The Hindu Editorial (Top of the heap) – Jan 20, 2021

The Hindu Editorial (Top of the heap) – Jan 20, 2021

On a magical Tuesday, India’s cricketing history gained a luminous chapter even as the shadows lengthened at Brisbane’s Gabba. For further reading, visit “The Hindu”. Below is today’s word list-2 for The Hindu Editorial (Top of the heap) – Jan 20, 2021.

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Today’s word list-2 for The Hindu Editorial (Top of the heap) – Jan 20, 2021:

  1. (at the) top of the heap (phrase) – high up, at great heightat the highest point/position.
  2. circumstances (noun) – situation, background, conditions, state of affairs.
  3. stuff of legend/folklore (phrase) – legendary, famous, exceptional, remarkable, memorable.
  4. luminous (adjective) – very bright, dazzling, glowing, shining, brilliant.
  5. shadow (noun) – trace of something.
  6. aptly (adverb) – suitably, perfectly/rightly, smartly.
  7. pursuit (noun) – quest for, search for, striving towards ( to achieve something).
  8. nerve-wracking (adjective) – demanding, taxing, difficult.
  9. seize (verb) – take hold of, take, conquer.
  10. as far as (phrase) – to the degree/extent that.
  11. role-reversal (noun) – a condition in which two people swap/change their normal duties.
  12. stunning (adjective) – staggering, incredible, breathtaking.
  13. jaw-dropping (adjective) – amazing, astonishing, eye-opening.
  14. improbable (adjective) – unlikely, doubtful, dubious, questionable.
  15. debilitating (adjective) – weakening, disabling, wearing, exhausting, tiring, undermining, impairing.
  16. personnel (noun) – players; staff, employees, workforce.
  17. paternity (adjective) – fatherhood; the state of being a father.
  18. bench (verb) – substitute, withdraw from play.
  19. spate (noun) – series, flurry; a large number of something (taking place at the same period).
  20. persevere (verb) – persist, continue, carry on, keep going.
  21. established (adjective) – recognized, acclaimed, esteemed, acknowledged.
  22. rookie (noun) – novice, starter, beginner, newcomer.
  23. join forces (phrase) – put together efforts.
  24. nourish (verb) – enhance, sustain, maintain, nurture, foster.
  25. turn-around (noun) – reversal, sea change, transformation.
  26. stonewalling (noun) – obstruction, delaying of something.
  27. second wind (noun) – new energy, new strength.
  28. frontline (noun) – vanguard, firing line, battlefield, combat zone.
  29. astutely (adverb) – cleverly, brilliantly, perceptively.
  30. helm (verb) – lead, navigate, steer, manage.
  31. backyard (noun) – (in cricketing context) play grounds in a particular country.
  32. benchmark (noun as modifier) – standard, yardstick, classic example, indicator, point of reference.
  33. excellence (noun) – eminence, high quality, superiority, brilliance.
  34. last (verb) – continue, go on, carry on, keep going.
  35. decade (noun) – a period of ten years.
  36. dominant (adjective) – most influential, most powerful.
  37. outfit (noun) – team, group.
  38. over the course of (phrase) – during, throughout.
  39. face-off (noun) – contest, clash.
  40. nothing short of (phrase) – nothing less than.
  41. stupendous (adjective) – amazing, extraordinary, impressive.
  42. blight (verb) – disrupt, afflict, ruin, spoil, destroy.
  43. ball-tampering (noun) – (in Cricket) an action in which a fielder illegally alters the condition of the ball.
  44. scandal (noun) – impropriety, misconduct, wrongdoing.
  45. pasture (noun) – grassland, pastureland, open country.
  46. put (someone out) to pasture (phrase) – to make someone retire (as the person has become a little too old to work and therefore compel him to quit his/her job). It also means to discontinue something.
  47. cut to the present (phrase) – come (back) to the present time.
  48. up against (phrase) – confronted with, faced with, opposed by.
  49. fraught (adjective) – anxious, worried, distressed/panicky.
  50. pandemic (noun) – the worldwide spread of a new disease; The illness spreads around the world and typically affects a large number of people across a wide area.
  51. bio-secure bubble (noun) – it is defined as an environment/location sealed off from the outside world. In tennis/cricket, this would mean players, umpires and support staff being housed at the venue itself.
  52. angst (noun) – anxiety, apprehension, distress, disquiet, worry.
  53. deem (verb) – regard as, consider; view as.
  54. offence (noun) – illegal act, wrongdoing, fault.
  55. optimum (adjective) – most appropriate, best, most favourable.
  56. potential (noun) – (latent) qualities or abilities; potentiality; capability, capacity, ability.
  57. with every passing day (phrase) – day by day.
  58. walking wounded (noun) – injured persons (who are of a relatively low priority).
  59. wry (adjective) – ironic, sarcastic, satirical, mocking.
  60. turn out (phrasal verb) – produce something.
  61. diminishing (adjective) – reducing, decreasing, declining.
  62. adversity (noun) – a difficult situation; hardship, difficulty.
  63. thrive (verb) – progress, advance (vigorously).
  64. springboard (noun) – something which provides support or motivation to do a particular course of action.
  65. adversary (noun) – rival, enemy, nemesis, opponent.


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Today’s word list-2 The Hindu Editorial (Top of the heap) – Jan 20, 2021:

The Hindu Editorial (Top of the heap) – Jan 20, 2021 The Hindu Editorial (Top of the heap) – Jan 20, 2021 The Hindu Editorial (Top of the heap) – Jan 20, 2021

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