The Hindu Editorial (Aftershocks in Goa) – Jul 13, 2019

The Hindu Editorial (Aftershocks in Goa) – Jul 13, 2019

The near liquidation of the Congress legislature party in Goa,… For further reading, visit “The Hindu”. Below is today’s word list-1 for The Hindu Editorial (Aftershocks in Goa) – Jul 13, 2019.

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Today’s word list-1 for The Hindu Editorial (Aftershocks in Goa) – Jul 13, 2019:

  1. aftershock (noun) – a smaller earthquake that follows a larger earthquake; repercussion, aftermath, consequence. 
  2. slide (noun) – fall, drop, slump/decline.
  3. defection (noun) – desertion, absconding, decamping.
  4. shrink (verb) – reduce, decrease, lessen.
  5. unseemly (adjective) – improper, inappropriate, undignified.
  6. fashion (noun) – manner, way, method.
  7. liquidation (noun) – collapse, close-down, closure/termination.
  8. on the heels of (phrase) – very soon after something, following closely after something.
  9. rebellion (noun) – dissent, nonconformity, defiance/subversion.
  10. tailspin (noun) – the condition of increasing disorder, disruption & panic.
  11. cobble together (phrasal verb) – prepare hastily, put together roughly, patch together.
  12. as things stand (phrase) – in the present situation.
  13. defector (noun) – dissenter, heretic, nonconformist.
  14. Anti-defection law (noun) – The 10th Schedule to the Constitution, popularly referred to as the ‘Anti-Defection Law,’ was inserted by the 52nd Amendment in 1985. The grounds of disqualification are specified in Paragraph 2 of the 10th Schedule. A member would incur a disqualification under paragraph 2 (1) (a) when he “voluntarily gives up his membership of a party” and under 2 (1) (b) when he/she votes (or abstains from voting) contrary to the directive issued by the party. (Courtesy: The Hindu).
  15. turn something on its head (phrase) – change something completely opposite to its originals.
  16. in the making (phrase) – developing, up and coming, budding, burgeoning.
  17. bid (noun) – attempt, effort, endeavour/try.
  18. dash (verb) – destroy, wreck, ruin/spoil/thwart.
  19. descending (verb) – declining, sinking, dipping.
  20. opportunism (noun) – expediency/exploitation, taking advantage, pragmatism.
  21. impel (verb) – incite, prompt, drive.
  22. lure (verb) – tempt, attract, persuade/coax.
  23. polar (adjective) – extreme, diametrically opposed, contradictory.
  24. lower the bars (phrase) – lower the standards.
  25. apparently (adverb) – seemingly, evidently, ostensibly.
  26. swiftly (adverb) – quickly, rapidly, fast.
  27. hail (verb) – acclaim, praise/applaud, commend.
  28. build (on) (phrasal verb) – develop, expand, enlarge (using something as a foundation).
  29. inherent (adjective) – intrinsic/innate; basic/fundamental, implicit.
  30. contradiction (noun) – disagreement, opposition, inconsistency; rebuttal/negation.
  31. spectrum (noun) – range, gamut, sweep; a wide range of positions, opinions, etc. between two extreme points.
  32. dynasty (noun) – family, line, succession.
  33. opportunistic (adjective) – opportunistic/selfish, egocentric, inward-looking.
  34. devoid of (noun) – lacking, without, free of/free from.
  35. augment (verb) – upgrade, boost, improve.
  36. plank (noun) – a fundamental & important point/principle on which something (political program, policy, etc) is based on.
  37. bleak (adjective) – unpromising, unfavourable, disadvantageous.
  38. renunciation (noun) – resignation, relinquishment, giving up.
  39. churn (noun) – disorder, confusion, mess up.
  40. rid (verb) – clear, free, make free, cleanse.
  41. tag (noun) – identity, label, name.
  42. rudderless (adjective) – lacking a sense of principles.
  43. successor (noun) – heir, next-in-line, descendant.
  44. scion (noun) – descendant, offshoot, heir of a family).
  45. harbinger (noun) – indicator, announcer, herald.
  46. grace (noun) – courtesy, courteousness/politeness, good manners.


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Today’s word list-1 The Hindu Editorial (Aftershocks in Goa) – Jul 13, 2019:

The Hindu Editorial (Aftershocks in Goa) - Jul 13, 2019 The Hindu Editorial (Aftershocks in Goa) - Jul 13, 2019

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