The Hindu Editorial (Health above faith) – Jul 20, 2021

The Hindu Editorial (Health above faith) – Jul 20, 2021

It does not require any higher wisdom to know that there is considerable risk to public health during massive religious gatherings in the midst of a pandemic. For further reading, visit “The Hindu”. Below is today’s word list-1 for The Hindu Editorial (Health above faith) – Jul 20, 2021.

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The Hindu Editorial (Health above faith) – Jul 20, 2021:

  1. faith (noun) – religion, religious belief, belief/ideology.
  2. lay down (phrasal verb) – formulate, stipulate, frame, draw up & insist on (a principle/rule).
  3. salutary (adjective) – good, helpful/useful, beneficial, practical, valuable.
  4. override (verb) – take priority over, be more important than, outweigh, outbalance.
  5. sentiment (noun) – feeling, thought, view, opinion.
  6. wisdom (noun) – knowledge, learning, understanding, insight.
  7. considerable (adjective) – substantial, significant, much, a lot of.
  8. public health (noun) – public health is the science of protecting and improving the health of people and their communities through education, policy-making, and research for disease and injury prevention.
  9. gathering (noun) – meeting. 
  10. in the midst of (phrase) – in the middle of.
  11. pandemic (noun) – the worldwide spread of a new disease; The illness spreads around the world and typically affects a large number of people across a wide area.
  12. prodding (noun) – stimulus, push, prompt, reminder, spur, motivation.
  13. pilgrimage (noun) – religious journey, holy expedition/excursion.
  14. due to (phrase) – because of, owing to, on account of, as a result of.
  15. keen (adjective) – eager, enthusiastic, determined, desirous.
  16. along with (phrase) – together with.
  17. put in place (phrase) – organize, establish, create, form.
  18. measure (noun) – action, step, procedure.
  19. perturb (very) – worry, upset, unsettle, disturb, concern, trouble.
  20. result in (phrasal verb) – cause, bring on, bring about, call forth, give rise to.
  21. initiation (noun) – the act of initiating; beginning, starting, commencement.
  22. suo motu (phrase) – Latin term means “on its own motion”. It is used where a government agency acts on its own knowledge.
  23. proceedings (noun) – legal action.
  24. in deference to (phrase) – out of respect/regard for something; in consideration of something.
  25. reiterate (verb) – repeat, say again, restate.
  26. paramount (adjective) – most important, primary, first and foremost (thing), key.
  27. albeit (conjunction) – though, even though, however.
  28. subservient (adjective) – less important, subordinate, secondary, marginal, supplementary, immaterial.
  29. call off (phrasal verb) – cancel, abandon, shelve, scrap.
  30. on one’s own (phrase) – alone, all alone, by oneself, all by oneself, independently, single-handedly.
  31. heed (verb) – pay attention to, take notice of, consider, take into account.
  32. pose (verb) – constitute, present, create, cause (a problem or danger or risk).
  33. amidst (preposition) – amid, in the middle of; during.
  34. take out (phrasal verb) – accompany, go with, go out with. 
  35. organization (noun) – arrangement.
  36. surge (noun) – sudden increase or rise of something.
  37. run-up to (noun) – a period of time just before an important event.
  38. disastrous (adjective) – terrible/horrible, shocking, unfortunate, ill-fated, detrimental.
  39. overpower (verb) – overthrow, overturn, upset, defeat, gain control over.
  40. ritual (noun) – (religious) ceremony, rite, custom, observance, celebration.
  41. relaxation (noun) – the process of making a restriction/rule less strict.
  42. revival (noun) – improvement, rallying, picking up; re-establishment, reintroduction, restoration.
  43. restoration (noun) – reinstitution, re-establishment, reinstallation, revival.
  44. normality (noun) – a normal state of affairs, regularity.
  45. lockdown (noun) – an emergency protocol implemented by the authorities that prevents people from leaving from a place; An extended state of confinement/encirclement/isolation of a person by the authority.
  46. case in point (phrase) – example, instance, typical case, sample.
  47. justified (adjective) – valid, well-founded.
  48. spell (noun) – period, time, interval.
  49. curb (noun) – restriction, check, control, limitation, restraint, constraint. 
  50. assessment (noun) – evaluation.
  51. positivity rate (noun) – the proportion of positives to total tests done for disease; the percentage of tests that are turning out to be positive for disease; the rate at which people getting tested for disease receive positive results.
  52. abatement (noun) – lessening, decrease, decline.
  53. cause for concern (phrase) – a reason to worry (feel anxious).
  54. defy (verb) – go against, ignore, disregard, disobey; resist, take a stand against, confront.
  55. fly in the face of (phrase) – go against, flout, defy, disobey, disregard, ignore; break, violate, contravene, breach.
  56. hard-pressed (adjective) – in difficulties, under pressure, under stress, troubled.
  57. much more (phrase) – a lot more.
  58. accompany (verb) – occur with, co-occur with, coincide with, coexist with, go with, go along with, appear with.
  59. protocol (noun) – procedure, convention; habit, pattern, method, system.


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The Hindu Editorial (Health above faith) – Jul 20, 2021

The Hindu Editorial (Health above faith) – Jul 20, 2021
The Hindu Editorial (Health above faith) – Jul 20, 2021
The Hindu Editorial (Health above faith) – Jul 20, 2021

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