The Hindu Editorial (Walk the talk) – Nov 09, 2020

The Hindu Editorial (Walk the talk) – Nov 09, 2020

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s recent address at a virtual global investor round table was delivered,… For further reading, visit “The Hindu”. Below is today’s word list-2 for The Hindu Editorial (Walk the talk) – Nov 09, 2020.

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Today’s word list-2 for The Hindu Editorial (Walk the talk) – Nov 09, 2020:

  1. walk the talk (phrase) – to do the things you have said you would do.
  2. regulatory (adjective) – governmental, executive, organizational.
  3. certainty (noun) – assurance, confidence, reliability.
  4. seek (verb) – try, attempt, strive, work, aim, aspire.
  5. woo (verb) – seek the support of, try to win, try to attract, pursue, persuade, coax.
  6. address (noun) – speech, talk, discourse.
  7. virtual (adjective) – performing a task with the use of computer, especially over a network.
  8. round table (noun) – conference.
  9. virtual round table (noun) – online conference.
  10. as is someone’s wont (phrase) – if someone does a specific thing as is their wont, he/she does it very often or regularly.
  11. inimitable (adjective) – unique, individual, distinctive, special.
  12. trademark (noun as modifier) – a distinctive characteristic, trait, quality, attribute.
  13. alliterative (adjective) – relating to alliteration (alliteration means the repetition of the same/a similar sound at or near the beginning of each word in a series. (Example: “Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas (all together, development for all)”, “Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao (save girl child, teach girl)” & etc.
  14. pitch (verb) – position, place, locate.
  15. stress (verb) – emphasize, draw attention to, highlight, underline, underscore.
  16. gamut (noun) – range, spectrum, scope, reach.
  17. span (verb) – range over, extend over (a range of benefits).
  18. returns (noun) – profit, gain, income, revenue.
  19. sustainability (noun) – the ability to exist constantly (at a certain rate/level).
  20. green (adjective) – environmentally friendly, environmentally sound, energy-efficient, energy-saving.
  21. underscore (verb) – underline, emphasize, highlight.
  22. National Infrastructure Pipeline (NIP) (noun) – a group of social and economic infrastructure projects in India over a period of five years with an initial sanctioned amount of ₹102 lakh crore. The pipeline was first made public by the Prime Minister of India during his 2019 Independence Day speech.
  23. trust fund (noun) – a special type of legal entity that holds property for the benefit of another person, group, or organization.
  24. reap (verb) – get, acquire, obtain, bring in, realize.
  25. principal (noun) – a sum of money invested; capital sum, capital, capital funds, working capital.
  26. context (noun) – circumstances, conditions, situation.
  27. pressing (adjective) – urgent, critical, crucial, important.
  28. revive (verb) – regenerate, revitalize, bring back.
  29. exhortation (noun) – urging/pushing, pressure, insistence.
  30. tick all the boxes (phrase) – to fulfill all the requirements.
  31. monetary policy (noun) – monetary policy refers to the use of monetary instruments under the control of the central bank to regulate magnitudes such as interest rates, money supply and availability of credit with a view to achieving the ultimate objective of economic policy. (Courtesy:
  32. contraction (noun) – In economics, it refers to a decline in national output as measured by gross domestic product.
  33. pandemic (noun) – the worldwide spread of a new disease; The illness spreads around the world and typically affects a large number of people across a wide area.
  34. shock (noun) – disturbance causing volatility/uncertainty in an economy. 
  35. Fixed investment (noun) – Fixed capital; any investment in property, plant, and equipment (PP&E) of a company.
  36. halve (verb) – reduce by half (50%).
  37. fiscal (year) (noun) – financial (year).
  38. uncertain (adjective) – unpredictable, unsettled, unreliable.
  39. outlook (noun) – prospects, expectations, hopes, lookout.
