The Hindu Lead Article (The contours of the endgame in Afghanistan) – Mar 09, 2021

The Hindu Lead Article (The contours of the endgame in Afghanistan) – Mar 09, 2021

The peace process in Afghanistan has reached a critical turning point. As when then U.S. President Barack Obama announced the exit of U.S. forces from Afghanistan… For further reading, visit “The Hindu”. Below is today’s advanced word list-1 for The Hindu Lead Article (The contours of the endgame in Afghanistan) – Mar 09, 2021.

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Today’s Advanced Word List 1 for The Hindu Lead Article (The contours of the endgame in Afghanistan) – Mar 09, 2021:

  1. contour (noun) – outline, shape, form.
  2. durable (adjective) – long-lasting, strong, substantial.
  3. just (adjective) – fair, fair-minded, equitable, even-handed, impartial.
  4. a tall order (phrase) – demanding, exacting, difficult, unreasonable, impossible (thing).
  5. turning point (noun) – watershed (moment), critical moment, decisive moment, crossroads.
  6. exult (verb) – rejoice, be joyful, be happy, be pleased.
  7. Doha Agreement (noun) – The Doha Agreement, more formally, “Agreement for Bringing Peace to Afghanistan between the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan which is not recognised by the US as a state and is known as the Taliban and the United States of America, 2020” was signed on the February 29 in Doha, Qatar. The deal was considered a historic step towards establishing peace in Afghanistan.
  8. decisive (adjective) – resolute, firm, strong-minded, determined.
  9. in store (phrase) – about to happen.
  10. rife with (verb) – full of, overflowing, awash/flooded, overfilled.
  11. corroborate (verb) – confirm, verify, validate.
  12. unveil (verb) – present, disclose, make public.
  13. strategy (noun) – plan of action (in order to achieve a more expansive set of political, economic, and security interests).
  14. address (verb) – send, direct, mail, communicate.
  15. High Council for National Reconciliation (HCNR) (noun) – This Council has established after the election of 2019 due after a political crisis. Dr.Abdullah Abdullah was recognized as chairman of the Council. The aim of this Council is to lead peace talk between the Afghan government and the Taliban. High Council of National Reconciliation and peace process is expected by Afghans and other countries to end this war and crisis in Afghanistan.
  16. virtually (adverb) – practically, almost, nearly.
  17. read someone the Riot Act (phrase) – warn, criticize, reprimand someone severely.
  18. deteriorate (verb) – decline, degenerate, degrade, worsen.
  19. ties (noun) – bond, connection, association, relationship.
  20. intra- (prefix) – within.
  21. shroud (verb) – cover, cloak, veil, conceal/hide.
  22. secrecy (noun) – confidentiality.
  23. voice (verb) – express, make public, announce, mention, raise.
  24. protagonist (noun) – supporter, advocate/champion, proponent.
  25. Pentagon (noun) – the headquarters building of the United States Department of Defense, near Washington, DC. Pentagon is a metonym of “the United States Department of Defense”. (Metonym is used as an alternative for something else with which it is closely related/associated).
  26. passionate (adjective) – very keen on, very enthusiastic about.
  27. modicum (noun) – a little bit or a small amount of something, particularly a good quality.
  28. pull out (phrasal verb) – withdraw, retreat, get/move out.
  29. predecessor (noun) – previous holder of the post; forerunner, precursor, antecedent.
  30. inimitable (adjective) – unique, individual, distinctive, special.
  31. distance oneself from (phrasal verb) – denounce, disown, reject, condemn, disagree with.
  32. narrative (noun) – a representation of a particular situation; report, statement, portrayal/account.
  33. orderly (adjective) – well organized, efficient, methodical, systematic, careful.
  34. ongoing (adjective) – continuing, happening/occurring, unending, unceasing.
  35. turnaround (noun) – an unexpected change.
  36. in substance (phrase) – essentially.
  37. anxious (adjective) – worried, concerned, distressed, bothered.
  38. outset (noun) – beginning, start.
  39. unaltered (adjective) – unchanged, uninfluenced, unscathed.
  40. bring about (phrasal verb) – cause, create, produce.
  41. sovereign (adjective) – independent, self-governing, autonomous.
  42. preserve (verb) – protect, conserve, continue, maintain, perpetuate, safeguard, uphold.
  43. decade (noun) – a period of ten years.
  44. contradict (verb) – conflict with, be at odds with, be at variance with, be inconsistent with.
  45. abiding (adjective) – enduring, lasting, persisting, unending.
  46. cut one’s losses (phrase) – to stop an activity that is in loss or failure.
