The Hindu Editorial (Polarised state of union) – Feb 06, 2020

The Hindu Editorial (Polarised state of union) – Feb 06, 2020

The politics of the United States has rarely, if ever, been as contentious, and riven by partisan hostility, as it is at the present juncture. For further reading, visit “The Hindu”. Below is today’s word list-1 for The Hindu Editorial (Polarised state of union) – Feb 06, 2020.

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Today’s word list-1 for The Hindu Editorial (Polarised state of union) – Feb 06, 2020

  1. polarised (adjective) – separated into opposing two.
  2. rive (verb) – split, tear apart, rip apart, rupture/break suddenly.
  3. partisan (adjective) – biased, prejudiced, one-sided.
  4. hostility (noun) – opposition, aversion, enmity, antipathy; unfriendliness, bitterness.
  5. at stake (phrase) – in question, at issue.
  6. contentious (adjective) – controversial, disputable, debatable.
  7. juncture (noun) – point in time, time/moment, stage.
  8. address (noun) – a formal speech/talk/discourse.
  9. exemplify (verb) – typify, epitomize, represent/illustrate.
  10. fracture (noun) – fragmentation, breaking, rupture, disintegration.
  11. consciousness (noun) – awareness, knowledge, attention/observation.
  12. psyche (noun) – soul/spirit, essential nature/persona, individuality. 
  13. boycott (verb) – avoid, ignore, reject, snub/spurn.
  14. arguably (adverb) – possibly, probably, perhaps, maybe.
  15. impeachment (noun) – the act of charging or accusing (a public official) with a crime done while in office.
  16. acquittal (noun) – declaration of innocence, clearing/discharge/release, absolution.
  17. restraint (noun) – self-controlmoderation, sobriety, unemotional behaviour.
  18. hold out for (phrasal verb) – continue to demand more (instead of accepting what has been given already).
  19. lap (noun) – part, portion, stage, phase.
  20. periodic (adjective) – regular, repeated, recurrent/cyclic.
  21. outburst (noun) – eruption, outflow/release, outbreak, flare up (of something like emotion).
  22. frosty (adjective) – unfriendly, inhospitable/unwelcoming, hostile.
  23. cross-party (adjective) – collaborative, collective, combined.
  24. snub (verb) – ignore, reject, spurn, insult, treat disrespectfully.
  25. rip up (phrasal verb) – tear something (paper) into (small) pieces.
  26. manifesto (noun) – (policy) statement, declaration, pronouncement of a political party issued before an election.
  27. mistruth (noun) – lie, false statement.
  28. nevertheless (adverb) – in spite of that, even so, however.
  29. substantively (adverb) – importantly, significantly, meaningfully.
  30. credit (noun) – praise, commendation, acclaim, acknowledgement.
  31. on the back of (phrase) – as a result of something (which has been successfully done already).
  32. unprecedented (adjective) – not done or experienced before.
  33. downturn (noun) – decline, setback, blow/upset (in economic activity).
  34. predecessor (noun) – previous holder of the post; forerunner, precursor, antecedent.
  35. tenor (noun) – the general content/meaning.
  36. hue (noun) – character, aspect, nature.
  37. centrist (noun) – a person whose political opinions are not extreme, falling between those of liberals and conservatives.
  38. leftist (noun) – left-wing politician.
  39. caucus (noun) – (in the US) a party-organized gathering of members to discuss their presidential preferences, elect local party leadership and discuss issues that make up the party’s platform. A closed meeting of supporters or members of a specific political party or movement. It is also defined as hours-long voting meeting run by a political party.
  40. Iowa caucus (noun) – (in the US) the first-in-the-nation caucuses that kick off the start of the primary election season. When it comes to choosing a presidential candidate, Iowa (a Midwestern U.S. state) traditionally goes first.
  41. primary (noun) – (in the US) an election in which members of the same political party run against each other for the chance to be in a larger and more important election, especially presidential election.
  42. take on (phrasal verb) – compete against, oppose, challenge/confront.
  43. microcosm (noun) – a small world.
  44. mirror (verb) – reflect, reproduce, imitate.
  45. handicap (noun) – impediment, hindrance, obstacle/difficulty. 
  46. jockey (verb) – compete, contend, vie, fight/struggle.
  47. inevitably (adverb) – necessarily, unavoidably, definitely.
  48. prospect (noun) – chance, possibility.
  49. incumbency (noun) – rule, period in office, reign/occupancy.
  50. rally (verb) – come together, join together, gather/assemble.
  51. in the midst of (phrase) – in the middle of.
  52. stand a chance (phrase) – have a chance (to win).
  53. mount (verb) – increase, grow, escalate.
  54. divergent (adjective) – differing, varying, dissimilar/contrasting.
  55. climate change (noun) – a long-term change in the Earth’s climate, or of a region on Earth (Courtesy: NASA).
  56. indeed (adverb) – in fact, actually, undeniably.
  57. weary (adjective) – tired of, fed up with, sick of/jaded by.
  58. trade war/dispute (noun) – a condition in which a country increase tariffs on foreign goods and impose quota restrictions to restrict other countries’ trade.
  59. relentless (adjective) – persistent, continuing, steady/intense.
  60. undermine (verb) – reduce, spoil, damage.
  61. multilateralism (noun) – a method of coordinating  relations between groups of three or more states (countries).


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Today’s word list-1 The Hindu Editorial (Polarised state of union) – Feb 06, 2020:

The Hindu Editorial (Polarised state of union) - Feb 06, 2020 The Hindu Editorial (Polarised state of union) - Feb 06, 2020 The Hindu Editorial (Polarised state of union) - Feb 06, 2020

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