The Hindu Lead Article (The great Indian abdication) – Oct 12, 2018

The Hindu Lead Article (The great Indian abdication) – Oct 12, 2018

After the slew of verdicts by the Supreme Court, on triple talaq, Section 377adultery, and the Sabarimala temple, a prominent cartoonist adapted. For further reading, visit “The Hindu”. Below is today’s advanced word list-1 for The Hindu Lead Article (The great Indian abdication) – Oct 12, 2018.

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Today’s Advanced Word List 1 for The Hindu Lead Article (The great Indian abdication) – Oct 12, 2018:

  1. abdication (noun) – disowning, rejection, refusal/avoidance.
  2. cessation (noun) – ending, termination, suspension.
  3. slew of (noun) – a large number of, lot, range.
  4. adultery (noun) – voluntary sexual acts between a married person and someone who is not a spouse of that person.
  5. homo sapiens (noun) – human being.
  6. barbarous (adjective) – vicious, merciless, uncivilized.
  7. neanderthal (noun) – uncivilized man, barbarian.
  8. abnegation (noun) – renunciation, rejection, abandonment.
  9. dichotomy (noun) – disunion, difference, disagreement.
  10. suffice (verb) – be enough, be sufficient, be adequate.
  11. retrospective (adjective) – backdated,  retroactive, backward looking/ex post facto.
  12. catastrophic (adjective) – destructive, ruinous, disastrous.
  13. ramifications (noun) – consequence, result/outcome, aftermath/repercussions.
  14. Push through (phrasal verb) – succeed in passing a law accepted by the people who oppose it.
  15. degradation (noun) – deterioration, degeneration, decay.
  16. the executive (noun) – the executive is a branch of government which enforces the law as written by the legislature and interpreted by the judiciary.
  17. shadow (noun) – inferior/weak version, poor imitation.
  18. marginalised (adjective) –relating to the people treated as insignificant/unimportant/neglected.
  19. ironically (adverb) – paradoxically, unexpectedly, strangely.
  20. sanctity (noun) – holiness, righteousness, goodness.
  21. scarcely (adverb) – hardly, barely; rarely.
  22. cog (noun) – prong, point, projection (like projections on the wheel of a machine).
  23. guillotine (noun) –  a parliamentary procedure used to set finite/fixed debating times for a particular bill so that there will be no further delay in discussion.
  24. joint parliamentary committee (noun) – ad hoc (temporary) Committees appointed for a specific purpose (to examine irregularities and aberrations, if any, and the consequences therefore in the implementation of Government decisions and policy prescriptions) and they (JPCs) cease to exist when they finish the task assigned to them and submit a report. (Courtesy: loksabha website)
  25. hold to ransom (phrase) – seize, capture, run away with.
  26. ethos (noun) – principles, beliefs, ethics/standards.
  27. pander to (verb) – indulge, gratify, fulfil/satisfy.
  28. strike down (phrasal verb) – abolish, annul, nullify  (a law or regulation).
  29. echelon (noun) – level, position, order.
  30. collegium system (noun) – The collegium system is the one in which the Chief Justice of India and a forum of four senior most judges of the Supreme Court recommend appointments & transfers of judges. There is no mention of the collegium in the Constitution of India.
  31. muzzle (verb) – suppress, stifle, inhibit/restrain.
  32. regressive (adjective) – retrograde, unprogressive, negative.
  33. illustrative (adjective) – explanatory, as an example, elucidatory.
  34. starkly (adverb) – in a sharply clear way.
  35. tokenistic (adjective) – relating to the practice or policy of making symbolic efforts to impress (minority) people and the people to think that the organisation is dealing with problems fairly but actually it is not
  36. essentialist (adjective) – relating to the belief that people/system should have an underlying/fundamental and unchanging essential concepts, ideas & etc.
  37. hollow (noun) – meaningless, empty, valueless.
  38. groan (verb) – complain, grumble, moan/lament.
  39. backlog (noun) – accumulation, logjam, pile-up/excess.
  40. undertrial (noun) – a person in custody (for court’s trail).
  41. languish (verb) – weaken, decline, deteriorate.
  42. staggering (adjective) – shocking, astonishing.
  43. public interest litigation (PIL) (noun) –  legal action initiated in a court of law for the enforcement or protection of public interest.
  44. pornography (noun) – obscene or indecent digital material (movies, pictures, magazines, etc.,) that show or describe sexual matters in order to cause sexual excitement.
  45. degenerate (verb) – deteriorate, decline, decay.
  46. segregate (verb) – separate, set apart, sort out.
  47. hierarchy (noun) – ranking, grading; class system.
  48. lynching (noun) – an act of punishing/killing someone by hanging for claimed offence by the group of people without legal trail.
  49. wilful (adjective) – deliberate, intentional, conscious.
  50. subversion (verb) – the act of undermining, worsening, reducing (power & authority gradually).
  51. ride on (phrasal verb) – depend on.
  52. populous (adjective) – densely populated.
  53. robes (noun) – knee length garment.


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Today’s Advanced Word List 1 for The Hindu Lead Article (The great Indian abdication) – Oct 12, 2018:

The Hindu Lead Article (The great Indian abdication) – Oct 12, 2018 The Hindu Lead Article (The great Indian abdication) – Oct 12, 2018 The Hindu Lead Article (The great Indian abdication) – Oct 12, 2018

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