  47. conundrum (noun) – problem, difficulty, quandary/dilemma.
  48. disengage (verb) – withdraw, pull out, leave, move out, retreat.
  49. patriot (noun) – nationalist, loyalist, flag-waver.
  50. on one’s knees (phrase) – in a weak state/condition.
  51. wary (adjective) – cautious, careful, circumspect.
  52. resigned (adjective) – accepted something unpleasant.
  53. seek (verb) – try, aim to obtain; ask for, demand.
  54. acquiescence (noun) – consent/approval, agreement, acceptance.
  55. enable (verb) – permit, allow, facilitate.
  56. road map (noun) – plan/strategy to do something successfully.
  57. advocate (verb) – recommend, prescribe, advise, favour.
  58. inclusive (adjective) – all-embracing, all-inclusive, with everyone included, comprehensive.
  59. imply (verb) – say indirectly, suggest, indicate.
  60. interim (adjective) – provisional, temporary, transitional.  
  61. quid pro quo (phrase) – “something for something”; support in exchange for something.
  62. comprehensive (adjective) – all-inclusive, broad-based, complete/thorough.
  63. ceasefire (noun) – a negotiated agreement that will be accompanied by other associated commitments to de-escalate the fighting; a temporary stoppage of war, truce, armistice.
  64. mandate (noun) – authority, endorsement, approval, authorization.
  65. hold (verb) – conduct, have, organize.
  66. work out (phrasal verb) – develop, form, initiate/establish.
  67. prelude (noun) – introduction, start, beginning.
  68. head off (phrasal verb) – divert, deflect, redirect, reroute, turn aside, turn away.
  69. spring offensive (noun) – also called “Operation Omari”, large-scale offensives/attacks by Taliban against Afghan government strongholds backed by suicide and guerrilla attacks.
  70. offensive (noun) – attack, assault, onslaught, incursion.
  71. envisage (verb) – foresee, anticipate, expect.
  72. stall (verb) – obstruct, block, interrupt, stop, halt, restrict.
  73. convene (verb) – summon, call/get together, assemble, gather.
  74. host (verb) – have.
  75. envoy (noun) – diplomat, consul, ambassador; representative, delegate, mediator.
  76. consultative (adjective) – advisory, consulting, counseling.
  77. consensus (noun) – an idea or opinion that is shared by all the people in a group, agreement, concurrence.
  78. implications (noun) – consequence/outcome, ramification, repercussion.
  79. flux (noun) – instability, unsteadiness, unpredictability.
  80. bilateral (adjective) – involving two groups or countries.
  81. flourish (verb) – develop, improve, progress, evolve, thrive, prosper.
  82. productive (adjective) – useful, constructive, valuable, effective, worthwhile.
  83. exchange (noun) – conversation, dialogue, talk, discussion, meeting.
  84. spectrum (noun) – wide range, gamut, ambit, variety of people.
  85. stay the course (idiom) – work hard till the end to accomplish the task.
  86. ethnicity (noun) – a category of people who identify with each other based on common language, ancestral, social, cultural, or national experiences.
  87. well-received (adjective) – cordially welcomed.
  88. serve well (phrase) – be useful, be beneficial.
  89. on the ground (phrase) – in a situation/place where things are happening really/practically.
  90. erstwhile (adjective) – old, previous, former, then.
  91. portrait (noun) – photograph, photo, studio portrait, picture.
  92. look to (phrase) – consider, give thought to, think about, take heed of, pay attention to.
  93. solidarity (noun) – unity, unanimity, harmony, cooperation.
  94. cessation (noun) – termination, discontinuation, suspension.
  95. step up (phrasal verb) – increase, intensify, strengthen, augment, escalate, scale up.
  96. materially (adverb) – significantly, greatly, very much.
  97. republic (noun) – a group of people involved in a particular activity with certain equality; “The Republic” is a form of government in which a state (country) is ruled by elected representatives of the people (citizen body).
  98. commonality (noun) – commonness, resemblance, similarity, similitude, similar nature.
  99. evolve (verb) – develop, progress, advance, move forward.
  100. scale up (phrasal verb) – increase, augment; step up. 
  101. at hand (phrase) – readily available, handy, within reach; nearby, coming soon, about to happen.


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Today’s Advanced Word List 1 for The Hindu Lead Article (The contours of the endgame in Afghanistan) – Mar 09, 2021:

The Hindu Lead Article (The contours of the endgame in Afghanistan) – Mar 09, 2021 The Hindu Lead Article (The contours of the endgame in Afghanistan) – Mar 09, 2021 The Hindu Lead Article (The contours of the endgame in Afghanistan) – Mar 09, 2021 The Hindu Lead Article (The contours of the endgame in Afghanistan) – Mar 09, 2021

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