The Hindu Editorial (A small step) – Apr 14, 2021

The Hindu Editorial (A small step) – Apr 14, 2021

Emancipation is seldom a linear progression to the finish; the hurdles are many, some entrenched in the mind. The passing of amendments to the Medical Termination of Pregnancy (MTP) Act… For further reading, visit “The Hindu”. Below is today’s word list-2 for The Hindu Editorial (A small step) – Apr 14, 2021.

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The Hindu Editorial (A small step) – Apr 14, 2021:

  1. recognise (verb) – acknowledge, accept, admit; realize, understand, apprehend.
  2. primacy (noun) – importance, priority, preference.
  3. women’s agency (noun) – women’s ability/capacity for individualized choice and action.
  4. emancipation (noun) – liberation, freedom, freeing.
  5. seldom (adverb) – hardly, rarely, almost never.
  6. linear (adjective) – sequential, straight, undeviating; following in a logical order.
  7. progression (noun) – progress, process, advancement, development, passage.
  8. to the finish (phrase) – to a successful conclusion.
  9. hurdle (noun) – obstacle, difficulty, problem, barrier, impediment, obstruction, hindrance.
  10. entrench (verb) – ingrain, establish, embed.
  11. passing (noun) – enactment, ratification, acceptance, approval, authorization.
  12. Medical Termination of Pregnancy (MTP) Act, 1971 (noun) – It provides for the termination of certain pregnancies by registered medical practitioners on certain grounds (reasons).
  13. step forward (noun) – improvement, development, advancement, progress.
  14. giant leap (noun) – (very important) progress, advancement, development.
  15. push the envelope (phrase) – extend the limits of what is possible; try new things that have not been accepted or tried before.
  16. antediluvian (adjective) – out of date, old-fashioned, outmoded, outdated.
  17. primarily (adverb) – basically, especially, particularly.
  18. Foetal or Fetal (adjective) – related to the fetus (unborn child).
  19. anomaly (noun) – something different, abnormal, unusual; oddity, peculiarity, deviation, aberration, exception.
  20. shoulders (noun) – someone’s shoulders considered as bearing responsibility for something.
  21. consensus (noun) – an idea or opinion that is shared by all the people in a group, agreement, concurrence.
  22. clause (noun) – (legal) term, provision, stipulation, requirement, condition.
  23. confines (noun) – limits, borders, boundaries;  purview.
  24. marital (adjective) – matrimonial; relating to marriage/wedding.
  25. trap in (verb) – confine, get stuck, get caught; trick, deceive.
  26. abortion (noun) – medical termination of pregnancy.
  27. extension (noun) – addition, addendum, augmentation, supplement, appendix.
  28. provision (noun) – clause, (legal) term, requirement, condition.
  29. admittedly (adverb) – actually, truly/verily, indeed.
  30. sex-selective (adjective) – relating to an attempt to control the sex (gender-max/female) of the offspring (child/baby) to achieve the desired sex (gender-male/female).
  31. keep one’s eye on (phrase) – oversee, supervise, inspect, observemonitor.
  32. sex ratio (noun) – the ratio of males to females in a population.
  33. nosedive (verb) – decline, fall sharply; drop, sink, plunge, plummet, tumble, slump.
  34. stop short of (phrase) – balk at, shy away from, recoil from, draw back from. (“balk at” means “be unwilling to, be reluctant to, refuse to (do/accept something, because it is difficult, threatening, unpleasant, etc.”).
  35. at the heart of (phrase) – at the most important part of.
  36. reproduction (noun) – breeding, producing young offspring (child/baby).
  37. dramatis personae (plural noun) – persona, person, role, part (of a play/narrative).
  38. fetus (noun) – (unborn child); the spelling “foetus” is still used in some non-technical contexts.
  39. gynecologist (noun) – the medical practitioner who is specialised in dealing with women’s reproductive health.
  40. envisage (verb) – foresee, anticipate, expect.
  41. laborious (adjective) – difficult, tough, arduous, taxing, demanding.
  42. undergo (verb) – be subjected to, experience, go through.
  43. frustrate (verb) – obstruct, impede, hamper, hinder, thwart; annoy, vex, irritate.
  44. lead to (verb) – result in, cause, bring on, call forth, give rise to.
  45. seek (verb) – try, aim, attempt.
  46. surreptitiously (adverb) – secretively, stealthily, secretively, clandestinely, furtively, covertly.
  47. risk one’s life/neck (phrase) – to do something very dangerous (that puts one’s life in danger).
  48. retrograde (adjective) – unprogressive, negative, reverse/regressive.
  49. gestation (period) (noun) – pregnancydevelopment, formation (period).
  50. swear (verb) – promise, vow, affirm, assert, emphasize, stress.
  51. scarcely (adverb) – hardly, barely, only just.
  52. measure (noun) – action, step, procedure.
  53. count (verb) – matter, enter into consideration, be important/significant, signify
  54. jagged (adjective) – rough, uneven, irregular, spiked, pointed.
  55. jagged line (noun) – rough or uneven surface/path with a lot of sharp points.


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The Hindu Editorial (A small step) – Apr 14, 2021:

The Hindu Editorial (A small step) – Apr 14, 2021 The Hindu Editorial (A small step) – Apr 14, 2021 The Hindu Editorial (A small step) – Apr 14, 2021

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