Justice in tumult – The Hindu (Nov 13, 2017)

Justice in tumult – The Hindu (Nov 13, 2017)

There is absolutely no doubt that the Chief Justice of India is the master of the roster. So, it is impossible to dispute the legal reasoning behind Chief Justice Dipak Misra’s ruling that….. For further reading, visit “The Hindu”.

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Word List-1 (To Improve English Vocabulary)

  1. tumult (noun) – turmoil, confusion, disorder.
  2. roster (noun) –  a list of the people of a team/organisation. 
  3. assert (verb) – state, proclaim, declare/announce.
  4. lustre (noun) – glory, distinction, honour.
  5. amidst (preposition) – amid, in the middle of; during.
  6. allegation (noun) – charge/claim, assertion; complaint.
  7. overrule (verb) – annul, nullify/cancel, void.
  8. delineate (verb) – describe, define, outline.
  9. compelling (adjective) – convincing, powerful, strong.
  10. perception (noun) – discernment; understanding, feeling/thought.
  11. preside over (verb) – direct, lead, conduct.
  12. reiterate (verb) – repeat, say again, restate.
  13. converge (verb) – meet, come together, coincide.
  14. flag (verb) – diminish, decrease, lessen.
  15. foster (verb) – encourage, promote, strengthen.
  16. fraternity (noun) – group, profession; a group of people with same job, interest and etc.
  17. impartial (adjective) – unbiased, unprejudiced, neutral/non-partisan.
  18. fallout (noun) – adverse results; repercussions, after-effects.
  19. rift (noun) – disagreement, dispute, conflict.
  20. undermine (verb) – weaken, compromise, diminish/reduce.
  21. sidestep (noun) – avoid, evade, escape, elude, circumvent.
  22. grim (adjective) – worrying, uninviting, concerning.
  23. susceptible (adjective) – vulnerable to, liable to, prone to.
  24. overshadow (verb) – dominate, overlook; outshine.
  25. substantive (adjective) – important & meaningful.


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  2. Definitions (elementary level) & Synonyms provided for the words above are my personal work and not that of Oxford University Press. Tentative definitions/meanings are provided for study purpose only and they may vary in different context. Use it with the corresponding article published on the source (website) via the link provided. 
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