  40. given (preposition) – considering, taking into account, bearing in mind.
  41. consumption (noun) – the use of goods and services by households.
  42. (be) coupled with (verb) – combine, integrate, connect, incorporate, link.
  43. stretched (adjective) – leveraged (In business, leverage often refers to borrowing funds to finance the purchase of inventory, equipment, or other assets).
  44. balance sheet (noun) – a statement that shows the financial condition of a company at a particular point in time.
  45. cramp (verb) – hinder, impede, inhibit.
  46. apportion (verb) – divide out, allocate, distribute; earmark, set aside, designate.
  47. growth-spurring (adjective) – encouraging growth/development.
  48. hamstring (verb) – restrict, cripple, hinder, obstruct, slow down (the ability or efficiency of someone/something); to make ineffective, to make powerless.
  49. widening (adjective) – increasing.
  50. fiscal deficit (noun) – the difference between total expenditure and total income of the government.
  51. amid (preposition) – in the middle of, surrounded by; during.
  52. protracted (adjective) – prolonged, long-lasting, continuous, extended, lengthened.
  53. stand-off (noun) – deadlock, stalemate, impasse (in a dispute/conflict).
  54. debilitating (adjective) – weakening, disabling, paralyzing, undermining, impairing.
  55. shortfall (noun) – deficit, inadequacy, deficiency, shortage.
  56. assert (verb) – declare, announce, pronounce, state.
  57. look up (phrasal verb) – improve.
  58. in the wake of (phrase) – as a result of some event, especially an unpleasant one; in the aftermath of, as a consequence of, on account of, because of, owing to.
  59. resolute (adjective) – determined, firm, resolved, strong-minded.
  60. foreign direct investment (FDI) (noun) – Investment from one country into another (normally by companies rather than governments) that involves establishing operations or acquiring tangible assets, including stakes in other businesses.
  61. reflective (adjective) – providing a reflection/indication/display/demonstration.
  62. overlook (verb) – miss, fail to notice, leave unnoticed.
  63. FDI Equity Inflow (noun) – It is defined as the total value of inward overseas direct investment made by foreign entities, including non-resident investors.
  64. account for (phrasal verb) – constitute, make up, comprise, form.
  65. stake (noun) – share, investment.
  66. acquisition (noun) – the act of obtaining, acquiring, procuring something.
  67. manifest (verb) – indicate, show, display, exhibit, present.
  68. aggressively (adverb) – determinedly, vigorously, energetically.
  69. solicit (verb) – ask for, request, appeal to/supplicate.
  70. crave (verb) – long for, yearn for, aspire to, seek.
  71. buttress (verb) – support, strengthen, reinforce, fortify.
  72. dispel (verb) – eliminate, remove, dismiss.
  73. flip-flop (noun) – a sudden reversal of something, particularly a policy/plan.
  74. tossing (noun) – an act of deciding an issue (casually) or doing/producing something without thought.
  75. arbitral (adjective) – intermediary, reconciliatory, mediatory.
  76. arbitral tribunal/arbitration tribunal (noun) – it is a panel of one or more adjudicators which is convened and sits to resolve a dispute by way of arbitration.
  77. retrospectively (adverb) – with effect from a date in the past.
  78. amend (verb) – alter, change, modify.
  79. arbitration (noun) – conciliation, mediation, intervention/negotiation.
  80. ostensibly (adverb) – apparently, seemingly, supposedly.
  81. underpin (verb) – support, strengthen, fortify, buttress.
  82. shift/move goal posts (phrase) – change the rules/regulations unfairly.
  83. have one’s work/task cut out (phrase) – be dealt with a difficult task.


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Today’s word list-2 The Hindu Editorial (Walk the talk) – Nov 09, 2020:

The Hindu Editorial (Walk the talk) - Nov 09, 2020 The Hindu Editorial (Walk the talk) - Nov 09, 2020 The Hindu Editorial (Walk the talk) - Nov 09, 2020 The Hindu Editorial (Walk the talk) - Nov 09, 2020

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