The Hindu Editorial (South phase) – Apr 06, 2021

The Hindu Editorial (South phase) – Apr 06, 2021

The States of Tamil Nadu and Kerala, along with the Union Territory of Puducherry, aregoing to the polls today after an extremely competitive campaign. Voting in all 234 Assembly constituencies in Tamil Nadu and 140 in Kerala is taking place in a single phase. For further reading, visit “The Hindu”. Below is today’s word list-1 for The Hindu Editorial (South phase) – Apr 06, 2021.

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The Hindu Editorial (South phase) – Apr 06, 2021:

  1. at stake (phrase) – at issue, at risk; or in question.
  2. campaign (noun) – an organized effort that seeks to influence the decision-making progress within a specific group.
  3. take place (phrase) – happen, occur, transpire.
  4. can ill-afford (phrase) – to prevent something from happening because it would be embarrassing and cause problems (if it happens).
  5. seek (verb) – try, aim, attempt.
  6. mandate (noun) – authority, approval, acceptance, ratification, endorsement.
  7. consecutive (adjective) – successive, continuous.
  8. in the saddle (phrase) – in a dominant/influential position; in a position of control; in a position of responsibility.
  9. meanwhile (adverb) – for now, for the present, meantime.
  10. alignment (noun) – alliance, partnership, union/bloc, affiliation.
  11. fragmentation (noun) – breaking, separation, disintegration.
  12. passing (noun) – death, demise, passing away.
  13. open up (phrasal verb) – create (a new opportunity or possibility).
  14. possibility (noun) – chance, probability.
  15. nationalist (noun/adjective) – patriotic, loyalist.
  16. fancy someone’s chances (phrase) – to have faith in someone’s talent and believe that he/she is likely to be successful.
  17. jostle (verb) – compete, battle, struggle, scramble.
  18. scenario (noun) – situation, background, context.
  19. far from (phrase) – not, not at all.
  20. foothold (noun) – grip, anchorage, purchase, support, firm contact.
  21. looming (adjective) – appearing/emerging as a large/threatening one.
  22. influence (noun) – power, authority, sway, control, leverage, weight.
  23. resonance (noun) – reverberation, continuing effect, repercussion, ramification.
  24. sphere (noun) – an area of activity; a field of activity; domain, realm.
  25. bounds (noun) – confines, limits, extremities.
  26. menstruating (age) (adjective) – relating to period, menstrual cycle; relating to the flow of blood that comes from a woman’s body each month from puberty to menopause, except during pregnancy.
  27. quieten (verb) – silence, stop, become quiet.
  28. backlash (noun) – a strong negative reaction; adverse response, counteraction.
  29. constituent (noun) – voter, elector, member of the electorate, member of a constituency.
  30. love jihad (noun) – also called Romeo Jihad; “Love jihad” is a term used by right-wing activists to refer to the alleged campaign of Muslims forcing Hindu girls to convert in the guise of love. (guise means outward appearance or false show).
  31. matter of concern (phrase) – something which causes worry.
  32. give yourself a makeover (phrase) – to try to do a different thing and see a change in yourself.
  33. makeover (noun) – transformation, correction, improvement, betterment.
  34. antithetical (adjective) – directly opposed to, contrary to, conflicting with.
  35. custom (noun) – convention, tradition, ritual, observance.
  36. rivalry (noun) – competitiveness, competition, contention.
  37. swing power (noun) – used to refer to “someone’s alignment is in favour of a particular (political) group”.
  38. fortunes (noun) – circumstances (the success or failure of someone), state of affairs, conditions.
  39. ripple (noun) – a certain feeling that spreads through (like a series of waves).
  40. thankfully (adverb) – fortunately.
  41. centre around (verb) – focus, concentrate, pivot, hinge on.
  42. communalism (noun) – adherence/obedience to one’s own ethnic group (against the principle/practice of living together in a wider society).
  43. misogynistic (adjective) – firmly biased against women.
  44. progressive (adjective) – forward-looking, forward-thinking, dynamic.
  45. unfortunate (adjective) – sad/regrettable, untoward, inappropriate, ill-timed/fated.
  46. put a cost/price on (phrase) – evaluate, assess, estimate, appraise.
  47. offensive (adjective) – hostile, attacking, aggressive, combative.
  48. welfarism (noun) – the principles/policies of a welfare state.
  49. pay attention (phrase) – heed, attend, be attentive, concentrate on.
  50. unsustainable (adjective) – indefensible, undefendable, unjustifiable (pattern/method which disrupts the balance and then exhausts all of the resources).
  51. central agencies (plural noun) – the central agencies like Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI), Directorate of Enforcement (ED), Income Tax Department (IT) and etc.
  52. seemingly (adverb) – apparently, evidently, outwardly.
  53. constrain (verb) – restrict, control, check, restrain.
  54. opponent (noun) – rival, nemesis, combatant, competitor.
  55. vitiate (verb) – destroy, impair, spoil, ruin.
  56. take note of (phrase) – pay attention, heed, take notice, observe, notice.
  57. a level playing field (phrase) – a situation in which everyone has a fair and equal opportunity to succeed, and no one has an advantage over the other.


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The Hindu Editorial (South phase) – Apr 06, 2021:

The Hindu Editorial (South phase) – Apr 06, 2021 The Hindu Editorial (South phase) – Apr 06, 2021 The Hindu Editorial (South phase) – Apr 06, 2021

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