The Hindu Editorial (Under scrutiny) – Apr 20, 2018

The Hindu Editorial (Under scrutiny) – Apr 20, 2018

There is little surprise in the Law Commission of India recommendation that the Board of Control for Cricket in India be brought under the purview of the Right to Information Act. . For further reading, visit “The Hindu”. Below is today’s word list-1 for The Hindu Editorial (Under scrutiny) – Apr 20, 2018.

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Today’s word list-1 for The Hindu Editorial (Under scrutiny) – Apr 20, 2018.  

  1. scrutiny (noun) – observation, inspection, examination.
  2. purview (noun) – range, scope, ambit.
  3. apex (noun) – top, pinnacle, highest/successful (body).
  4. instrumentality (noun) – agency, channel, forum.
  5. subsequent (adjective) – following, ensuing, successive.
  6. opaque (adjective) – non-transparent, unclear, mysterious/doubtful.
  7. gain ground (phrase) – make headway, make progress, advance/proceed.
  8. sweeping (adjective) – thorough, complete, total.
  9. impart (verb) – give, provide, offer.
  10. overhaul (noun) – thorough examination, reorganization/restructuring, rearrangement.
  11. reaffirm (verb) – say again strongly, state again strongly,  repeat.
  12. ambit (noun) – scope/range, limits, purview.
  13. sum up (phrasal verb) – summarize the evidence/review.
  14. take into account (phrase) – consider, bear in mind, heed/note.
  15. monopolistic (adjective) – relating to a business that has total control of supply/trade in a service.
  16. de facto (adjective) – actual, existing, real.
  17. citizenry (noun) – all the people/citizens (of a place/country considered as a whole).
  18. autonomy (noun) –  independence, sovereignty, freedom.
  19. complement (noun) – addition, supplement, final touch.
  20. redound (verb) – contribute to, result in,  effect.

Today’s word list-1 for The Hindu Editorial (Under scrutiny) – Apr 20, 2018.

The Hindu Editorial (Under scrutiny) - Apr 20, 2018


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