The Hindu Editorial (Numero Uno) – Jun 15, 2021

The Hindu Editorial (Numero Uno) – Jun 15, 2021

Novak Djokovic has always maintained that ending his career with the most number of Grand Slam titles is one of his prime motivations to keep playing tennis. For further reading, visit “The Hindu”. Below is today’s word list-2 for The Hindu Editorial (Numero Uno) – Jun 15, 2021.

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The Hindu Editorial (Numero Uno) – Jun 15, 2021:

  1. numero uno (noun) – Italian, literally ‘number one’.
  2. in sight of (phrase) – close to achieving something; within reach of.
  3. golden slam (noun) – (In Tennis) the attainment of a player winning all four Grand Slams and an Olympic Gold in a single calendar year.
  4. grand slam (noun) – it is also referred to as majors, are the world’s four most important annual tennis events. The Grand Slam consists of the Australian Open in Melbourne, French Open in Paris, Wimbledon in London, and the U.S Open in New York.
  5. take something in stride (phrase) – to deal with a problem or difficulty in a calm & easy way and not allow it to have an effect on you.
  6. stride (noun) – step.
  7. giant (noun) – a very large firm.
  8. sensational (adjective) – very impressive, stunning, magnificent.
  9. come from behind (phrase) – to improve one’s position to win a game after being in a losing position.
  10. rising (adjective) – advancing, emerging.
  11. celebrated (adjective) – admired, renowned.
  12. rival (noun) – competitor.
  13. rhythmic (adjective) – happening regularly.
  14. allure (noun) – attraction, fascination, lure/draw, appeal, enticement, temptation.
  15. aside (adverb) – apart, notwithstanding.
  16. completeness (noun) – perfectness, entirety, wholeness, thoroughness, soundness.
  17. immortality (noun) – timelessness; lasting fame/legendary status, something remembered forever.
  18. storied (adjective) – famed, fabulous, legendary, celebrated.
  19. unparalleled (adjective) – exceptional, unique, rare, unequalled.
  20. astonishing (adjective) – impressive, amazing, stunning.
  21. bounce back (phrasal verb) – recover, revive, rally, make a comeback.
  22. the shell-shocking (noun) – a condition of severe shock/surprise.
  23. outwit (verb) – outplay, get the better of; conquer, defeat.
  24. in-form (adjective) – (of a sports player) performing well.
  25. fall off (phrasal verb) – drop off, go down, decline.
  26. cliff (noun) – precipice, rock face, ridge.
  27. fall off a cliff (phrase) – collapse; fail/break down suddenly/quickly.
  28. bring to light (phrase) – reveal, disclose, expose/identify.
  29. theme (noun) – idea, concept, message.
  30. poise (noun) – calmness, composure, coolness, self-control, aplomb; balance.
  31. resilience (noun) – the ability to bounce back quickly from difficulties; strength of character, strength, toughness, flexibility 
  32. relentless (adjective) – continuing, constant, continuous, non-stop, unabating, unceasing.
  33. triumph (noun) – win, victory, success.
  34. complete (adjective) – perfect, exemplary, supreme, consummate, ultimate.
  35. tweak (verb) – adjust, modify, alter, change.
  36. shot-making (noun) – the playing of good, decisive shots (by a tennis player)
  37. aggression (noun) – forcefulness, self-confidence, boldness, audacity, vigour, determination.
  38. balance (noun) – composure, self-assurance, self-control, calmness, coolness.
  39. footwork (noun) – Footwork (movement of one’s feet) is the first part of a tennis player’s game. Good footwork allows a player to cover more court, strike the ball earlier and can add power while shot-making.
  40. timing (noun) – choice, judgement.
  41. perhaps (adverb) – maybe, possibly.
  42. kindle (verb) – stimulate, inspire, call forth.
  43. herculean (adjective) – arduous, laborious, strenuous, difficult, formidable, hard, tough.
  44. feat (noun) – achievement, accomplishment, attainment.
  45. dare (verb) – take the risk of, brave.
  46. unseeded (adjective) – not ranked (in a tennis competition).
  47. take one’s cue (from) (phrase) – follow the example of; follow the advice of.
  48. latch on to (phrasal verb) – take up (an idea or trend) eagerly/interestingly.
  49. is no stranger to (phrase) – experienced in something; knowledgeable about something; to be well informed about a particular experience or activity.
  50. fortnight (noun) – a period of two weeks/fourteen days continuously.
  51. languid (adjective) – relaxed, unhurried, peaceful.
  52. polished (adjective) – accomplished, masterful, skilful, clever, remarkable.
  53. sweep (verb) – win (all games in a competition).


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The Hindu Editorial (Numero Uno) – Jun 15, 2021:

The Hindu Editorial (Numero Uno) – Jun 15, 2021
The Hindu Editorial (Numero Uno) – Jun 15, 2021

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