The Hindu Editorial (Minimum government) – Feb 29, 2020

The Hindu Editorial (Minimum government) – Feb 29, 2020

The communal violence that has claimed 42 lives since Sunday has been subdued but tensions continue to simmer in Delhi. For further reading, visit “The Hindu”. Below is today’s word list-1 for The Hindu Editorial (Minimum government) – Feb 29, 2020.

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Today’s word list-1 for The Hindu Editorial (Minimum government) – Feb 29, 2020:

  1. breakdown (noun) – failure, collapse, foundering.
  2. trust deficit (noun) – lack of trust (on authorities-from societal point of view). Situations with low levels of trust are not supportive and often counterproductive. People feel vulnerable and look at each other with suspicion. As a result, they are less open, since they fear that they will not be fairly treated by the other side.
  3. seek (verb) – attempt, try/aim, strive, work towards.
  4. subdue (verb) – restrain, control, contain.
  5. simmer (verb) – be in a suppressed state (anger, tension or other emotion); fume, be boiling over, breathe fire.
  6. camaraderie (noun) – friendship, brotherhood, solidarity, togetherness, mutual support.
  7. shine through (phrasal verb) – (of good quality) be visible, be evident, be noticeable.
  8. amid (preposition) – in the middle of, surrounded by; during.
  9. orchestrated (adjective) – organized, arranged, choreographed.
  10. mayhem (noun) – chaos, disorder, turmoil, havoc.
  11. rankle (verb) – annoy, upset/irritate; continue to be painful/fester.
  12. from top to bottom (phrase) – thoroughlyextensively, completely.
  13. credible (adjective) – believable, acceptable, reasonable, convincing.
  14. account (noun) – explanation, description, narrative.
  15. horrendous (adjective) – horrible, terrible, frightful.
  16. act of omission and commission (phrase) – act of omission and commission are, respectively, things someone failed to do, and things someone has done.
  17. take someone to task (phrase) – reprove/reprimand, censure, criticize.
  18. wring (verb) – force, extract, elicit, wrest.
  19. shield (verb) – protect, keep safe, secure, safeguard.
  20. incendiary (adjective) – provocative, agitational, rabble-rousing.
  21. peruse (verb) – look through, inspect, examine.
  22. analogous (adjective) – comparable, parallel, similar.
  23. bizarre (adjective) – strange, unusual, unconventional/eccentric, ridiculous.
  24. take up (phrasal verb) – pursue, engage in, prosecute, conduct.
  25. incapacitate (verb) – paralyse, disable, immobilize/deactivate.
  26. put off (phrasal verb) – postpone, defer, delay.
  27. purportedly (adverb) – allegedly, reportedly, supposedly.
  28. stoke (verb) – incite, encourage, fuel, provoke.
  29. admission (noun) – acknowledgement, acceptance, declaration.
  30. blatant (adjective) – evident, flagrant/glaring, obvious.
  31. partisanship (noun) – bias, prejudice, discrimination, favour.
  32. abdication (noun) – disowning, rejection, refusal/avoidance.
  33. swiftly (adverb) – quickly, rapidly, fast.
  34. mob (noun) – a large, disorganized and often violent crowd of people.
  35. endorse (verb) – support, uphold, confirm, vindicate/validate.
  36. mobilisation (noun) – the act of bringing people/resources together for a particular cause.
  37. brink (noun) – edge/verge/end (of something).
  38. in accordance with (phrase) – in agreement with, in conformity with, in line with.
  39. come (up) short (phrase) – fail to reach a standard.
  40. marker (noun) – a distinctive feature/element; sign.
  41. normalcy (noun) – a normal condition; normality, regularity.
  42. majesty (noun) – dignity, greatness, nobleness, stateliness.
  43. impartiality (noun) – fairness, equality, neutrality, probity.


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Today’s word list-1 The Hindu Editorial (Minimum government) – Feb 29, 2020:

The Hindu Editorial (Minimum government) - Feb 29, 2020 The Hindu Editorial (Minimum government) - Feb 29, 2020

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