Phrase of the Day (get one’s act together)-10JUN21

Phrase of the Day (get one's act together)-10JUN21

Today’s “Phrase of the Day” is “get one’s act together” and its meaning is “get organized yourself to do something effectively; recover/regain control of oneself, get a grip/hold on oneself”.

Example Sentence: It sounds to European ears as if the new White House administration is hoping to set the clock back to a calmer, less combative epoch (time/era/period). In reality, Biden is coming to tell Europe to get its act together in the coming race for global supremacy with Beijing.

Phrase of the Day (get one's act together)-10JUN21

This phrase is present in The Guardian article Joe Biden’s mission at the G7 summit: to recruit allies for the next cold war and click here to read it.

Courtesy: The Guardian

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