The Hindu Editorial (Arts and awards) – Mar 25, 2021

The Hindu Editorial (Arts and awards) – Mar 25, 2021

The announcement of the 67th National Film Awards on Monday, to recognise films certified in 2019, quite predictably drew its share of controversies. While some attributed a few of the awards… For further reading, visit “The Hindu”. Below is today’s word list-2 for The Hindu Editorial (Arts and awards) – Mar 25, 2021.

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The Hindu Editorial (Arts and awards) – Mar 25, 2021:

  1. narrate (verb) – tell, portray, describe.
  2. recognise (verb) – reward, applaud, acclaim, honour officially.
  3. quite (adverb as submodifier) – to a certain extent; fairly, reasonably.
  4. draw (verb) – be the cause of some (controversial) reaction.
  5. attribute (verb) – ascribe, assign, connect/associate with.
  6. alignment (noun) – alliance, partnership, affiliation.
  7. deserving (adjective) – worthy/praiseworthy, meritorious, creditable, commendable, admirable.
  8. overlook (verb) – neglect, ignore, disregard, turn a blind eye.
  9. there was no disputing the fact that (phrase) – there is no doubt that it is correct or true.
  10. acknowledge (verb) – show appreciation for, express gratitude for, recognise, honour, praise.
  11. well known (adjective) – familiar, popular, notable/prominent.
  12. pocket (noun) – area, region.
  13. recognition (noun) – reward, honour, acknowledgement, appreciation, gratitude, commendation, acclaim.
  14. clutch (noun) – quantity, group, collection (of things).
  15. thanks to (phrase) – as a result of, owing to, due to, because of.
  16. (the) blurring (noun) – reduction, decrease, diminishing, unfocusing.
  17. for instance (phrase) – as an example.
  18. stand (verb) – be at a specific situation/stage.
  19. pan- (combining form) – all inclusive of, all, of everything.
  20. appreciate (verb) – admire, rate highly; acknowledge, recognize.
  21. smudge (verb) – make something indistinct, blur, unfocus.
  22. art house (noun) – a film genre which encompasses films where the content and style – often artistic or experimental – adhere with as little compromise as possible to the filmmakers’ personal artistic vision. The narrative (story portrayal) is often in the social realism style with a focus on the characters’ contemplation of their existence or immediate concerns.
  23. mainstream cinema (noun) – popular cinema, commercial cinema (that costs much to make and is created for profit).
  24. mainstream (noun) – something (certain beliefs/ideas/activities) which are accepted or recognized by most people as normal or typical.
  25. laud (verb) – praise, hail, applaud, acclaim.
  26. internalised (adjective) – making something (attitude/behaviour/character) as internal/natural.
  27. magnum opus (noun) – Latin meaning, “great work”; masterpiece (of something cinema, music, art, or literature).
  28. bag (verb) – get, secure, obtain, acquire.
  29. fiercest superlative adjective of fierce (adjective) – intense, powerful, vehement.
  30. noise (noun) – clamour, uproar, tumult, din, commotion.
  31. the spotlight (noun) – the public attention, the focus of public/media; the public eye.
  32. Monpa (noun) – a major tribe of Arunachal Pradesh in northeastern India.
  33. conservation (noun) – preservation, protection, safeguarding.
  34. a place in the sun (phrase) – a good, successful, advantageous or favourable position.
  35. consume (verb) – use, use up, absorb, take up, occupy.
  36. perhaps (adverb) – maybepossibly.
  37. brush aside (phrasal verb) – dismiss, disregard, ignore.
  38. high-pitched (adjective) – high/sharp, acute, penetrating, piercing.
  39. imperative (adjective) – vitally important, crucial, critical, necessary, essential.
  40. feature film (noun) – a full-length film that’s long enough (40 minutes (it varies) or more).
  41. non-feature film (noun) – documentary/short film.
  42. rely on (phrasal verb) – depend on; resort to, have recourse to.
  43. muscle (noun) – (figuratively) influence, power, strength, might.
  44. framework (noun) – structure, system, organization.
  45. limelight (noun) – the focus of attention, public attention, public notice.
  46. incentive (noun) – stimulus, impetus, boost.
  47. strive (verb) – try, attempt, make every effort.


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The Hindu Editorial (Arts and awards) – Mar 25, 2021:

The Hindu Editorial (Arts and awards) – Mar 25, 2021 The Hindu Editorial (Arts and awards) – Mar 25, 2021

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