The Hindu Editorial (Top play) – Jun 26, 2021

he Hindu Editorial (Top play) – Jun 26, 2021

Conservative play is often international football’s bugbear. National team players spend very little time together for attacking structures and synchronous moves to develop,… For further reading, visit “The Hindu”. Below is today’s word list-2 for The Hindu Editorial (Top play) – Jun 26, 2021.

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The Hindu Editorial (Top play) – Jun 26, 2021:

  1. belie (verb) – contradict, be at odds with, call into question, prove to be false.
  2. subdued (adjective) – restrained, controlled, toned down, muted.
  3. due to (phrase) – because of, owing to, on account of, as a result of.
  4. pandemic (noun) – the worldwide spread of a new disease; The illness spreads around the world and typically affects a large number of people across a wide area.
  5. conservative (adjective) – restrained, moderate, subdued; cautious.
  6. bugbear (noun) – bane, irritant, irritation, dislike, anathema, aversion, vexation.
  7. synchronous (adjective) – concurrent, coincident, happening at the same time.
  8. around the corner (phrase) – close by, nearby, very near, within reach, not far away.
  9. on the front foot (phrase) – at an advantage; outclassing, outmanoeuvring (opponents).
  10. toll (noun) – adverse effect, harm, damage; loss, disadvantage, suffering.
  11. exact (verb) – inflict, impose, deliver. 
  12. yardstick (noun) – standard, measure, criterion, norm.
  13. thus far (phrase) – until now, till date.
  14. enthralling (adjective) – fascinating, interesting, thrilling.
  15. knockout (noun) – the loser is eliminated from a tournament; elimination match/competition.
  16. move away from (phrasal verb) – change/alter one’s ideas/beliefs/views and so.
  17. lively (adverb) – energetic, active, spirited.
  18. pressing (adjective) – persistent, determined, resolute, unrelenting.
  19. fag end (noun) – last part.
  20. tiring (adjective) – fatiguing.
  21. swashbuckling (adjective) – daring, adventurous, bold, valiant, fearless.
  22. around (adverb) – present, nearby, just round the corner.
  23. feel-good (adjective) – joyful, cheerful, lively, exhilarating.
  24. talisman (noun) – lucky charm, mascot, idol.
  25. owing to (phrase) – because of, as a result of, on account of, due to.
  26. neutral (noun) – impartial person.
  27. spill over (phrasal verb) – (something like an emotion/bad condition) spread out or fan out & reach to an uncontrolled level.
  28. cautious (adjective) – careful, attentive, heedful.
  29. winner-take-all (adjective) – relating to a competition in which only the winner is rewarded (and none of the losers get anything).
  30. affair (noun) – event, incident, phenomenon. 
  31. know one’s way around (phrase) – to be familiar with something.
  32. imperious (adjective) – assertive, authoritative, dominating, forceful, commanding.
  33. stand-out (adjective) – very good.
  34. outfit (noun) – team/group.
  35. astute (noun) – shrewd, razor-sharp, brilliant, clever, smart.
  36. go far (phrase) – succeed, do well, make good.
  37. lay/bury the ghost of (phrase) – to get rid of the bad memories of.
  38. well-placed (adjective) – having an advantageous position.
  39. shore up (phrasal verb) – support, assist, strengthen, fortify, buttress.
  40. shoring (up) (noun) – strengthening, reinforcement, fortification, boosting, buttressing.
  41. most-anticipated (adjective) – most-expected, most-awaited.
  42. middling (adjective) – average, ordinary, normal, not very good/not very bad, but ok.
  43. so far (phrase) – until now, up to the present, up to this point.
  44. halo (noun) – glory, fame, glow; crown of light.
  45. dim (verb) – face, diminish, reduce, lessen, weaken.
  46. in particular (phrase) – particularly, specifically, especially.
  47. deflect (verb) – divert, turn aside, turn away, avert.
  48. save the day (phrase) – get/give a solution to a problem/difficulty.
  49. weight (noun) – importance, significance.
  50. hang heavy (phrase) – drag on, pass slowly, move slowly.
  51. fixture (noun) – match, game, competition, contest, meet.


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The Hindu Editorial (Top play) – Jun 26, 2021:

The Hindu Editorial (Top play) – Jun 26, 2021
The Hindu Editorial (Top play) – Jun 26, 2021

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