The Hindu Editorial (New phase) – Jul 09, 2021

The Hindu Editorial (New phase) – Jul 09, 2021

The reconstitution of the Union Council of Ministers on Wednesday was guided by both political and administrative considerations. As many as 36 new faces were inducted and 12 dropped from the council,… For further reading, visit “The Hindu”. Below is today’s word list-1 for The Hindu Editorial (New phase) – Jul 09, 2021.

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The Hindu Editorial (New phase) – Jul 09, 2021:

  1. reconstitution (noun) – reorganization, rearrangement, recomposition, restructuring, reshuffle.  
  2. governance (noun) – administration.
  3. bear/keep in mind (phrase) – take into account, consider, heed.
  4. consideration (noun) – factor, point, element, aspect, feature.
  5. induct (verb) – admit toallow into, introduce to. 
  6. drop (verb) – exclude, discard, expel, oust.
  7. shy of (adjective) – less than; short of.
  8. advertise (verb) – publicize, make public, announce.
  9. restraint (noun) – restriction, limitation.
  10. quietly (adverb) – silently.
  11. aspiration (noun) – aim, ambition, goal, target, objective.
  12. satiate (verb) – another term for sate; fully satisfy.
  13. vast (adjective) – huge, very large, very big.
  14. diverse (adjective) – involving people from a range of different social and ethnic backgrounds; very different, varying, multiple.
  15. Council (noun) – ministry.
  16. composition (noun) – the action of putting things together; integration, merger, formation.
  17. in step (phrase) – in agreement, in tune, in line, in accordance.
  18. relentless (adjective) – continuing, constant, continuous, non-stop, unabating, unceasing.
  19. rope in (phrasal verb) – persuade, convince, urge (someone to take part in an activity).
  20. umbrella (modifier) – something (coalition) that has many different parts/elements.
  21. accommodation (noun) – adjustment, adaptation, attunement; arrangement, understanding, settlement.
  22. tension (noun) – strained relations; strain, stress, pressure, unease.
  23. simmer (verb) – burn, fume, smoulder, be boiling over; fester, brew.
  24. induction (noun) – instatement, introduction, swearing in.
  25. elevation (noun) – rise, growth, promotion, upgrading, advancement.
  26. signal (verb) – indicate, show, express, communicate.
  27. influence (noun) – power, authority, sway, control, leverage, weight.
  28. barring (preposition) – except for, with the exception of, excepting, excluding, omitting, leaving out.
  29. under-representation (noun) – insufficient or inadequate representation.
  30. impressively (adverb) – spectacularly, excellently, admirably.
  31. representative (adjective) – characteristic, illustrative, indicative.
  32. diversity (noun) – the state/condition of having many different types of something; variety, variation, difference, range.
  33. axe (verb) – dismiss, lay off, let go, discharge; sack, fire.
  34. apparently (adverb) – seemingly, evidently, it appears that; supposedly.
  35. marching order (noun) – an order to leave a place, a job, etc.
  36. mishandle (verb) – mismanage, misdirect, misgovern, misconduct.
  37. pandemic (noun) – the worldwide spread of a new disease; The illness spreads around the world and typically affects a large number of people across a wide area.
  38. giant (adjective) – a very large, mighty, mammoth (organisation).
  39. inductee (noun) – a person inducted into a ministry; selectee. 
  40. accountability (noun) – responsibility, liability, answerability.
  41. contextual (adjective) – relating to the conditions that make the setting of something (an event/idea).
  42. centralised (adjective) – controlled by a single authority.
  43. immaterial (adjective) – irrelevant, unimportant, inconsequential, insignificant, not germane.
  44. empower (verb) – authorize, entitle, permit, allow.
  45. notion (noun) – idea, belief, opinion, view.
  46. collective (adjective) – combined, united/joint, cooperative (by all people as a group).
  47. infuse (verb) – fill, pervade; instil, inject, impart, add.
  48. open (adjective) – frank, candid, forthright, outspoken, free-spoken.
  49. proposal (noun) – scheme, plan, suggestion (a written one).
  50. consideration (noun) – deliberation, examination, inspection, analysis, review, discussion.
  51. go through (phrasal verb) – search, look through, examine, scrutinize, inspect, read over.
  52. rigorous (adjective) – careful, diligent, attentive, ultra-careful.
  53. vetting (noun) – an act of careful examination & thorough appraisal (of a person).
  54. recomposition (noun) – reconstitution, reorganization, rearrangement, restructuring, reshuffle. 
  55. rev up (phrasal verb) – make something more active; make something more energetic.
  56. fuel (verb) – stimulate, boost, encourage, support, nurture.
  57. all hands on deck (phrase) – used to say that everyone concerned is needed to participate and help in a particular (difficult) situation.
  58. indeed (adverb) – in fact, actually, undeniably.
  59. flourish (verb) – develop, improve, progress, evolve, thrive, prosper.


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The Hindu Editorial (New phase) – Jul 09, 2021:

The Hindu Editorial (New phase) – Jul 09, 2021
The Hindu Editorial (New phase) – Jul 09, 2021

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