The Hindu Editorial (Fair assessment) – Jun 19, 2021

The Hindu Editorial (Fair assessment) – Jun 19, 2021

With its marks tabulation framework for Class 12 students encompassing three assessment years starting with Class 10, the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has ended prolonged anxiety among lakhs of students. For further reading, visit “The Hindu”. Below is today’s word list-1 for The Hindu Editorial (Fair assessment) – Jun 19, 2021.

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The Hindu Editorial (Fair assessment) – Jun 19, 2021:

  1. assessment (noun) – evaluation, appraisal.
  2. The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) (noun) – Formed in 1962, it is a national level board of education in India for public and private schools, controlled and managed by the Union Government of India. It envisions a robust, vibrant, and holistic school education that will engender (cause) excellence in every sphere of human endeavour.
  3. unprecedented (adjective) – not done or experienced before.
  4. an open book (phrase) – something that is easy to understand.
  5. tabulation (noun) – arrangement of something in tabular form.
  6. framework (noun) – structure, system.
  7. encompass (verb) – include, incorporate, comprise, take in.
  8. prolonged (adjective) – continuous, constant, persistent, protracted.
  9. anxiety (noun) – concern, worry, apprehension, disquiet.
  10. The Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations (CISCE) (noun) – it is a private, non-governmental board of school education in India. It conducts two examinations in India: the Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (ICSE) and the Indian School Certificate (ISC). The CISCE was set up in 1956. It is an all-India, but not a government sponsored board (unlike the CBSE and NIOS)
  11. chaotic (adjective) – confused, disrupted, tumultuous, disorganized. 
  12. pandemic (noun) – the worldwide spread of a new disease; The illness spreads around the world and typically affects a large number of people across a wide area.
  13. opt for (verb) – choose, select, take, decide on.
  14. hybrid (adjective) – composed/combined of different elements.
  15. hold (verb) – conduct, organize, arrange.
  16. evolve (verb) – alter, change, transform gradually; develop, progress, advance gradually.
  17. mandate (noun) – instruction, direction, order, requirement.
  18. weightage (noun) – importance, significance, value.
  19. level out (phrasal verb) – make something even, equalize, level up.
  20. aberrant (adjective) – abnormal, atypical, deviating, divergent, irregular.
  21. inkling (noun) – sign, hint, idea/indication.
  22. provision (noun) – arrangements, planning, preparations. 
  23. wane (verb) – decrease, decline, diminish/dwindle gradually.
  24. calming (adjective) – comforting, pacifying, quieting, relaxing, soothing.
  25. evidently (adverb) – obviously, palpably, seemingly, apparently.
  26. hinge on (verb) – depend on, be based, be dependent.
  27. result in (phrasal verb) – cause, produce, effect, contribute to.
  28. lack (verb) – be without, be lacking, be deprived of, be short of.
  29. standardization (noun) – the process of making something as a standard.
  30. transparently (adverb) – directly/clearly, straightforwardly, undoubtedly, precisely.
  31. moderate (verb) – review (examination papers/results) with respect to an accepted standard.
  32. influential (adjective) – powerful, dominant, strong; important.
  33. bring on (phrasal verb) – cause, make happen, bring about, give rise to, create, produce.
  34. ward (noun) – child; pupil, student, protégé.
  35. veiled (adjective) – indirect, covert, implied.
  36. mandate (verb) – instruct, direct, order, require; make mandatory.
  37. participation (noun) – involvement, engagement, contribution.
  38. utmost (adjective) – greatest, maximum, most extreme.
  39. openness to (noun) – acceptance (to change/new ideas).
  40. dispel (verb) – eliminate, remove, dismiss.
  41. apprehension (noun) – anxiety, worry, disquiet, concern, tension, fearfulness.
  42. draw up (phrasal verb) – prepare a plan of action in detail.
  43. unawares (adverb) – by surprise, unexpectedly, without warning, suddenly, unprepared, off-guard.
  44. course (noun) – duration, passage, period, span; progression, continuity.
  45. uncertain (adjective) – unknown, unsure, unpredictable.
  46. necessity (noun) – (essential) requirement, prerequisite, indispensable thing.
  47. take the lead (phrase) – accept leadership role/responsibility for something.
  48. lose time (phrase) – waste time, delay.


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The Hindu Editorial (Fair assessment) – Jun 19, 2021:

The Hindu Editorial (Fair assessment) – Jun 19, 2021
The Hindu Editorial (Fair assessment) – Jun 19, 2021

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