The Hindu Editorial (For Bihar) – Nov 17, 2020

The Hindu Editorial (For Bihar) – Nov 17, 2020

Nitish Kumar began another term as Chief Minister of Bihar on shaky footing but retaining considerable influence among his core support base. For further reading, visit “The Hindu”. Below is today’s word list-2 for The Hindu Editorial (For Bihar) – Nov 17, 2020.

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Today’s word list-2 for The Hindu Editorial (For Bihar) – Nov 17, 2020:

  1. mandate (noun) – approval, acceptance, ratification.
  2. bring back (phrasal verb) – start doing something again; cause something to return to; reintroduce.
  3. shaky (adjective) – faltering, unsteady, weak, precarious.
  4. footing (noun) – basis, base, support; position.
  5. considerable (adjective) – substantial, appreciable, significant, much.
  6. influence (noun) – power, authority, sway, leverage, weight.
  7. base (noun) – a group of people regarded as supporting someone/something.
  8. tally (noun) – total, count.
  9. concede (verb) – give up, relinquish, hand over, grand (a right/privilege).
  10. indispensability (noun) – absolute necessity, vital importance, essential requirement, requisite.
  11. command (noun) – authority, control, power, influence.
  12. alliance (noun) – partnership, coalition, union.
  13. unimpaired (adjective) – not damaged, not weakened, perfect, unblemished.
  14. inversion (noun) – reversal, transposition, turning about, reverse.
  15. hierarchy (noun) – ranking, grading; class system; arrangement, classification.
  16. trigger (verb) – cause, bring about, generate, give rise to.
  17. churn (noun) – disorder/disorganization, confusion, disruption/chaos.
  18. set (adjective) – ready, prepared, equipped.
  19. near-death (adjective) – brink of death, almost dead, almost died.
  20. temper (verb) – moderate, modify, tone down, mitigate, soften.
  21. momentarily (adverb) – for a moment, for an instant, briefly.
  22. (take) pole position (phrase) – to be ideally positioned for success.
  23. inevitably (adverb) – unavoidably, certainly, definitely.
  24. lead to (verb) – cause, result in, bring on, bring about.
  25. set the ball rolling (phrase) – make a start, initiate, embark on, get cracking, start business.
  26. expansive (adjective) – extensive, wide-ranging, sweeping, comprehensive.
  27. the lion’s share (phrase) – most, the majority, the larger/greater part of something.
  28. berth (noun) – position (in a government).
  29. portfolio (noun) – position, duties (of a Minister).
  30. ally (noun) – partner, supporter, confederate.
  31. measured (adjective) – thoughtful, careful, considered.
  32. showing (noun) – performance, track record, results, success, achievement, conduct.
  33. seek (verb) – try, attempt, aim, strive (to achieve something).
  34. unmapped (adjective) – unexplored, uncharted, undiscovered.
  35. discernible (adjective) – visible, noticeable, identifiable.
  36. chart (verb) – outline, describe, detail.
  37. constituency (noun) – a body of supporters.
  38. engagement (noun) – participation, taking part, involvement.
  39. friction (noun) – discord, disharmony, disunity, strife, conflict, disagreement, dissension.
  40. inherent (adjective) – implicit, intrinsic, fundamental, basic.
  41. optimally (adverb) – in the most favourable way.
  42. pull (verb) – carry out, perform, do, effect, bring about.
  43. rigorous (adjective) – strict, stern, stringent.
  44. mobilisation (noun) – the act of bringing people/resources together for a particular cause.
  45. grassroots (plural noun) – the most basic level of an organisation.
  46. take into account (phrase) – consider, take into consideration, have regard to, reckon with.
  47. peculiar (adjective) – unusual, atypical, abnormal.
  48. dynamics (noun) – basic/fundamental cause or force which triggers change within a system.
  49. ample (adjective) – enough, sufficient, adequate, plenty of. 
  50. advance (verb) – promote, further, support.
  51. mechanism (noun) – procedure, process, method/technique.
  52. boycott (noun) – avoidance, shunning, rejection, refusal; restriction, ban/bar, prohibition.
  53. swearing-in (noun) – an official ceremony in which a person is taking oath and admitted into a new official job.
  54. imbibe (verb) – assimilate, absorb, familiarize, acquire, grasp.
  55. realisation (noun) – understanding, comprehension, recognition, perception.
  56. daunting (adjective) – challenging, taxing, difficult; intimidating, challenging, disconcerting.


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Today’s word list-2 The Hindu Editorial (For Bihar) – Nov 17, 2020:

The Hindu Editorial (For Bihar) - Nov 17, 2020 The Hindu Editorial (For Bihar) - Nov 17, 2020

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