The Hindu Lead Article (Childhoods lost in a troubled paradise) – Sep 27, 2019

The Hindu Lead Article (Childhoods lost in a troubled paradise) – Sep 27, 2019

Every third child in Shopian district, Jammu and Kashmir (J&K), has a clinically diagnosable mental disorder,… For further reading, visit “The Hindu”. Below is today’s advanced word list-1 for The Hindu Lead Article (Childhoods lost in a troubled paradise) – Sep 27, 2019.

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Today’s Advanced Word List 1 for The Hindu Lead Article (Childhoods lost in a troubled paradise) – Sep 27, 2019:

  1. traumatise (verb) – appal, horrify, distress; to make someone upset mentally & emotionally.
  2. perpetual (adjective) – continuous, unceasing; sustained.
  3. pick up (phrasal verb) – detain, take into custody, take prisoner.
  4. disastrous (adjective) – devastating, ravaging, ruinous.
  5. detention (noun) – confinement/incarceration, captivity, custody.
  6. chronicle (verb) – record, report, write down, document.
  7. scores of (noun) – a lot, a large number of, a great quantity of.
  8. whisk away (verb) – to take/move (something or someone) from one place to another place suddenly & quickly.
  9. first-hand (adjective) – personally or directly experienced or involved in something.
  10. account (noun) – report, narrative, statement.
  11. haunting (adjective) – evocative/emotive, moving/touching, unforgettable.
  12. spectre (noun) – threat, menace, danger/peril.
  13. breach (noun) – contravention, violation, breaking, non-observance.
  14. next of kin (noun) – closest relative, closest relation, nearest blood relation.
  15. thereof (adverb) – of that, of something which is just mentioned.
  16. pawn (verb) – puppet; used for other’s purposes.
  17. gut (verb) – devastate, destroy, demolish/ruin.
  18. perpetuate (verb) – maintain, continue, keep alive.
  19. trauma (noun) – torment, distress, suffering.
  20. bitterness (noun) – hostility, dissatisfaction, discontent.
  21. accountability (noun) – responsibility, liability, answerability.
  22. detainee (noun) – a person in custody, prisoner, convict.
  23. convention (noun) – practice, rule, observance, ordinance.
  24. to begin with (phrase) – at first, at the outset, at the beginning.
  25. juvenile (adjective) – young, teenage, underage.
  26. take into account (phrase) – consider, respect, have regard to.
  27. rehabilitation (noun) – the action of bringing (someone or something) back to a normal.
  28. ratify (verb) – justify, approve, confirm.
  29. last resort (phrase) – a final thing/person helps when all else has failed; final hope.
  30. blanket (adjective) – total, complete, comprehensive.
  31. unrest (noun) – disruption, chaos, agitation, trouble/turmoil.
  32. personnel (noun) – employees/staff, workforce.
  33. arbitrary (adjective) – capricious, personal (whim/choice), erratic/irregular.
  34. sledgehammer (modifier) – powerful; forceful; ruthless (tool).
  35. comprehensive (adjective) – all-inclusive, extensive, all-embracing wide-ranging.
  36. override (verb) – disregard/ignore, pay no heed to, overrule/reject (a view, idea, suggestion etc).
  37. scare (verb) – alarm, worry, frighten.
  38. lest (conjunction) – just in case, for fear that, in order to avoid.
  39. caught in a crossfire (phrase) – get involved in an (argumentative &) unpleasant/difficult situation.
  40. aggrieved (adjective) – distressed, upset, unhappy.
  41. redressal (noun) – compensation, retribution/remedy; justice.
  42. abrogate (verb) – cancel, abolish, revoke, repeal.
  43. habeas corpus (noun) – Latin phrase meaning literally “that you have the body”. The court order to bring the person (in custody/detention) to the court to decide on the imprisonment is legal or illegal.
  44. respondent (noun) – disputant, claimant, complainant.
  45. adjourn (verb) – postpone, put off, defer/delay.
  46. anticipate (verb) – expect, foresee, precede.
  47. contingency (noun) – planning, prearrangement, arrangements.
  48. empower (verb) – authorize, allow, entitle.
  49. allegation (noun) – charge, accusation, indictment.
  50. massacre (noun) – carnage, mass murder, mass killing.
  51. resort to (verb) – use, utilize, turn to.
  52. brutalize (verb) – attack, abuse, assault,/beat.
  53. spiral (noun) – growth, rise, enlargement, expansion.
  54. inhabitant (noun) – native community, local people, (permanent) resident/dweller.
  55. omission (noun) – negligence, something neglected.
  56. tolerance (noun) – forbearance, liberality, open-mindedness.
  57. amount to (verb) – be regarded as, be equivalent/equal to, be tantamount to.
  58. aggravated (adjective) – serious, worsened, exacerbated.
  59. under the shadow of (phrase) – in danger of something.
  60. caregiver (noun) – attendant, aide/helper, personal assistant.
  61. sibling (noun) – brother or sister.
  62. strain (noun) – pressure, stressdemand/burden.
  63. snatch away (verb) – seize, capture, take hold of.
  64. interrogation (noun) – cross-questioning, cross-examination, probing.
  65. internalise (verb) – accept/agree, personalise, embody.
  66. privy to (adjective) – aware of, acquainted with, informed of.
  67. look forward to (phrasal verb) – anticipate, wait for, expect.
  68. curb (noun) – restraint, restriction, control.
  69. inhumane (adjective) – vicious/cruel, brutal, barbaric.
  70. speak out (phrasal verb) – speak publicly.
  71. complicit (adjective) – associated/partnered with others in a wrongful/illegal activity.
  72. apparatus (noun) – a complicated structure/network/system of a organization.


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Today’s Advanced Word List 1 for The Hindu Lead Article (Childhoods lost in a troubled paradise) – Sep 27, 2019:

The Hindu Lead Article (Childhoods lost in a troubled paradise) – Sep 27, 2019 The Hindu Lead Article (Childhoods lost in a troubled paradise) – Sep 27, 2019 The Hindu Lead Article (Childhoods lost in a troubled paradise) – Sep 27, 2019

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