The Hindu Editorial (Brexit Interrupted) – Sep 26, 2019

The Hindu Editorial (Brexit Interrupted) – Sep 26, 2019

The U.K. Supreme Court’s landmark ruling that the prorogation of the British Parliament was unlawful has rendered Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s continuance morally untenable. For further reading, visit “The Hindu”. Below is today’s word list-2 for The Hindu Editorial (Brexit Interrupted)- Sep 26, 2019.

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Today’s word list-2 for The Hindu Editorial (Brexit Interrupted) – Sep 26, 2019:

  1. Brexit (noun) – a term used for the (supposed) departure of the United Kingdom from the European Union.
  2. lose one’s way (phrase) – not having a clear idea.
  3. navigate (Verb) – steer, guide, direct/handle.
  4. prorogation (noun) – the action of discontinuing a session of a parliament.
  5. untenable (adjective) – undefendable, unjustified, unacceptable.
  6. dwell on (phrasal verb) – linger over, think about, mull over.
  7. detrimental (adjective) – damaging, inimical, dangerous.
  8. scrupulously (adverb) – religiously, consistently, constantly/regularly.
  9. steer clear of (phrase) – keep away from, have nothing to do with, avoid/shun.
  10. eurosceptic (noun) – a person who is opposing to increase the powers of the European Union.
  11. elite (noun) – high society people; the group of most powerful people in a society.
  12. defiant (adjective) – aggressive, belligerent/bellicose; uncooperative, non-compliant.
  13. seek (verb) – ask for, request, appeal for; try, attempt, aim.
  14. step down (phrasal verb) – resign, stand down, give up one’s job, give up one’s post, bow out.
  15. notwithstanding (preposition) – in spite of, despite, regardless of.
  16. duty-bound (adjective) – under an obligation, filled with gratitude, appreciative.
  17. oblige (verb) – require, bind, compel.
  18. whip (noun) – a member of a political party who is in charge of written notice provide to their members in Parliament to vote (to support the act/policy).
  19. House of Commons (noun) – the lower house of the Parliament of the United Kingdom (“the House of Lords” is the upper house).
  20. tumultuous (adjective) – volatile; restless/uncontrolled.
  21. circumvent (verb) – avoid, evade/dodge, bypass/sidestep.
  22. rebuff (verb) – reject, refuse, decline.
  23. warrant (verb) – justify/necessitate, vindicate/validate, call for.
  24. aftermath (noun) – consequence, result/outcome, repercussion.
  25. see through (phrasal verb) – realize, understand, fathom.
  26. defer (verb) – postpone, hold off, delay.
  27. referendum (noun) – public vote; a direct vote in which people cast ballots to decide on a specific issue or policy.
  28. stance (noun) – attitude, outlook, point of view.
  29. utmost (adjective) – greatest, maximum, most extreme.
  30. avert (verb) – avoid, prevent, stop.
  31. chaotic (adjective) – confused, disrupted, messy/disorganized.
  32. Westminster (noun) – a place/town (borough) in London which contains the Houses of Parliament and many government offices).
  33. unveil (verb) – present, announce, disclose/make public.
  34. Brussels (noun) – The headquarters of the European Union. Brussels is a metonym of the European Union.
  35. elicit (verb) – obtain, bring forth/bring out, draw out.
  36. backing (noun) – support, endorsement.
  37. bloc (noun) – alliance, association, union.
  38. insurance (noun) – protection, defence, shelter.
  39. count (noun) – matter, account.


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Today’s word list-2 The Hindu Editorial (Brexit Interrupted) – Sep 26, 2019:

The Hindu Editorial (Brexit Interrupted) - Sep 26, 2019 The Hindu Editorial (Brexit Interrupted) - Sep 26, 2019

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