The Hindu Editorial (Prolonged injustice) – Apr 09, 2020

The Hindu Editorial (Prolonged injustice) – Apr 09, 2020

It has been eight months since the Centre revoked the special constitutional status of Jammu and Kashmir and downgraded… For further reading, visit “The Hindu”. Below is today’s word list-2 for The Hindu Editorial (Prolonged injustice) – Apr 09, 2020.

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Today’s word list-2 for The Hindu Editorial (Prolonged injustice) – Apr 09, 2020:

  1. prolonged (adjective) – lengthy, extended, protracted, unending, unrelenting.
  2. injustice (noun) – lack of justice, unfairness, misdeed, unjust/unfair act.
  3. detention (noun) – imprisonment, confinement/incarceration, captivity, custody.
  4. revoke (verb) – cancel, repeal/reverse, abrogate, nullify.
  5. downgrade (verb) – lower in status, reduce in rank, demote.
  6. imprison (verb) – incarcerate, take into custody, detain/confine, jail, put in prison, hold captive.
  7. in the wake of (phrase) – as a result of, in the aftermath of, as a consequence of.
  8. abrupt (adjective) – sudden, immediate, unexpected.
  9. designate (verb) – identify, recognize, classify.
  10. subsidiary (adjective) – sub (jail); subordinate, secondary.
  11. veteran (noun) – (long-serving) expert, mature established/experienced person in an area of activity.
  12. languish (verb) – suffer, be abandoned, be neglected, be forgotten.
  13. hollow out (verb) – remove, undermine, weaken, erode.
  14. dismantle (verb) – demolish, knock down, destroy.
  15. inglorious (adjective) – shameful, dishonourable/discreditable, disgraceful, humiliating, shocking.
  16. precedent (noun) – (previous) example/instance, model, pattern, (prior) instance.
  17. federalism/federal framework/system (noun) – a system of government in which establishments such as states or provinces share power with a national government.
  18. lockdown (noun) – an emergency protocol implemented by the authorities that prevents people from leaving from a place; An extended state of confinement/encirclement/isolation of a person by the authority.
  19. combat (verb) – fight, tackle, confront, defy/resist.
  20. COVID-19 (noun) – coronavirus disease 2019.
  21. meanwhile (adverb) – for now, for the present, meantime.
  22. constitutionality (noun) – the condition of acting in accordance with an applicable constitution.
  23. revocation (noun) – cancellation, abandonment, calling off/recall.
  24. accompanying (adjective) – occurring, happening, taking place (at the same time).
  25. on (adverb) – due to happen as planned.
  26. lock (oneself) up (phrasal verb) – confine; secure, protect oneself (by staying inside one’s own home/room).
  27. the Theatre of the Absurd (phrase) – a form of drama that focuses largely on the idea of existentialism (a theory that emphasizes the existence of the individual person) and expresses what happens when human existence has no meaning or purpose and therefore all communication breaks down. The term ‘Theatre of the Absurd’ is applied to a number of dramatic works which share the view that the human condition is essentially absurd (meaningless/pointless) by which is meant a lack of meaning in life. It highlighted the meaninglessness and irrationality of human existence.
  28. inexplicable (adjective) – unexplainable, incomprehensible, unfathomable.
  29. exceptional (adjective) – unusual, rare, abnormal; special, extraordinary.
  30. deployment (noun) – the movement of workforce to a place for an effective action.
  31. aftermath (noun) – consequence, result/outcome, repercussion.
  32. spectacle (noun) – display, show, performance, presentation.
  33. resolve (noun) – determination, resolution, firmness of purpose.
  34. unfold (verb) – occur, happen, take place.
  35. pandemic (noun) – the worldwide spread of a new disease; The illness spreads around the world and typically affects a large number of people across a wide area.
  36. bespeak (verb) – indicate, signify, denote/point to.
  37. pitfall (noun) – danger, risk, problem.
  38. lopsided (adjective) – uneven, unsymmetrical, one-sided.
  39. lay bare (phrasal verb) – reveal, expose, disclose.
  40. havoc (noun) – disorder, chaos, destruction.
  41. facade (noun) – outward appearance, false display, pretence.
  42. trample upon (verb) – disregard, show no consideration for, treat disrespectfully, treat with contempt.
  43. criminalise (verb) – make something (an activity) illegal.
  44. unprecedented (adjective) – not done or experienced before.
  45. spur (verb) – stimulateencourage, motivate.
  46. intractable (adjective) – unmanageable, uncontrollable, ungovernable.
  47. by itself (phrase) – alone.


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Today’s word list-2 The Hindu Editorial (Prolonged injustice) – Apr 09, 2020:

The Hindu Editorial (Prolonged injustice) - Apr 09, 2020 The Hindu Editorial (Prolonged injustice) - Apr 09, 2020

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