The Hindu Editorial (Sustaining the drive) – Mar 04, 2021

The Hindu Editorial (Sustaining the drive) – Mar 04, 2021

Three days into the second phase of the vaccination drive, there appears to be palpable enthusiasm among senior citizens, the focus of the exercise. For further reading, visit “The Hindu”. Below is today’s word list-1 for The Hindu Editorial (Sustaining the drive) – Mar 04, 2021.

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The Hindu Editorial (Sustaining the drive) – Mar 04, 2021:

  1. sustain (verb) – continue, carry on, keep up, maintain, bolster up.
  2. drive (noun) – campaign, crusade, movement, effort, push.
  3. vaccination (noun) – treatment with a vaccine to protect against a particular disease; immunization.
  4. enthusiasm (noun) – eagerness, excitement, interest, zeal.
  5. turn up (phrasal verb) – arrive, come, go, be present, attend.
  6. shot (noun) – injection, inoculation, immunization, vaccination.
  7. palpable (adjective) – noticeable, appreciable, discernible.
  8. focus (noun) – central point, centre of attention; emphasis, priority; substance. 
  9. beneficiary (noun) – recipientreceiver.
  10. vaccinate (verb) – inoculate, administer, introduce (with a vaccine to provide immunity against a disease).
  11. so far as (phrase) – to the extent.
  12. co-morbidity (noun) – the presence of one or more additional conditions (diseases/problems) co-occurring/co-existing with a primary condition (disease/problem).
  13. by comparison (phrase) – when compared, comparatively, in comparison, proportionately.
  14. inoculate (verb) – to inject/introduce a vaccine into the body of someone to produce immunity to a particular disease; immunize, vaccinate.
  15. uptake (noun) – the action of taking up something (available/given).
  16. outlier (noun) – a person/thing detached from the main group.
  17. well-publicised (adjective) – extensively publicized.
  18. indicative (adjective) – expressive, suggestive, evocative, characteristic, representative, symbolic, emblematic.
  19. vaccine (noun) – a biological preparation that improves immunity to a particular disease.
  20. glitch (noun) – problem, difficulty, issue/complication.
  21. inability (noun) – incapability, incapacity, helplessness, uselessness.
  22. reflect (verb) – indicate, show, reveal, exhibit.
  23. figure out (phrasal verb) – understand, comprehend, work out, find an answer/solution to.
  24. optimal (adjective) – most favourable, optimum, ideal, perfect.
  25. so far (phrase) – until now, up to the present, up to this point.
  26. frontline staff/worker/responder/personnel (noun) – a person who is among the first to arrive and provide assistance at the scene of an emergency. First/front line workers/responders typically include paramedics, emergency medical technicians, police officers, firefighters, sanitary workers & etc.
  27. prescribe (verb) – advise, recommend, suggest, urge.
  28. administer (verb) – dispense, provide, give, apply (a drug/vaccine).
  29. dose (noun) – an amount/quantity of something.
  30. slot (noun) – allowed or allotted time/period.
  31. hesitancy (noun) – reluctance, unwillingness, disinclination.
  32. vaccine hesitancy (noun) – a reluctance or refusal to be vaccinated or to have one’s children vaccinated; reluctance or refusal to vaccinate despite the availability of vaccines.
  33. address (verb) – tackle, deal with, attend to, try to sort out.
  34. sophisticated (adjective) – highly developed.
  35. mechanics (noun) – the way in which something is performed/carried out.
  36. vast (adjective) – huge, very large, very big, extensive.
  37. misinformation (noun) – disinformation, false information, alternative fact, fake news, false rumour.
  38. in these respects (phrase) – used to indicate that what you are saying applies to the features you have just mentioned.
  39. magnitude (noun) – the great extent/intensity/importance/significance of something.
  40. broadly (adverb) – generally, usually, mainly.
  41. mediate (verb) – act through, bring about, effect, make happen.
  42. state (noun) – government.
  43. enable (verb) – give the resources to, equip, prepare, facilitate.
  44. provision (noun) – supplies, stores, stocks.
  45. CoWIN (noun) – a digital platform (app) developed by Union Health Ministry, India to help monitor the entire COVID-19 vaccination process in India.
  46. personnel (noun) – staff, employees, workforce.
  47. reach out (phrasal verb) – contact someone to obtain/offer help/assistance/cooperation.
  48. play a part/role (phrase) – contribute to, be instrumental in, be a factor in.
  49. long-lasting (adjective) – enduring, lasting, lifelong, permanent.
  50. uptick (noun) – a small increase or upward trend.
  51. on the horizon (phrase) – imminent, impending, approaching, near/close, just around the corner.


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The Hindu Editorial (Sustaining the drive) – Mar 04, 2021:

The Hindu Editorial (Sustaining the drive) – Mar 04, 2021 The Hindu Editorial (Sustaining the drive) – Mar 04, 2021

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