Word List-1-Learn English-Improve Vocabulary (Cauvery again – The Hindu Apr 02 2018)

Today’s Word List-1-Learn English-Improve Vocabulary.

Cauvery again – The Hindu Apr 02 2018

It is unfortunate that the Cauvery dispute is once again before the Supreme Court, barely weeks after the final verdict. For further reading, visit “The Hindu”.

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Today’s Word List-1 To Learn English And To Improve Vocabulary:

  1. litigation (noun) – legal action, legal process, legal dispute.
  2. contempt (noun) – disrespectful, disregardful, neglectful (of a court of law).
  3. comply with (verb) – abide by, conform to, adhere to/respect.
  4. set out (phrasal verb) – describe, declare, state.
  5. perplexing (adjective) – confusing, puzzling, baffling/bewildering.
  6. get over (phrasal verb) – complete (a tough) task promptly. overcome, deal with.
  7. buy time (phrase) – take one’s time, linger, hold back/waste time.
  8. come up with (phrasal verb) – submit/produce, propose, put forward.
  9. at variance (phrase) – inconsistent, conflicting, contrary.
  10. divergence (noun) – difference, variance; dissimilarity.
  11. composition (noun) – structure, formation, organization.
  12. envisage (verb) – foresee, predict; contemplate/envision.
  13. contend (verb) – assert, claim, argue.
  14. discretion (noun) – judgement, preference, disposition.
  15. oversee (verb) – supervise, manage, control.
  16. deprive (of) (verb) – deny, prevent; divest.
  17. nomenclature (noun) – terms, a system of names used in particular field.
  18. equity (noun) – fairness and justice,
  19. prolong (verb) – make longer, extend, protract.
  20. expedient (adjective) – convenient, advantageous; strategic, tactical (although possibly improper or immoral).
  21. amount to (verb) – constitute, comprise, be equivalent to.
  22. undermine (verb) – weaken, compromise, diminish/reduce.
  23. finality (noun) – decision.
  24. unwaveringly (adverb) – steadily, firmly, relentlessly.
  25. in aid of (phrase) – in support of.

Today’s Word List-1 To Learn English And To Improve Vocabulary:


  1. Click each one of the words above for their definition, more synonyms, pronunciation, example sentences, phrases, derivatives, origin and etc from http://www.oxforddictionaries.com/.
  2. Definitions (elementary level) & Synonyms provided for the words above are my personal work and not that of Oxford University Press. Tentative definitions/meanings are provided for study purpose only and they may vary in different context. Use it with the corresponding article published on the source (website) via the link provided. 
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