The Hindu Editorial (Cup of surprises) – Oct 01, 2018

The Hindu Editorial (Cup of surprises) – Oct 01, 2018

The victory was no surprise but it took a nerve-racking final against Bangladesh in Dubai for Rohit Sharma’s men to win the Asia Cup and and fulfil their pre-tournament billing. For further reading, visit “The Hindu”. Below is today’s word list-2 for The Hindu Editorial (Cup of surprises) – Oct 01, 2018.

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Today’s word list-2 for The Hindu Editorial (Cup of surprises) – Oct 01, 2018:

  1. nerve-racking (adjective) – stressful, difficult, demanding.
  2. billing (noun) – publicity, promotion, advertising.
  3. punched well above one’s weight (phrase) – involve in an activity at a higher level beyond one’s abilities.
  4. glorious (adjective) – superb, sublime, spectacular.
  5. underdog (noun) – predicted loser, weaker person/team.
  6. fancy (adjective) –  showy, flashy, superior.
  7. powerhouse (noun) – a person/country with a lot of energy, power & influence.
  8. tumble out (verb) – fall, lose, collapse.
  9. medley (noun) – selection, assortment, mixture/combination.
  10. hierarchy (noun) – ranking, grading; class system.
  11. abridged (adjective) – shortened, reduced, decreased.
  12. prelude (noun) –  introduction, beginning, overture.
  13. flux (noun) – instability, unsteadiness, unpredictability.
  14. on the wane (phrase) – declining, decreasing/diminishing,  weakening.
  15. lightning (adjective) – quick, fast, swift.
  16. reflex (noun) –  action (done impulsively/quickly).
  17. intact (adjective) – undamaged, unimpaired, unflawed.
  18. shepherd (verb) – guide, conduct, usher/lead.
  19. groom (verb) – prepare, train, make ready.
  20. akin (adjective) – similar, related, equivalent.
  21. decade (noun) – a period of 10 year.
  22. strife (noun) – disruption, trouble, difficulty.
  23. forge (verb) – build, form, create.
  24. soothing (adjective) – relaxing, quiet, reassuring.
  25. balm (noun) – relief, comfort, consolation.
  26. dish out (phrasal verb) – present, offer, produce.
  27. rousing (adjective) – stirring, inspiring, exciting/stimulating.
  28. aplomb (noun) – poise, self-assurance, self-possession, self-confidence.
  29. journeyman (noun) – a player who is ok, but not superb.
  30. plucky (adjective) – brave, courageous, bold.
  31. amateur (adjective) – non-professional, non-specialist.
  32. break through (phrasal verb) –  attain/reach success.
  33. nurture (verb) – encourage, promote, foster.
  34. follow suit (phrase) – emulate, copy, follow.


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Today’s word list-2 for The Hindu Editorial (Cup of surprises) – Oct 01, 2018:

The Hindu Editorial (Cup of surprises) - Oct 01, 2018

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