The Hindu Editorial (Moment of reckoning) – Nov 26, 2020

The Hindu Editorial (Moment of reckoning) – Nov 26, 2020

The Congress has set the ball rolling for organisational elections in a period of great uncertainty in the party. For further reading, visit “The Hindu”. Below is today’s word list-1 for The Hindu Editorial (Moment of reckoning) – Nov 26, 2020.

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Today’s word list-1 for The Hindu Editorial (Moment of reckoning) – Nov 26, 2020:

  1. moment of reckoning (phrase) – the moment when something would be decided.
  2. organisational election (noun) – election within an organization.
  3. reassess (verb) – re-evaluate, rethink, re-examine.
  4. set the ball rolling (phrase) – make a start, initiate, embark on, get cracking.
  5. uncertainty (noun) – unpredictability, unreliability, riskiness/precariousness.
  6. possibly (adverb) – very likely, perhaps, maybe.
  7. in the aftermath of (phrase) – as a consequence of, as a result of.
  8. debacle (noun) – fiasco, failure, disaster.
  9. fill in (phrasal verb) – substitute, deputize, stand in, take over.
  10. interim (adjective) – provisional, temporary, transitional.  
  11. vacuum (noun) – gap, space, absence, lack/deficiency of something.
  12. aggravate (verb) – compound, worsen, exacerbate, escalate.
  13. morbidity (noun) – an unhealthy state; abnormal/gloomy condition; the quality of being morbid.
  14. environment (noun) – situation, background, backdrop, scenario, context.
  15. drift (verb) – depart, diverge, deviate, get sidetracked.
  16. rudderless (noun) – having no (clear) aim/principle; lacking in control, lacking in direction.
  17. abysmal (adjective) – very bad, awful, terrible.
  18. stark (adjective) – clear, distinct, evident, obvious, striking.
  19. go on (phrasal verb) – continue, carry on, proceed.
  20. in the midst of (phrase) – in the middle of.
  21. campaign (noun) – an organized effort which seeks to influence the decision making progress within a specific group.
  22. edifice (noun) – a (complex) system/structure.
  23. hold together (phrasal verb) – cause something to remain united.
  24. crumble (verb) – disintegrate, collapse, break down, break up, fragment.
  25. personnel (noun) – staff, employees, workforce.
  26. reinforce (verb) – strengthen, fortify, bolster up, underpin.
  27. move out (phrasal verb) – leave one’s place of work.
  28. out of the picture (phrase) – not involved in something.
  29. stare at (verb) – look fixedly.
  30. air (verb) – express, voice, make public.
  31. dynasty (noun) – a family, bloodline; line of rulers.
  32. add to (phrase) – increase, intensify, heighten; aggravate, worsen, make worse, compound.
  33. woes (noun) – trouble, difficulty, problem.
  34. heir (noun) – successor, next in line, inheritor, descendant, scion.
  35. hold (verb) – occupy, have.
  36. cede (verb) – give up, concede, surrender, relinquish.
  37. corner (verb) – force (something) into a situation from which it is difficult to come out.
  38. gridlock (noun) – deadlock, stalemate, standstill, stand-off, stoppage.
  39. occasion (noun) – event, happening, incident.
  40. breathe (new) life into (phrase) – reinvigorate, give new energy to, give new strength to.
  41. glue (noun) – something (a substance) that binds/joins together.
  42. capacity (noun) – ability, power, potential.
  43. mobilise (verb) – bring (resources) into use for a particular purpose/cause.
  44. lament (noun) – complaint, crying, moaning.
  45. have one’s hands tied (phrase) – not able to act as one wishes.
  46. old guard (noun) – older or senior members of an organization/group who don’t like any change in it.
  47. inaction (noun) – inactivity, negligence, disregard, apathy, laziness.
  48. overhauling (adjective) – revamping, restructuring, regulating.
  49. a long way to (go) (phrase) – need to do more (before achieving success).
  50. fighting shape/fit (phrase) – in good shape, in good condition, strong.
  51. at any rate (phrase) – in any case, anyhow, anyway.
  52. hold hostage (phrase) – to hold in custody or use for any advantage.
  53. indecision (noun) – lack of resolution, hesitation, uncertainty.
  54. at one’s helm (phrase) – in charge; in leader’s position.
  55. course (noun) – progression, development, progress, advancement.
  56. from now on (phrase) – from this moment.
  57. implications (noun) – consequence/outcome, ramification, repercussion.
  58. allow (verb) – assert, declare, be of the opinion.
  59. merely (adverb) – only, simply, just.
  60. formulate (verb) – conceive, create, draw up, put together.
  61. articulate (verb) – (of an idea) express, communicate, state.
  62. inclusive (adjective) – all-embracing, all-inclusive, with everyone included, comprehensive.
  63. egalitarian (adjective) – common, equal, fair.


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Today’s word list-1 for The Hindu Editorial (Moment of reckoning) – Nov 26, 2020:

The Hindu Editorial (Moment of reckoning) – Nov 26, 2020 The Hindu Editorial (Moment of reckoning) – Nov 26, 2020

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