The Hindu Lead Article (An ‘anti-national’ regulation) – Oct 25, 2018

The Hindu Lead Article (An ‘anti-national’ regulation) – Oct 25, 2018

The university in India is morphing under external pressure. How it will end up should be a matter of concern for all Indians and not just its denizens. For further reading, visit “The Hindu”. Below is today’s advanced word list-1 for The Hindu Lead Article (An ‘anti-national’ regulation) – Oct 25, 2018.

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Today’s Advanced Word List 1 for The Hindu Lead Article (An ‘anti-national’ regulation) – Oct 25, 2018:

  1. silence (verb) – muffle, suppress, reduce/stop.
  2. academic (noun) – scholar, intellectual, learned person.
  3. despotism (noun) – authoritarianism, dictatorship, totalitarianism.
  4. morph (verb) – alter, modify, transform/distort.
  5. denizen (noun) – inhabitant, resident, native.
  6. hold a mirror up to (phrase) – (figurative meaning) examine (the nature of something more closely).
  7. bulwark (noun) – protector, guard, supporter.
  8. at someone’s expense (phrase) – to someone’s embarrassment.
  9. meddling (noun) – the act of interfering in other’s matters needlessly; interference, intrusion, intervention.
  10. blow (noun) – shock, surprise, disappointment.
  11. stifling (adjective) – uncooperative, unhelpful; constraining/suppressing.
  12. reinforce (verb) – strengthen, support/underpin,  bolster up.
  13. adhere to (verb) – abide by, comply with, conform to.
  14. incontestable (adjective) – unquestionable, indisputable, undeniable.
  15. chaos (noun) – disorder, disruption, confusion.
  16. incumbent upon (adjective) – binding, compulsary, required.
  17. wield (verb) – hold, be possessed of, exercise/exert.
  18. interpret (verb) – explain, elucidate, clarify.
  19. brief (noun) – instructions, directions, directives.
  20. epitomise (verb) – symbolize, represent, illustrate.
  21. valorise (verb) – to give value; validate..
  22. champion (verb) – uphold, support, advocate.
  23. the luxury of (noun) – a rare pleasure. benefit, advantage/satisfaction.
  24. muzzle (verb) – silence, suppress, stifle.
  25. linguistic (adjective) – relating to language.
  26. trenchant (adjective) – vigorous, forceful, strong.
  27. genre (noun) – category, classification.
  28. provocative (adjective) – annoying, irritating, provoking.
  29. incisively (adverb) -cleverly, acutely, sharply.
  30. uncover (verb) – reveal, disclose, expose.
  31. bastion (noun) – stronghold, bulwark; rampart.
  32. sedition (noun) – incitement (to riot/rebellion), agitation, trouble making/provocation.
  33. infamous (adjective) – notorious, disreputable, ill-famed (for something bad).
  34. forego (verb) – forgo, sacrifice, cede; refrain from.
  35. defiant (adjective) – aggressive, belligerent/combative; uncooperative/non-compliant.
  36. popular vote (noun) – the popular vote is simply the total votes cast for each candidate across the whole country. The electoral vote is the total votes cast by the Electors of electoral college (a group of people whose job is to choose a leader/President). Electors are chosen depending on which candidate wins the state popular vote.
  37. turn down (phrasal verb) – reject, dismiss, discard/rule out.
  38. grounds (noun) – reason, cause, basis.
  39. hostility (noun) – opposition, aversion, resentment.
  40. confer (verb) – grant, bestow, present/award.
  41. pique (noun) – irritation, annoyance, resentment.
  42. massacre (noun) – mass murder/killing, mass destruction.
  43. invoke (verb) – cite, refer to, adduce.
  44. insightful (adjective) – intuitive, thoughtful, profound.
  45. discourse (noun) –  conversation, communication, debate/argument.
  46. lest (conjunction) – in case, just in case, for fear that/to avoid the risk of.
  47. defeatist (adjective) – discouraged, fatalistic, negative.
  48. lapse into (phrasal verb) – deteriorate, decline, worsen.
  49. telling (noun) – significant, meaningful, revealing/striking.
  50. reflect on (phrasal verb) – think about, contemplate, consider/mull over.
  51. lurch (verb) – slip, move clumsily/carelessly.
  52. against the grain (phrase) – opposite to the naturally expected thing.
  53. stinging (adjective) – harsh, upsetting, painful.
  54. critique (noun) – analysis, evaluation, assessment.
  55. peer (noun) – equal, fellow/co-worker.
  56. leave alone (phrase) – fail to look after, fail to care for, abandon/desert.
  57. menacing (adjective) – threatening, intimidating.
  58. prescription (noun) – instruction, direction; method, recommendation.
  59. liberalisation (noun) – removal or loosening of restrictions on something, typically an economic or political system.
  60. salience (noun) – importance/prominence; highlight; cornerstone.
  61. yield (verb) – give, provide, produce.
  62. commensurate (adjective) – equivalent/equal, comparable, proportionate.
  63. fruit (noun) – outcome, result, return.
  64. rationale (noun) – reason/basis; principle.
  65. enthusiast (noun) – fanatic, supporter, follower.
  66. contemplate (verb) – think about, consider, ponder.


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Today’s Advanced Word List 1 for The Hindu Lead Article (An ‘anti-national’ regulation) – Oct 25, 2018:

The Hindu Lead Article (An ‘anti-national’ regulation) – Oct 25, 2018 The Hindu Lead Article (An ‘anti-national’ regulation) – Oct 25, 2018

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