The Hindu Lead Article (Scripting an audacity of hope, the Sanders way) – Feb 29, 2020

The Hindu Lead Article (Scripting an audacity of hope, the Sanders way) – Feb 29, 2020

The emergence of Bernie Sanders as the frontrunner in the Democratic Party primaries has stunned the world. But it shouldn’t have. For further reading, visit “The Hindu”. Below is today’s advanced word list-1 for The Hindu Lead Article (Scripting an audacity of hope, the Sanders way) – Feb 29, 2020.

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Today’s Advanced Word List 1 for The Hindu Lead Article (Scripting an audacity of hope, the Sanders way) – Feb 29, 2020:

  1. audacity (noun) – courage, bravery, boldness, fearlessness.
  2. frontrunner (noun) – expected winner, probable winner.
  3. upend (verb) – overturn, reverse, invert, turn upside down.
  4. myth (noun) – (false) belief, notion, idea.
  5. open up (phrasal verb) – create.
  6. primary (noun) – (in the US) an election in which members of the same political party run against each other for the chance to be in a larger and more important election, especially presidential election.
  7. the wave of (noun) – a sudden increase in a certain phenomenon/happening.
  8. insurrection (noun) – uprising, revolt, revolution.
  9. underneath (preposition) – beneath, below, at the bottom of.
  10. driver (noun) – something which makes some other important things to happen/develop.
  11. phenomenal (adjective) – exceptional, extraordinary, remarkable.
  12. inequality (noun) – imbalance, unevenness, disproportion, disparity.
  13. narrow (verb) – reduce, lower, decrease, shrink.
  14. economic inequality (noun) – the unequal distribution of income and opportunity between different groups in society. It is most notably measured using the distribution of income and the distribution of wealth.
  15. stagnate (verb) – decline/deteriorate, fall; stand still, be sluggish.
  16. health indicator (noun) – quantifiable characteristics (e.g., life expectancy, mortality, disease incidence or prevalence) of a population which researchers use as supporting evidence for describing the health of a population.
  17. exhaustion (noun) – extreme tiredness, fatigue, weariness, lack of energy. 
  18. epidemic (noun) – widespread disease, widespread illness; outbreak, plague, scourge.
  19. all this while (phrase) – over the course of an unspecified period of time.
  20. breakdown (noun) – failure, collapse, foundering.
  21. hitherto (adverb) – previously, earlier, so/thus far.
  22. life expectancy (noun) – an average life time of a human being.
  23. pillory (verb) – attack, criticize, censure, condemn publicly.
  24. privileged (adjective) – wealthy, rich, affluent.
  25. lifespan (noun) – a time duration of existence of something.
  26. oversee (verb) – be responsible for, be in charge of, administer/manage.
  27. a bit (noun) – somewhat; to some extent.
  28. exaggeration (noun) – overstatement, dramatization, hyperbole.
  29. advocacy (noun) – backing, supporting, endorsing.
  30. neoliberal (adjective) – relating to an economic policy model that supports value of free market competition by the private sectors which with little government control over it.
  31. rebellion (noun) – uprising, revolt, revolution.
  32. elite (noun) – high society people; the group of most powerful people in a society.
  33. unfold (verb) – develop, evolve, happen, take place/occur.
  34. akin (adjective) – similar, related, equivalent.
  35. at the helm (phrase) – in charge, in command/control/authority; in the driving seat.
  36. eschew (verb) – deny, reject, disclaim, refrain from.
  37. run (verb) – compete, take part, participate.
  38. winner-takes-all (phrase) – pertaining to a contest, election, or other competition in which only the winner is rewarded and none of the losers get anything.
  39. inevitably (adverb) – necessarily, unavoidably, definitely.
  40. drain (verb) – squander, fritter away, misspend, waste, throw away.
  41. ideological (adjective) – relating to a system of ideas.
  42. vilify (verb) – censure, insult, criticize.
  43. supposedly (adverb) – seemingly, apparently, allegedly.
  44. umbrella (noun) – guardianship, support, guidance, cover, backing.
  45. make no mistake (phrase) – used to demonstrate that you are sure about something.
  46. take on (phrasal verb) – compete against, oppose, challenge/confront.
  47. rainbow alliance/coalition (noun) – a political group of several minority parties (of different ethnic, political, or religious backgrounds).
  48. safety net (noun) – something which gives protection against misfortune or difficulty.
  49. panic (verb) – be terrified, be agitated, be scared, be nervous.
  50. desperate (adjective) – urgent, pressing, compelling; serious, critical.
  51. shut down (phrasal verb) – close, discontinue, cease operation, stop.
  52. momentum (noun) – energy, power, strength, driving power, impetus.
  53. radical (adjective) – revolutionary, progressive, reforming, atypical/alternative.
  54. entrench (verb) – settle, establish, embed, install/ingrain.
  55. weight (noun) – importance, significance, value/power.
  56. garner (verb) – gather, collect, accumulate, amass. 
  57. virtually (adverb) – effectively, nearly.
  58. electorate (noun) – all the people who entitled to vote in an election.
  59. robust (adjective) – strong, powerful.
  60. uniquely (adverb) – in an unusual way.
  61. break through (phrase) – make a way through (a barrier).
  62. embargo (noun) – barrier, restriction, ban/bar, prohibition.
  63. catch fire (phrase) – become interesting; become exciting.
  64. veer (verb) – change direction.
  65. centrist (noun) – a person whose political opinions are not extreme, falling between those of liberals and conservatives.
  66. hostile (adjective) – opposed, inimical, averse.
  67. espouse (verb) – adopt, embrace; support/endorse (a cause).
  68. variant (noun) – form, version, variation.
  69. give up on (phrasal verb) – stop having faith; stop having belief.
  70. indifferent (adjective) – unconcerned, uncaring, unresponsive, unfeeling, unsympathetic.
  71. shunt (verb) – push aside.
  72. ethnicity (noun) – a category of people who identify with each other based on common language, ancestral, social, cultural, or national experiences.
  73. toxic (adjective) – dangerous, destructive, harmful.
  74. shibboleth (noun) – tradition, practice, procedure.
  75. staggering (adjective) – astonishing, shocking, surprising.
  76. constituency (noun) – a group of voters in a specified area.
  77. centre on (verb) – focus, concentrate, pivot, be based.
  78. exponentially (adverb) – rapidly, quicklyfast.
  79. cynicism (noun) – disbelief, pessimism, doubtfulness.
  80. hopelessness (noun) – despair; riskiness, lack of hope.
  81. household (noun) – family, house.
  82. brute (adjective) – fundamental, absolute, out-and-out, direct.
  83. fluke (noun) – chance, coincidence, accident.
  84. full-blown (adjective) – fully developed, complete, thorough/entire.
  85. helplessness (noun) – inability to act effectively.
  86. palpable (adjective) – noticeable, appreciable, discernible.
  87. fear mongering (noun) – an act of spreading public fear intentionally on a particular topic/problem.
  88. tap into (verb) – exploit, make use of, draw on.
  89. simmer (verb) – be in a suppressed state (anger, tension or other emotion); fume, be boiling over, breathe fire.


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Today’s Advanced Word List 1 for The Hindu Lead Article (Scripting an audacity of hope, the Sanders way) – Feb 29, 2020:

The Hindu Lead Article (Scripting an audacity of hope, the Sanders way) – Feb 29, 2020 The Hindu Lead Article (Scripting an audacity of hope, the Sanders way) – Feb 29, 2020 The Hindu Lead Article (Scripting an audacity of hope, the Sanders way) – Feb 29, 2020

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