (phrase) – start to have an effect.
  104. thumb one’s nose at (phrase) – defy, go against, disregard, ignore, disobey.
  105. bulletin (noun) – communication, report, news.
  106. tagline (noun) – saying, formula, legend.
  107. rest on one’s oars (phrase) – relax one’s efforts.
  108. manufacture (verb) – fabricate, make up, formulate, frame.
  109. invasion (noun) – attack, incursion, assault/assailing.
  110. Huxleyan (adjective) – pertaining to Thomas Henry Huxley (1825–1895), English anatomist, known as “Darwin’s Bulldog” for his advocacy of Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution.
  111. circuitry (noun) – circuits collectively.
  112. unitary (adjective) – relating to a system of government in which power is provided to the central government.
  113. explicitly (adverb) – clearly, unequivocally, without any doubt.
  114. scarcity (noun) – shortage, undersupply, dearth/lack, rarity.
  115. dissent (noun) – disagreement, disapproval, opposition.
  116. in spite of (phrase) – despite, notwithstanding, regardless of.
  117. plethora (noun) – excess, abundance, surplus/too many.
  118. replicate (verb) – copy, reproduce, duplicate.
  119. pretence (noun) – (outward) appearance, impression/image, display.
  120. humanity (noun) – humankind, the human race, people.
  121. eternal (adjective) – everlasting, continuous, permanent.
  122. pull out (phrasal verb) – withdraw, leave, get out.
  123. abrogation (noun) – abolition, repeal, cancellation (of a law/agreement).
  124. set off (phrasal verb) – leave, depart, embark/start out.
  125. assassination (noun) – murder, killing.


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Today’s Advanced Word List 1 for The Hindu Lead Article (The drumbeaters of dystopia) – Sep 11, 2019:

The Hindu Lead Article (The drumbeaters of dystopia) – Sep 11, 2019 The Hindu Lead Article (The drumbeaters of dystopia) – Sep 11, 2019 The Hindu Lead Article (The drumbeaters of dystopia) – Sep 11, 2019 The Hindu Lead Article (The drumbeaters of dystopia) – Sep 11, 2019

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