The Hindu Editorial (Unprecedented crisis) – Apr 23, 2018

The Hindu Editorial (Unprecedented crisis) – Apr 23, 2018

These are extraordinary times for the judiciary. From signs of a confrontation with the executive over judicial appointments to… For further reading, visit “The Hindu”. Below is today’s word list-1 for The Hindu Editorial (Unprecedented crisis) – Apr 23, 2018.

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Today’s word list-1 for The Hindu Editorial (Unprecedented crisis) – Apr 23, 2018.  

  1. unprecedented (adjective) – not done or experienced before.
  2. compromise (verb) – undermine, weaken, damage.
  3. confrontation (noun) – conflict, tussle, face-off.
  4. the executive (noun) – administration, authority, directorate.
  5. rift (noun) – division, disagreement, conflict.
  6. turmoil (noun) – confusion, commotion, disruption.
  7. impeach (verb) – indict, charge, accuse (a public official) with a crime done while in office.
  8. substance (noun) – significant subject, important matter/content, valid message.
  9. dissent (noun) – disagreement, lack of agreement, difference of opinion/argument.
  10. simmering (adjective) – fuming, seething, intensed/severe.
  11. to the fore (phrase) -to a most important position/situation.
  12. ramifications (noun) – consequence, result/outcome, aftermath.
  13. insinuation (noun) – hint, suggestion, implication/indication.
  14. stick to (phrasal verb) – abide by, adhere to, hold to (a rule, a commitment).
  15. roster (noun) –  a list of the people of a team/organisation. 
  16. prerogative (noun) – rights, claim, privilege.
  17. collegium system (noun) – The collegium system is the one in which the Chief Justice of India and a forum of four senior most judges of the Supreme Court recommend appointments & transfers of judges. There is no mention of the collegium in the Constitution of India.
  18. plurality (noun) – diversity.
  19. put in place (phrase) – initiate, usher in, bring in.
  20. under someone’s thumb (phrase) – under someone’s control.
  21. weigh (verb) – consider, contemplate, think about/mull over.
  22. pursue (verb) – engage in, follow, conduct.
  23. outright (adverb) – completely, entirely, totally.
  24. imperil (verb) – endanger, jeopardise, put in danger/put at risk.
  25. envisage (verb) – foresee, predict, imagine/envision.
  26. dispense (verb) – discard, throw away; give up.

Today’s word list-1 for The Hindu Editorial (Unprecedented crisis) – Apr 23, 2018.

The Hindu Editorial (Unprecedented crisis) - Apr 23, 2018


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