The Hindu Editorial (Mumbai muckraking) – Mar 24, 2021

The Hindu Editorial (Mumbai muckraking) – Mar 24, 2021

Former Mumbai Police Commissioner Param Bir Singh’s allegations against Maharashtra Home Minister Anil Deshmukh are sensational, and threatening for the State government. For further reading, visit “The Hindu”. Below is today’s word list-1 for The Hindu Editorial (Mumbai muckraking) – Mar 24, 2021.

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The Hindu Editorial (Mumbai muckraking) – Mar 24, 2021:

  1. muckraking (noun) – malicious gossip, malicious rumour, defamation, libel, scandalmongering.
  2. allegation (noun) – charge, accusation, indictment.
  3. impartial (adjective) – unbiased, unprejudiced, neutral, fair.
  4. extortion(noun) – blackmail, demanding money (with threats), extraction.
  5. sensational (adjective) – shocking, appalling, horrifying.
  6. nexus (noun) – connection, link.
  7. policing (noun) – the enforcement of rules/regulations; overseeing, monitoring, inspection.
  8. extort (verb) – extract, force, squeeze, obtain by threat, blackmail someone for.
  9. nevertheless (adverb) – in spite of everything, in spite of that, nonetheless, even so, however.
  10. credibility (noun) – trustworthiness, reliability, integrity.
  11. hardly (adverb) – almost not.
  12. inspiring (adjective) – encouraging, exciting, interesting, heartening.
  13. circumstances (noun) – situation, conditions, state of affairs.
  14. lead to (verb) – result in, cause, bring about, call forth, give rise to, produce.
  15. inglorious (adjective) – shameful, dishonourable/discreditable, disgraceful, humiliating, shocking.
  16. National Investigation Agency (NIA) (noun) – The National Investigation Agency is a central agency established by the Indian Government to combat terror in India. It is functioning as the Central Counter Terrorism Law Enforcement Agency in the country. The National Investigation Agency (NIA) is created following the terror attack in Mumbai on December 26, 2008. It came into being on December 31, 2008, with the passage of the NIA Act of 2008.
  17. explosive (noun) – bomb, incendiary device.
  18. perceive (verb) – consider, view, regard, judge, deem, interpret.
  19. seek (verb) – try, aim, attempt.
  20. on the mat (phrase) – in a position to face a reprimand/criticism/rebuke; become involved in argument/fight about something fiercely.
  21. retaliatory (adjective) – revenging, vengeful, avenging.
  22. henchman (noun) – follower, supporter, assistant.
  23. intriguing (adjective) – interesting, fascinating, arousing, compelling.
  24. self-implicating (adjective) – self-confessing, self-blaming, self-accusing, self-acknowledging.
  25. act upon (phrasal verb) – take action according to, act in accordance with.
  26. disconnected (adjective) – detached, separated, isolated, dissociated, unconnected; ill-thought-out, illogical, irrational, incoherent.
  27. ceaseless (adjective) – constant, continuous, unending/unrelenting.
  28. manoeuvre (noun) – (tactful) activity, action, operation, plan, scheme.
  29. unlikely (adjective) – doubtful, implausible, improbable, questionable.
  30. coalition (noun) – alliance, union, partnership.
  31. setback (noun) – problem, difficulty, issue.
  32. storied (adjective) – famous, celebrated.
  33. speculation (noun) – prediction, guesswork, opinion/thought.
  34. impending (adjective) – imminent, close at hand, about to happen, approaching, nearing/coming.
  35. loom (verb) – emerge, appear, become visible, take a threatening shape.
  36. unsettle (verb) – upset, disturb,  make uneasy, disquiet, dismay.
  37. tug of war (noun) – a dispute over power/supremacy; a rope pulling sport that directly puts two teams against each other in a test of strength.
  38. instrument (noun) – agency, catalyst, tool, means (to achieve/attain something).
  39. spring up (verb) – suddenly develop; suddenly appear.
  40. defence (noun) – protection, shielding, safeguarding; security.
  41. conspiracy (noun) – (unlawful) plan/plot, intrigue, collaboration/deception, collusion.
  42. topple (verb) – overthrow, oust, unseat.
  43. close ranks (noun) – to support the other members of a group completely and oppose any outside criticism or attacks.
  44. embattled (adjective) – (relating to something/someone) troubled by problems or difficulties.
  45. lure (noun) – temptation, enticement, pull, attraction.
  46. universal (adjective) – general, ubiquitous, common, widespread, rampant.
  47. ideological (adjective) – relating to a system of ideas.
  48. mismatch (noun) – discrepancy, inconsistency, contradiction.
  49. match up to (phrasal verb) – be equal to, be as good as.
  50. combat (noun) – battle, fighting, conflict.
  51. instinct (noun) – (natural) urge/desire, tendency, inclination, compulsion.
  52. in the face of (phrase) – despite, notwithstanding, regardless of; when confronted with.
  53. onslaught (noun) – attack, incursion, invasion.
  54. impatience (noun) – intolerance, disgruntlement, frustration, annoyance, dissatisfaction, displeasure.
  55. bruised (adjective) – hurt, upset, offended/insulted.
  56. ego (noun) – self-esteem, self-importance, self-worth, self-respect.
  57. given (preposition) – considering, taking into account, bearing in mind.
  58. context (noun) – situation; circumstances, conditions, state of affairs.
  59. transparent (adjective) – open/candid, forthright, straightforward, honest.
  60. separate the wheat from the chaff (phrase) – to separate the valuable (people/things) from the useless/useless in a group.
  61. chaff (noun) – (literally) husk (the dry outer covering of some ripe(n) seeds such as rice husks, wheat husks). (figuratively) worthless things; rubbish, waste, garbage, discarded matter.
  62. sordid (adjective) – disreputable, disgusting, abhorrent, dishonest.
  63. tale (noun) – story.
  64. reassuring (adjective) – comforting, encouraging, heartening.


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The Hindu Editorial (Mumbai muckraking) – Mar 24, 2021:

The Hindu Editorial (Mumbai muckraking) – Mar 24, 2021 The Hindu Editorial (Mumbai muckraking) – Mar 24, 2021 The Hindu Editorial (Mumbai muckraking) – Mar 24, 2021

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