The Hindu Editorial (Reverse migration) – Jun 18, 2021

The Hindu Editorial (Reverse migration) – Jun 18, 2021

Leaders switching parties and parties recruiting turncoats are not unheard of in Indian politics. A shrinking party would lose leaders while an expanding party would gain them. For further reading, visit “The Hindu”. Below is today’s word list-1 for The Hindu Editorial (Reverse migration) – Jun 18, 2021.

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The Hindu Editorial (Reverse migration) – Jun 18, 2021:

  1. reverse migration (noun) – an act of going back to one’s home/native place.
  2. defection (noun) – desertion, absconding, decamping.
  3. mobilisation (noun) – the act of bringing forces/people/resources together for a particular cause.
  4. opportunistic (adjective) – selfish, self-centred, self-seeking, egocentric, inward-looking.
  5. purchase (noun) – advantage, support, grip, leverage.
  6. switch (verb) – change, shift.
  7. turncoat (noun) – traitor, defector, deserter, betrayer.
  8. unheard (adjective) – new, unknown, unfamiliar.
  9. shrinking (adjective) – declining.
  10. expanding (adjective) – growing.
  11. acquisition (noun) – obtaining, acquiring, procuring.
  12. strategy (noun) – plan of action.
  13. go beyond (phrasal verb) – be more than something.
  14. far (adverb) – much.
  15. opportunism (noun) – expediency, exploitation, taking advantage, pragmatism, realism.
  16. electoral (adjective) – relating to electors/voters.
  17. cross over (verb) – to change side from one to another.
  18. consecutive (adjective) – successive, continuous.
  19. incumbent (noun) – the present holder or occupant of an office.
  20. tenure (noun) – term, time, period (in/of office).
  21. perhaps (adverb) – maybe, possibly.
  22. due to (phrase) – because of, owing to, on account of, as a result of.
  23. lure (noun) – temptation, enticement, attraction.
  24. central agencies (plural noun) – the central agencies are organizations in the executive branch that co-ordinate the activities of, and provide guidance to the operating ministries and agencies; e.g. Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI), Directorate of Enforcement (ED), Income Tax Department (IT) and etc.
  25. irregularity (noun) – impropriety, incorrectness, wrongdoing, misconduct, illegitimacy.
  26. flock (verb) – go in large numbers.
  27. induct (verb) – admit toallow into, introduce to. 
  28. defector (noun) – betrayer, turncoat, traitor (a person who changes sides).
  29. follow suit (phrase) – emulate, copy, follow, take (another’s actions as an example).
  30. haven (noun) – a place of safety, place of security, shelter.
  31. flux (noun) – instability, unsteadiness, unpredictability.
  32. unlikely (adjective) – improbable, not likely, doubtful.
  33. span (noun) – period, time, duration.
  34. rely on (phrasal verb) – depend on; resort to, have recourse to.
  35. organically (adverb) – naturally, orderly, systematically, methodically.
  36. embarrassing (adjective) – awkward, uncomfortable, difficult, problematic, troublesome.
  37. hurry (noun) – haste, urgency, importance, top priority,
  38. viable (adjective) – reasonable, practical, logical, sensible, effective.
  39. coarsen (verb) – make something unpleasant, desensitize, blunt.
  40. rattle (verb) – disturb, discomfit, disconcert/unnerve.
  41. punch above one’s weight (phrase) – try to achieve or perform at a higher level than expected (beyond one’s ability).
  42. vortex (noun) – Figuratively to refer confusion, disturbance, commotion; it usually means countercurrent, counter flow, whirlwind/eddy (circular movement). 
  43. allegation (noun) – charge, accusation, indictment.
  44. campaign (noun) – canvassing, electioneering, an act of soliciting (asking for/requesting) votes; an organized effort that seeks to influence the decision-making progress within a specific group.
  45. Hawala (noun) – a popular and informal value (money) transfer system based not on the movement of cash or computer network wire transfers between banks, but through a huge network of illegal money brokers.
  46. bribe (verb) – buy off, pay off, suborn, corrupt.
  47. ally (noun) – partner, supporting (political) party (with common interests).
  48. add up to nothing (phrase) – to result in nothing.
  49. virtue (noun) – good quality, attribute.
  50. grassroots (noun as modifier) – the most basic levels of an organisation.
  51. activism (noun) – involvement; campaigning/supporting (to cause political or social change).
  52. if at all (phrase) – It indicates that something is unlikely to happen, if it does happen, but it happens in a restricted way.
  53. undermine (verb) – reduce, diminish, spoil, damage, weaken.
  54. modest (adjective) – humble; fair.
  55. gracious (adjective) – courteous, polite, diplomatic, civilized, well mannered.
  56. (in) the short term (phrase) – (in) the near future.
  57. interest (noun) – benefit, advantage.
  58. in/over the long term (phrase) – over a long period of time; in the future.


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The Hindu Editorial (Reverse migration) – Jun 18, 2021:

The Hindu Editorial (Reverse migration) – Jun 18, 2021
The Hindu Editorial (Reverse migration) – Jun 18, 2021
The Hindu Editorial (Reverse migration) – Jun 18, 2021

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