The Hindu Editorial (Poll position) – Mar 16, 2021

The Hindu Editorial (Poll position) – Mar 16, 2021

Even though more than a quarter century has elapsed since the Constitution was amended to make urban and rural local bodies a self-contained third tier of governance,… For further reading, visit “The Hindu”. Below is today’s word list-2 for The Hindu Editorial (Poll position) – Mar 16, 2021.

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The Hindu Editorial (Poll position) – Mar 16, 2021:

  1. position (noun) – advantage, pole position, advantageous position, the upper hand, the edge, the whip hand, primacy.
  2. boost (verb) – improve, raise, uplift, increase, augment.
  3. State Election Commissioner (SEC) (noun) – A state election commissioner is in charge of conducting polls to urban local bodies (municipalities, corporations) and rural local bodies (panchayats). (The Supreme Court of India has recently said State Election Commissioners (SECs) across the country should be independent, and not persons holding office with the central government or a state government).
  4. hold (verb) – conduct, organize, preside over. 
  5. elapse (verb) – pass, go by, go past.
  6. self-contained (adjective) – independent, separate, self-sufficient, self-reliant.
  7. tier (noun) – grade, level, step, echelon.
  8. devolution (noun) – decentralization, delegation, distribution.
  9. relative (adjective) – corresponding, comparable, correlative, parallel.
  10. lack of (noun) – absence, deficiency, scarcity, dearth.
  11. autonomy (noun) – independence, freedom.
  12. facet (noun) – aspect, feature, characteristic/nuance.
  13. beset (verb) – trouble, bother, worry, anguish, embarrass (persistently).
  14. mar (verb) – spoil, ruin, destroy, impair.
  15. arbitrary (adjective) – whimsical, random, unpredictable, inconsistent, casual.
  16. delimitation (noun) – an act of fixing boundary or limits.
  17. reservation (noun) – a system of affirmative action in India that provides historically disadvantaged groups representation in education, employment, and politics.
  18. autonomous (adjective) – independent, self-determining, self-sufficient.
  19. regime (noun) – government.
  20. bureaucrat (noun) – a powerful officer, public/government servant, office-bearer, civil servant, functionary, mandarin.
  21. partisan (adjective) – biased, prejudiced, one-sided.
  22. delimit (verb) – mark, determine, delineate, demarcate.
  23. mire in (verb) – entangle, catch up, involve, mix up (a difficult situation).
  24. in mind (phrase) – in someone’s thinking.
  25. generalise (verb) – make something applicable to all broadly/generally.
  26. in respect of (phrase) – with respect to; concerning, regarding.
  27. man (verb) – work (at a place); staff, crew, occupy.
  28. undeniable (adjective) – unquestionable, undebatable, inarguable.
  29. as far as – is concerned (phrase) – with regard to a particular person or situation.
  30. backdrop (noun) – situation, scenario, context.
  31. salience (noun) – an important quality.
  32. mockery (noun) – insulting/absurd imitation of something; a false representation of something; travesty, farce, poor imitation, a poor substitute.
  33. mandate (noun) – authority, endorsement, approval, authorization.
  34. invoke (verb) – cite, refer to, adduce.
  35. extraordinary (adjective) – remarkable, exceptional, amazing, phenomenal, unbelievable.
  36. Article 142 of the Constitution of India (noun) – Article 142 of the Constitution of India empowers the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India to pass any decree or order necessary for doing “complete justice” in any matter pending before it.
  37. step down (phrasal verb) – give up, stand down, abdicate, renounce.
  38. in practice (phrase) – in reality, actually, practically.
  39. have a bearing on (phrase) – have a relevance/relation to something.
  40. remain to be seen (phrase) – used to mention the idea/view that something is not yet known.
  41. behold (verb) – look at, see, observe, view, regard.
  42. secure (verb) – obtain, acquire, gain, get.
  43. watchdog (noun) – a person or organization that monitors/inspects/supervises others’ activities/conducts.  inspector/supervisor, observer, ombudsman.
  44. countermand (verb) – revoke, rescind, reverse, undo, repeal.
  45. infraction (noun) – breach, violation, transgression.
  46. in the course of (phrase) – during, in the process of, in the time of.
  47. wake up (to) (phrasal verb) – realize, become aware of, become heedful of.


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The Hindu Editorial (Poll position) – Mar 16, 2021:

The Hindu Editorial (Poll position) – Mar 16, 2021 The Hindu Editorial (Poll position) – Mar 16, 2021

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