The Hindu Editorial (Uncritical endorsement) – Apr 02, 2020

The Hindu Editorial (Uncritical endorsement) – Apr 02, 2020

There are two aspects to the Supreme Court’s limited intervention in response to the humanitarian crisis set off… For further reading, visit “The Hindu”. Below is today’s word list-1 for The Hindu Editorial (Uncritical endorsement) – Apr 02, 2020.

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Today’s word list-1 for The Hindu Editorial (Uncritical endorsement) – Apr 02, 2020

  1. uncritical (adjective) – unreasoned, unconsidered, unthinking, unknowing, unsuspecting.
  2. endorsement (noun) – support, backing, approval.
  3. exodus (noun) – mass departure, evacuation, leaving/exit.
  4. probing (questions) (noun) – follow-up questions when someone does not fully understand a response, when answers are vague or ambiguous or when someone wants to obtain more specific or in-depth information.
  5. pandemic (noun) – the worldwide spread of a new disease; The illness spreads around the world and typically affects a large number of people across a wide area.
  6. humanitarian crisis (noun) – it is also called as humanitarian disaster; a situation with high levels of human suffering in which basic human welfare is in danger on a large scale.
  7. set off (phrasal verb) – give rise to, cause, invoke, trigger, bring about.
  8. lockdown (noun) – a state of isolation; confinement, restraint, encirclement.
  9. highlight (noun) – main feature, focal point, most interesting part.
  10. underscore (verb) – underline, emphasize, highlight.
  11. uncritically (adverb) – unquestioningly, unthinkingly, casually/carelessly.
  12. narrative (noun) – a representation of a particular situation; portrayal/account.
  13. in the light of (phrase) – considering, taking into account, keeping in mind.
  14. The Solicitor-General (noun) – the second-highest rank for a law officer of the government.
  15. bring out (phrasal verb) – publish, print, issue, produce.
  16. bulletin (noun) – news, news report, press release, communiqué.
  17. disseminate (verb) – spread, circulate, distribute, communicate.
  18. flag (verb) – indicate, identify, point out.
  19. penal (adjective) – disciplinary, punitive, corrective.
  20. provision (noun) – term/condition, clause, requirement.
  21. amount to (verb) – be regarded as, be equivalent/equal to, be tantamount to.
  22. alarm (noun) – warning sound, danger/distress signal, alert.
  23. disobedience (noun) – indiscipline, misconduct, non-compliance.
  24. exaggeration (noun) – overstatement, overemphasis, overplaying, magnification, amplification.
  25. credible (adjective) – believable, acceptable, reasonable, convincing.
  26. take effect (phrase) – begin, become operative, come into force.
  27. lack of (noun) – absence, deficiency, paucity, non-existence.
  28. run out (phrasal verb) – be exhausted, be finished, be used up, sell out of, consume.
  29. back home (phrase) – in one’s country/hometown.
  30. concede (verb) – admit, acknowledge, accept, allow.
  31. ill-advised (adjective) – ill-considered, misguided, injudicious.
  32. restrain (verb) – control, restrict, limit, regulate.
  33. ascertain (verb) – find out, decide/verify, come to know.
  34. implicit (adjective) – understood, hinted, implied, assumed; unexpressed, unstated.
  35. prayer (noun) – wish, hope.
  36. antithesis (noun) – the direct opposite of something; antipode, contrary, opposite, reverse.
  37. disclosure (noun) – report, declaration, announcement.
  38. dissemination (noun) – spreading, circulation, distribution.
  39. restraint (noun) – control, restriction, limitation.
  40. devastating (adjective) – destructive, ruinous, disastrous, catastrophic.
  41. fallout (noun) – adverse results; after-effects, repercussions.
  42. primarily (adverb) – basically, especially, particularly.
  43. the executive (noun) – the executive is a branch of government which enforces the law as written by the legislature and interpreted by the judiciary.
  44. humanitarian (adjective) – compassionate, humane, socially concerned.
  45. dimension (noun) – aspect, feature, element.
  46. in the fitness of things (phrase) – suitable, appropriate, proper, fitting.
  47. accountability (noun) – responsibility, liability, answerability.
  48. distressing (adjective) – upsetting, worrying, affecting.


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Today’s word list-1 The Hindu Editorial (Uncritical endorsement) – Apr 02, 2020:

The Hindu Editorial (Uncritical endorsement) - Apr 02, 2020 The Hindu Editorial (Uncritical endorsement) - Apr 02, 2020

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