Word of the Day (hoover up)-03JAN21

Word of the Day (hoover up)-03JAN21

Today’s “Word of the Day” is hoover up and it is a phrasal verb meaning “to use/consume something quickly & with great enthusiasm; to eat something quickly & in large quantities; (it also means to suck something (dirt/dust) up with a vacuum cleaner“.

Example Sentence: When I recently saw that Joe Wicks’ live-streamed PE classes were among the most viewed YouTube videos in the UK during the lockdown, I couldn’t help but wonder: was I the only one whose workouts this year had mainly been watching other people work out online, while I hoovered up comfort food and struggled to leave the house?

 Word of the Day (hoover up)-03JAN21

This word is present in The Guardian article The gyms closing made me realise that muscles aren’t my only source of strength and click here to read it.

Courtesy: The Guardian

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