The Hindu Editorial (Facts and figures) – May 01, 2021

The Hindu Editorial (Facts and figures) – May 01, 2021

With India’s official death toll from the coronavirus crossing 200,000, it is now placed fourth, after the United States, Mexico and Brazil. For further reading, visit “The Hindu”. Below is today’s word list-2 for The Hindu Editorial (Facts and figures) – May 01, 2021.

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The Hindu Editorial (Facts and figures) – May 01, 2021:

  1. transparent (adjective) – open/candid, forthright, straightforward, honest.
  2. toll (noun) – number, count, total (number of deaths).
  3. coronavirus (CoV) (noun) – a large family of viruses that cause illness ranging from the common cold to more severe diseases. common signs of infection include respiratory symptoms, fever, cough, shortness of breath and breathing difficulties. In more severe cases, infection can cause pneumonia, severe acute respiratory syndrome, kidney failure and even death. (Courtesy: WHO)
  4. grim (adjective) – distressing, upsetting, worrying, unpleasant, dismal/awful.
  5. milestone (noun) – critical point, significant stage, turning point.
  6. wrenching (adjective) – painful, distressing, agonizing.
  7. pandemic (noun) – the worldwide spread of a new disease; The illness spreads around the world and typically affects a large number of people across a wide area.
  8. dent (verb) – weaken, undermine, diminish, reduce, lessen.
  9. year-long (adjective) – lasting for a year.
  10. endeavour (noun) – activity, pursuit; aim/effort.
  11. obfuscate (verb) – confuse, complicate, make unclear.
  12. dodge (verb) – avoid, evade, shun, bypass, sidestep, circumvent.
  13. briefing (noun) – information, instruction, direction (provided at a press conference).
  14. seek (verb) – try, aim, attempt.
  15. fraction (noun) – a (small) proportion/part/amount of something.
  16. slackening (noun) – moderation, slowing down, easing off, reduction, diminishing, lessening.
  17. slacken (verb) – decrease, lessen, diminish, moderate, become less intense.
  18. prompt (verb) – cause, motivate, persuade, encourage, impel, urge.
  19. hypothesise (verb) – suggest, submit, advance, propose, posit.
  20. genetic (adjective) – relating to genes/genetics.
  21. peculiar (adjective) – distinctive, unique, distinct, natural.
  22. circumstances (noun) – situation, conditions, factors.
  23. confer (verb) – present to, give out to, give to.
  24. immunity (noun) – protection, resistance, non-susceptibility.
  25. heterogenous (adjective) – diverse, varied, varying, contrasting, different, differing, divergent, unrelated.
  26. on the other hand (phrase) – as an alternative, or, as another option, as a substitute.
  27. spectrum (noun) – wide range, variety of people; gamut, ambit.
  28. point out (phrasal verb) – identify, mention, indicate, draw attention to.
  29. undercount (verb) – count (incorrectly) less than the actual number of.
  30. deliberate (adjective) – intentional, planned, conscious, purposeful.
  31. bulletin (noun) – report, release, statement, announcement.
  32. cremate (verb) – dispose (of a dead person’s body) by burning after funeral ceremony.
  33. protocol (noun) – procedure, convention, rules of conduct, guideline.
  34. co-morbidity (noun) – the presence of one or more additional conditions (diseases/problems) co-occurring/co-existing with a primary condition (disease/problem).
  35. backlog (noun) – accumulation, logjam, pile-up/excess (of pending things).
  36. discrepancy (noun) – difference, variance, contradiction, incompatibility.
  37. attributable to (adjective) – considered as an outcome/result caused by.
  38. ferocity (noun) – intensity, severity, strength.
  39. threshold (noun) – it is an amount, level, or limit of something. Once the threshold is reached, something else happens or changes. point of entry, starting point.
  40. lack of (noun) – absence, deficiency, scarcity, unavailability.
  41. the aged (noun) – the senior (citizen), the old, elderly person.
  42. vulnerable (adjective) – relating to a weak/neglected person who is in need of special care/support/protection; ill-protected, easily affected by, prone to, at risk of.
  43. specious (adjective) – misleading, deceptive, false.
  44. absolute (adjective) – complete, total, entire; definite, certain.
  45. (be) couple with (verb) – combine, integrate, connect, incorporate, link.
  46. lack (verb) – be without, be lacking, be deprived of, be short of.
  47. counterpart (noun) – equivalent, equal, fellow.
  48. unchecked (adjective) – uncontrolled, unconstrained, unrestricted.
  49. wreak havoc (phrase) – cause/inflict a massive damage.
  50. vaccinate (verb) – inoculate, administer, introduce (with a vaccine to provide immunity against a disease).
  51. vaccine (noun) – a biological preparation that improves immunity to a particular disease.
  52. dose (noun) – an amount/quantity of something.
  53. administer (verb) – dispense, provide, give, apply (a drug/vaccine).
  54. so far (phrase) – until now, up to the present, up to this point.
  55. redouble (verb) – make something more intense/ stronger; to increase, strengthen, intensify something considerably.
  56. unpalatable (adjective) – disagreeable, unpleasant, distressing.


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The Hindu Editorial (Facts and figures) – May 01, 2021:

The Hindu Editorial (Facts and figures) – May 01, 2021 The Hindu Editorial (Facts and figures) – May 01, 2021 The Hindu Editorial (Facts and figures) – May 01, 2021

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